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FileStar/2 FileStar/2

FileStar/2 is a powerful OS/2 file management utility that users should find very helpful in the maintenance of all types of files. It is simple to use yet has many robust features that should accommodate the needs of less experienced users as well as advanced OS/2 users who demand extensive control over the configuration and the interface with the OS/2 file systems. It is complementary to the WPS Drives, Folders and File objects and essentially provides a single well integrated desktop window as a solution to file management tasks while also providing enhanced file management functions, some which can only be found in FileStar/2.

 FileStar/2 provides a simple graphical interface to view and manipulate file objects, combining familiar file manager concepts with extensive integration of windows and controls. FileStar/2 uses two internal windows for the simultaneous viewing of the contents of two directories, with drag and drop capabilities for moving and copying files between windows and other WPS objects, such as the shredder and printer objects. Both graphical and message feedback on the progress of operations is provided. Additionally, FileStar/2 employs a convenient point and click method for specifying target paths when performing common file operations.

In addition to the usual file management functions, it has an outstanding file and text search tool, file and directory compare functions, an unique capability to collect and manipulate files from more than one, or all, directories on a drive in one combined window view, the directory tree view may be selectively limited to desired drives and operated with a full tree of directories or alternatively show only the current directory. Directory views can include a details view with summed directory sizes. It features single click operation for reading drives and directories and has comprehensive file filters including date filters. A single click can set the window view or file sort in any supported manner. There are numerous other time and mouse click savers.

A full featured internal text editor or viewer, FlexEdit, also is provided for fast and flexible use in viewing or editing all files in either text or hex modes as appropriate. It is also available as an executable program.

FileStar/2 is extensively multithreaded and supports running different operations in its two windows simultaneously. For instance, you may copy selected files in one directory to another directory in one file window while archiving all files in a third directory in the other file window. Other operations that do not require a window, such as formatting a diskette, may be performed concurrently with file operations.

FileStar/2 may also be used to perform complete drive backups by copying all files and directories (no compression) to an aptly named directory on a target drive. By performing a drive backup in each Files window, and starting other instances of FS/2 to perform additional backups, several drives may be backed up concurrently. Backups may be restored by reformatting a drive and restoring the files from the backup, which also results in complete defragmentation of the files on the drive.

FileStar/2 has excellent archived file support for InfoZip's archiving utilities. These programs, ZIP.EXE and UNZIP.EXE, support OS/2 Extended Attributes and are compatible with Version 2 PKZIP compression software. The InfoZip products are widely available and are free.

FileStar/2 is a copyright product of the author Jim Read, 1427 Dominion St. Dallas, TX 75208-2506, USA.

FileStar/2 was previously a commercial product but is now distributed free online at www.jaread.net/software.

All Right Reserved.

