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DN/2 DN/2

                      Dos Navigator Open Source Project
            Based on Dos Navigator (C) 1991-1999 RIT Research Labs
Version  1.51.09a8  System  OS/2 
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Sprache  Englisch  Änderungsdatum  24.10.2015 19:05:42 
Versionsdatum  19.06.2001 02:00:00  Wartung  Eingestellt 
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Lizenz  Freeware  Paketersteller  Ohne Angabe 
    MD5 Prüfsumme  577e71e58eb300f9346e814bd0076a09 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  be8ef611b860d7d9df4754977cd26fef09f42acd 
Dateiname: dn2-1...-a8.zip
Dateigröße: 792.09 KB
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=== Dos Navigator What's new?.. ===

[!] Major news
[+] New feature
[-] A bug fixed
[*] A bug fixed and/or functionality improved

Version 1.51.08

>>> DN.INI parameters, setup and options <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[*] Added PAT, NFO, UUE, UU[1-9] and U[1-9][1-9] extensions to highlight
group 2 (text), WMA extension to group 7 (audio) and REG extension to
group 8 (configuration) (Anton Fedorov)

[*] The Highlight group dialog window now contains an example of each group's
color (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Exit confirmation is now the last item in the Confirmations dialog window
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed handling of screensaver delay values (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed comment handling bug related to extension configuration files
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Mouse sensitivity was not restored after restarting (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Removed StoreVideoMode2 DN.INI parameter (Pawel Ziemian)

[+] New DN.INI parameter: StoreVideoMode = long ([Kernel] section). 0 means
not to store video modes selected from the mode selection menu anywhere,
1 means to store them as video mode 1, and 2 means to store them as video
mode 2 (Pawel Ziemian)

[+] New DN.INI parameter: DoVESATest = bool ([Kernel] section). When on, VESA
132 characters wide modes are available, but Windows can do annoying
switches to full-screen mode (Pawel Ziemian)

[*] DN specific video modes are now encoded with numbers that do not conflict
with VESA mode numbers. The current assignment requires to add up the two
numbers, the first being 128 for the horizontal dimension of 40
characters, 144 for 80 and 160 for 94, and the second being 0 for the
vertical dimension of 12 characters, 1 for 14, 2 for 25, 3 for 30, 4 for
34, 5 for 43, 6 for 50 and 7 for 60 (Pawel Ziemian)

[*] Changed the defaults for alternative video modes: 80x30 for Alt-F10 and
132x25 for Ctrl-F10 (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Changed some default options according to wishes of the majority of users
(Max Vasilyev)

[*] There is an option now to show volume serial number and file system
information in the Information panel (Ondrej Zary)

[+] New DN.INI parameter PreserveMenuPositions = bool ([Interface] section).
When enabled, the current positions in all menus persist DN restart
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] HistoryErrorBeep DN.INI parameter was ignored for input line histories
(Anton Fedorov)

[*] While QuickRenameInDialog DN.INI parameter determines which method of
quick renaming shoud be used for Alt-F6, Alt-Shift-F6 invokes the other
method (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Changed column defaults for modes 3 and 4 (Max Vasilyev)

>>> File manager <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[*] Returned the Combined case its original meaning (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Ctrl-Shift-Arrows had unexpected effect on the command line
(Anton Fedorov)

[*] Several internal optimizations caused a valuable decrease of directory
scan time. The same technology now applies to Branch panel (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Sometimes the command line could enter the OS/2 session spawn mode under
operating systems other than OS/2 (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Ctrl-Arrows with only one panel visible now always change the drive it
displays. In prior versions it was possible to change the drive for the
invisible panel (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Returned TEMP panel summary shown in the Information panel (Anton Fedorov)

[-] It was impossible to edit a file's description when none of the
description files was present (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed an old bug: when moving a file to a directory where the same-named
file exists and the overwrite prompt was shown, the Rename option did not
work (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed extensions containing closing brace in quotes in the file highlight
groups (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed a bug related to sorting files by long extension (Anton Fedorov)

[-] When deleting files with multi-line descriptions, only the first line of
description was deleted (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Moving left and right in File Panels could cause weird scrolling
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Quick search failed to find files whose name contains square brackets
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed drag-and-drop copy operation (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Alt-Shift-Left and Right arrows move the vertical line between panels
by large amount (Anton Fedorov)

