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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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VyperHelp VyperHelp

VyperHelp(TM) is a visual outliner and editor for creating online help for
OS/2-based systems. It generates IPF files, as well as HTML and WinHelp files.
VyperHelp has the following features:

 WYSIWYG text editing with codes revealed
 Powerful outline tree controls
 Keyword/index support
 Bitmap graphics support
 Full symbol support
 IPF import and export
 HTML export (single file or frames)
 HTMLHelp export
 WinHelp (HPJ, RTF, CNT) import and export
 RTF document-style export
 ASCII text import and export
 Command-line conversion program

Version  1.11     
Dateigröße  6.64 MB     
Sprache  Englisch  Erstelldatum  15.05.2015 00:36:04 
Versionsdatum  09.10.2000 02:00:00     
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  EXE 
Lizenz  GNU/GPL external     
    MD5 Prüfsumme  0930c17576f69512248ec0245e128393 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  1bdd1adb6591fc3b72d786cfa14baa4e9013f2bf 
Dateiname: vyperhelp.exe
Dateigröße: 6.64 MB
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