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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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ClamAV GUI ClamAV GUI (2018/09/11)

  • Changed some code which could result into not loaded in particular situation rxu.dll
  • Add option to disable experimental rootkit (rootkit option disable at install time by default)
  • Added a few more check in case some OS2 global vars do not have expected syntax. (2018/09/07)

  • Corrective update - crash if a default environment variable is not found and it tries to take a substitute var (2018/08/04)

  • Added option to include a "Run ClanAV" under "Extended Menu Options" using ClamAVGUI or selected Clamav scan tool (Clamdscan or Clamscan - Prefer Clamscan to not use recursive)
  • Corrected a bug when dropping a root path onto ClamAVGUI or starting ClamAVGUI with a rootpath scan file as parameter. this occurs only with Clamscan scan tool (the root path wasn't scanned)
  • Corrected minor bug
  • Updated cldwatch.exe (checks ijfw and/or tcpip firewall up + filters - corrected an incorect dll path check)
  • Added BLDLEVEL informations into clamAVGUI.EXE (2018/01/15)

  • Generate and compare MD5, SHA, SHA256, file checksum (use of Clamav provided function - sigtool)
        The compare option requires cca_112 to provide copy/paste from clipboard into rexx dialogs.  Clic 2 times [enter] on the " Checksum value: " line to open the compare dialogue

        link for cca_112 : 
  • Select a single file from menu file option to be scanned (drag/drop file or folders on ClamAVGUI already enabled)
  • Experimental 'rootkit' detection
        very basic process - create a initial main system files list with size at install time. It checks if the current nmber of files and they file size differs from the original logged value

      If a mismatch is found, a warning message is issued with the corresponding line in error which should be checked manually using the created file under Clamavgui path. If the warning is a false one, click "no" about rootkit ? and the current result will be ignored until a new changed value is detected. This option works as soon the scan root+OS is selected + Clamscan
  • Now ClamAVGUI autostart at each language change
  • Language file updated
  • A few minor bugs resolved
  • Compatibility with Clamav 0.99 validated
      (*warning* the clamd 0.99 daemon uses a uge amount of memory which could prevent other application to run ! Suggested to use VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT=3072 if you have a lot of memory or stay with 0.98 daemon)

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Version  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  2.31 MB     
Sprache  Mehrsprachig  Änderungsdatum  21.09.2018 22:19:41 
Versionsdatum  11.09.2018 02:00:00  Wartung  Zum Zeitpunkt aktiv 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  GNU/GPL external     
Autor  Remy Dodin  MD5 Prüfsumme  05fbea45766bc0acc10ed6cfdd42ec15 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  be15caed8ce1623f1e225ca70594131bbfc99ea5 
Dateiname: clama...1_5.wpi
Dateigröße: 2.31 MB
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