[-] The total number of files shown at the bottom of panels was one larger
than their true number (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Recombination of split files failed to work properly when invoked upon
any section other than first (Anton Fedorov)

[-] In file split dialog, the input line contained the last history entry
instead of the default destination directory (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed a bug that caused a crash under DPMI and incorrect sort results
under DOS (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed summary information displayed for a very large number of files
(Anton Fedorov)

>>> Editor and viewer <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[-] A single zero-code character was the default replace string in editor,
instead of an empty string (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Once pressed Ctrl-Enter in editor, the user can interrupt the search
process with Esc (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Sligtly fixed the Ctrl-Enter search logic in editor (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed the scrolling speed control logic in viewer (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Files not mentioned in DN.HGL are not subject to syntax highlighting
(Pawel Ziemian)

[-] The DBF search status window was missing the quotation character after
the search string (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Due to an internal bug, some editor commands could be missing
(Pawel Ziemian)

[*] Syntax highlight improvements: added a new general option flag (value 128)
(GENERALFLAGS keyword) that allows to recognize floats with missing
integer part and a new string flag (STRINGFLAGS keyword) (value 128) that
restricts control character sequences highlighting to caret-letter pairs
with a non-alphabetic character being the next (this solves some problems
with Pascal syntax) (Pawel Ziemian)

[*] Removed the disassembler, at least temporary (Max Vasilyev)

[-] When replacing all occurrences of search pattern in editor, the replace
summary was incorrect (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Scrolling up in the viewer sometimes produced weird results
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] It was imposible to interrupt searching in DBF viewer (Anton Fedorov)

[-] After editing a file passed through an external filter, an empty entry was
added to the editing history (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Comments on the current line did not get highlighted in editor
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Printing from the editor was broken (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Editor performed very slowly in real mode (Anton Fedorov)

[*] The List panel's title is now shown with appropriate prefix (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Shift-F6 in viewer does not reset the current xlat table anymore. Instead,
a menu of available xlat tables is opened. Pressing Backspace in this menu
removes any active xlat table, and pressing Spacebar presents a dialog
window for advanced selection of XLT files (Anton Fedorov)

[-] The Goto command in Spreadsheet Editor was broken (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Introduced Goto command in viewer similar to the one in editor
(Anton Fedorov)

[*] Alt-F7 performs backward search in DBF viewer (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Added SmartTab option to the local editor menu (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Empty databases are recorded to view history (Anton Fedorov)

[-] DN crashed on DBF file with a field's length of zero created by some
database tools (Anton Fedorov)

[-] The editor window frame was colored incorrectly when inactive
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] The default setting for Tab Replace was ignored (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Horisontal Scroll bar could have incorrect size after resizing the
editor window (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed wrong attributes having been set on the created by editor files
(Anton Fedorov)

[*] When printing the selected block from the editor, the page is not ejected
(Anton Fedorov)

>>> Search <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[-] Searching failed when the file was less than twice the length of the
search string (Anton Fedorov)

>>> Archivers <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[-] Fixed handling of AIN and UC2 archives (Max Vasilyev)

[-] After exitting an archive selected from the directory history, DN
returned to the last directory that was active. Now it jumps to the
directory containing the archive (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed a bug related to archiving subdirectories (Anton Fedorov)

[-] When running AIN and UC2 archivers, blinking was enabled (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Invalid AIN archives could sometimes hang DN (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed and optimized detection of AIN, GZip, LHA and UC2 archives, as well
as ARJ 2.72 SFX archives (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed TDR handling by means of rolling back to DN 1.51 code with no
functionality degradation (Anton Fedorov)

[+] Added new per-archiver option: Recurse Subdirectories. By default enabled
for those archivers that do recursive scanning only for *.* wildcard. Not
set for archivers, that always do recursive scanning and for those that,
when archiving a single file, would put into the archive all files from
subdirectories having that name. (Max Vasilyev)

[*] Improved default options for most archivers (Max Vasilyev)

[*] Improved detection of SFX archives (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed reading of small LHA archives (Max Vasilyev)

[*] Fixed HPACK invocation (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Long archiver options cound be unexpectedly truncated. (Max Vasilyev)

[*] To prevent crashes, packers and unpackers whose extentions are other than
EXE or COM are invoked via the command shell even when swapping was
disabled (Anton Fedorov)

>>> System Information <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[*] More DOS vendors, Windows earlier than 95 and OS/2 earlier than Warp 3
are now correctly reported by System information (Mariusz Borkowski)