Version  3.05.00  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  5.08 MB     
Sprache  Englisch  Änderungsdatum  26.09.2015 21:19:10 
Versionsdatum  08.07.2011 02:00:00  Wartung  Ohne Angabe 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  Siehe Dokumentation  Paketersteller  Siehe Beschreibung 
Autor  Jim Read  MD5 Prüfsumme  f8777ae351fd81f47f169b8e299075bd 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  236526fd0beed5e352fc01088ae3936f892173ef 
Dateiname: fs_30500.wpi
Dateigröße: 5.08 MB
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History of Recent Fixes/Changes (most recent version order)
FileStar v3.05.00
1. Improved the use of system sounds emanating from error, warning and
info messages. System sounds are used when 'System error/warning
sounds' is enabled in the setup options. Added a wav file for each
sound in the install directory. The user may copy any wav file into the
install directory and name it appropriately for the desired sound. If
these files are not in the install directory, FileStar/2 attempts to
use the WPS sounds. If system sounds are disabled or not available and
'Info message beeps' is enabled, the internal computer speaker is used
to beep appropriately. If both options are disabled, no
error/warning/info sounds occur.
2. Added fs_objs.exe to the install directory. Use this exe to create
or re-create the desktop folder objects.
FileStar v3.04.00
1. Fixed an erronous beep when focus changed in the Files windows.
2. Fixed a problem that caused a Find operation to exit without
completing a search.
FileStar v3.03.00
1.Fixed a problem where the Drives window was not updated when swapping
focus between the two file windows if the colored drives option was not
2. Cleaned up a number of references to Sierra HyperStar Software in
dialogs, graphics and the HLP file.
FileStar v3.02.01
Registration is not checked during startup, making this a free version.
I will try to help those that need it but, due to personal issues, I
may not respond in a timely manner. I suggest using the Yahoo User
Group 'FS2_User' and maybe others can help with most issues.
I have closed my business and the program license is no longer for
sale. The web site will be updated as time permits but at the moment,
it is far out of date.
Jim Read
NOTE! The following versions will run only if a valid registration key
is in the FS/2 or FE directory. Evaluation version users MUST NOT
update their version with these updates.
  - FileStar v3.00.02
  - FlexEdit v1.00.02
To install, close FS/2 v3 and unzip the files into the FS/2 v3
directory overwriting existing files. A backup of the directory should
be accomplished before updating the files.
FileStar v3.01.00
1. When the FTP dialog URL window was sorted, the Passive check box was
not correctly showing the state of that option for the selected URL.
2. Made another drive map fix to improve the timely display or removal
of transient drives (USB/LAN).
3. Fixed a file size summation error presented on the button at the
bottom of the Files window. Usually occurred on first start after boot.
4. Fixed a thread trap caused by changing the drive while a directory
delete or copy was in progress.
5. Fixed FS/2 to where it would close cleanly if it was closed by the
user while performing a time consuming task such as summing directories
or reading a directory branch into a Files window.
6. When collapsing a directory, the current directory was set and
activated to the collapsed directory. Changes were made that allow
collapsing or expanding a directory without affecting the content of
the Files window.
7. Fixed some minor user irritants in the moding of Multiple trees.
8. Improved 'Esc' abort of most time consuming operations.
9. Made minor changes menu and hot keys. New keys are:
  Drives menu:
  Changed 'Scan Drive' hot key to 'Ctrl+D'.
  Changed 'LAN Connections' to  'LAN Disconnect' and added hot key
  Changed 'Available' to 'Hide' and added hot key 'Ctrl+Shift+H'.
  Directories menu:
  Changed 'Directory Marks' hot key to 'Ctrl+Shift+M'.
10. The setup option 'Expand tree branch on open' was not reading
subdirectories to the necessary level for proper display.
11. New - The Read Branch option now works with directories displayed.
The Read Branch option reads all subdirectories in a directory tree
branch into the Files window for further manipulations.
12. New - Added 'Ctrl+Shift+LMB Click' reads drive without changing the
content of the Files window. This allows dragging files or directories
to a different drive tree when operating in the default single tree
13. Made several changes intended to make the program more tolerant of
inappropriate user inputs.
14. Created directories are automatically expanded into view.
15. Disabled writing warning/error messages to fs_debug.log unless
activated by the debug option.
16. Added code to improve detection and identification of files that
have defective EAs.
17. Added code to improve reporting and logging of network files that
do not have permission to write EAs (PERMISSION ATTRIBUTES)
FileStar v3.00.03
1. Not publically released.
FileStar v3.00.02
1. Fixed presentation parameter colors of File Info dialog Stop/Close
2. Improved internal FlexEdit exception handling. An exception in FE
was sometimes terminating FS/2 unnecessarily.
3. Fixed a buffer overflow, which could cause a thread exception, when
reporting an excessive path length in the message window.
4. Opened up the display limit for subject EAs to 512 bytes in the EA
Viewer. This has been done to facilitate the display of the EA created
by the some OS/2 compilations of Mozilla family browsers. Maximum
length for the subject EA is stated to be 40 characters in the IBM
documentation. However, it has been empirically proven that the maximum
length may be much higher, possibly as high as the 64K limit for the
total EA size for a single file. The maximum length displayed in the
details view and the FileInfo dialog remains 40 characters due to
memory usage and display considerations.
5. Fixed a flag in the drive mapping/update function that was hanging
FS/2 on startup for about 30 seconds if any attached peer LAN drive had
been terminated at the source. Timed drive mapping was also not fully
functioning as designed.
6. In some directory structures where the selected directory shifted
position when collapsing with the '+' control, the directory under the
cursor was selected. Fixed this very annoying bug.
7.When deleting multiple directories in the Files window with directory
delete confirmation turned on, the window was locked and the function
exited without doing anything and left the window is a locked state.
Missed this bug because directory delete confirmation is not used
during development tests since there is a last ditch confirmation
required in all cases. Fixed to work as designed.
8. Fixed a problem where certain mouse settings prevented changing
drives immediately after start and before initialization was completed.
9. If the color option 'Include Dialogs' was enabled and 'Include Data
Panel' was disabled in Settings notebook, static text and entry
fields in some dialogs had black on black colors. Fixed to support
either option independently.
10. The DESKREST.CMD file would only support one desktop directory
rename attempt when restoring a desktop. It now supports up to 5 rename
attempts to successfully overcome multiple restores without deleting
the old desktop(s).
11. The program will auto-register if a valid fs_reg.key is in the FS/2
directory and it has not been previously registered.
12. Inhibited closing FS/2 with a desktop backup in progress. If a
program closure is initiated during backup, it finshes the desktop
backup and then closes.
FileStar v3.00.01
1. When run in evaluation mode, the program prematurely disabled
drag-n-drop and directory functions if installed in the month of
December. Fixed a build file that had not been updated to latest
2. Fixed 'Filter Once' such that it takes a rescan to reset the file
filter to the previous used filter. This allows directory and drive
copies to use 'set once' file filters.
3. Fixed the auto rescan of a Files window when enabled as it was not
working as designed.
4. Enabled horizontal sizing of the Message History dialog for enhanced
viewing of last 20 messages.
FlexEdit v1.00.04
1. Fixed a buffer overflow crash/memory corruption when using a RMB
popup menu on a single line of blocked text greater than 260 bytes in
FlexEdit v1.00.02
1. Fixed a FlexEdit close problem if the File->Save As modal dialog was
present and FE was closed by the task list or an app killer instead of
using the dialog Yes/No/Cancel buttons.
1. Added auto registration when started with fe_reg.key in the startup
FlexEdit v1.00.01
1. Fixed saving the BAK file when saving a remote Win share file. It
was not being saved.
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