[-] CPU speed detection code hanged the DPMI session under pure DOS
(Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed resources for system information (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed detection of OS/2 and some Windows versions (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed reporting of more than 64 megabytes RAM (Max Vasilyev)

[-] Fixed occasional detection of four LPT ports (Max Vasilyev)

>>> Cosmetic <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[-] A minor cosmetic fix to Russian after-formatting dialog window
(Anton Fedorov)

[*] The status bar now reflects available keyboard commands while holding
down Ctrl and Alt together (Anton Fedorov)

[-] The user menu was sometimes shown off the right place (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed the phonebook. The sections now get sorted each time after loading,
and, when renamed, are automatically reordered (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed the internal timing code, thanks to Pavel Borodin (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed minor typos in Engligh resources (Mariusz Borkowski)

[-] Highlight was missing for OK and Help buttons in dialog windows
(Pavel Borodin)

[*] T key in CD player now works for Time, not for Title (available via L
key). R key now works for Track list (JITRsoftware)

[-] Fixed a cosmetic bug in the CD Track list dialog window (JITRsoftware)

[*] Tetris, Print manager, Calendar and Calculator windows now have ordinal
numbers like other windows (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Windows 9x console window title strings that are too long are now
correctly shortened (Max Vasilyev)

[*] F9 and Shift-F9 are now functional in the Dialer window (Anton Fedorov)

[*] PgUp and PgDn keys work in menus (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Right after opening the directory history, the second entry becomes
selected automatically (Anton Fedorov)

[*] When holding an arrow key in a menu or scrolling it with the mouse
button, scrolling stops at the beginning or at the end and does not
continue until the key or the mouse button is released (Anton Fedorov)

[*] In the event of run time error, DN requests for its description
(Anton Fedorov)

[*] Reorganized the Panel Defaults dialog window in Russian resources
(Anton Fedorov)

>>> Programs executing <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[-] The DPMI version incorrectly reported itself as DOS version at startup
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] DN.SWP sometimes did not get deleted (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed a crash when DN environment variable contained a nonexistent path
(Vladimir Korablin)

[*] Temporary list files now have unque names. This prevents conflicts between
several copies of DN running simultaneously (Anton Fedorov)

[-] External programs launched with Quick Run feature cound not access the
list of selected files (Anton Fedorov)

[*] When used in multitasking environment, several instances of DN store
their current desktop information in separate temporary files to prevent
unwanted interference (Anton Fedorov)

>>> Miscellanous <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[*] The screen manager is rewritten to allow usage of more extended text
modes (40, 80, 94 by 12, 14, ..., 60) and to eliminate problems with VESA
text modes under DPMI (Pawel Ziemian)

[-] Due to an internal bug, DN was neither usable nor compileable under
non-Windows 9x environment with LFN API available (Max Vasilyev)

[-] An internal fix was done on syntax highlighting (Pawel Ziemian)

[-] DPMI version crashed with a user menu where the first entry was empty
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Tetris crashed after playing (Anton Fedorov)

[-] When Color Dialog was opened after loading palette from a file, a General
Protection Fault was generated (Pawel Ziemian)

[-] Fixed mitliple bugs related to VGA palettes (Anton Fedorov)

[-] DN crased when help file is missing (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Printing was impossible in DPMI version (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Internal fixes for Direct disk access (Max Vasilyev, Anton Fedorov)

[-] Reanimator and Disk editor did not worken in DPMI version
(Sergey Korshunoff)

[-] Erasing files with Direct disk access was broken (Anton Fedorov)

[-] It was impossible to calculate arcsine and arccosine values of 1 and -1
(Anton Fedorov)

[-] Unary minus operator was missing in the Calculator (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Trailing zeroes were incorrectly trimmed from exponent part of decimal
numbers (Anton Fedorov)

[*] Tweaked window sizing logic. Alt-Z now toggles between the maximum (with
fully visible borders) and the prior size, and Ctrl-Alt-Z switches the
extra-large (with invisible side borders) and the prior size. This is
true for the editor, viewer and terminal windows. The file manager window
was also subject to modification: Ctrl-Alt-Z now only enlarges the current
panel to the size of the whole file manager window, not zooming the latter to
the screen extent and leaving this task up to Alt-Z. This influenced a
change of DN.DSK desktop file format (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed numerous bugs in Navigator Link (Anton Fedorov)

[-] Fixed a number of other bugs, minor and not...

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