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FTP Browser FTP Browser

BlueNexus Review

FTP Browser is a powerful and intuitive FTP solution for OS/2 Warp that features drag and drop, server to server and directory tree transfers across a variety of hosts. The following features are just some that will surely enhance your FTP experience: FTP site manager that stores sites in folders References to site objects on the desktop Drag and drop enabled for transfers, queueing, site manipulation and more Unlimited number of simultaneous connections to the same site Multiple and simultaneous transfers to the same site Graphical file transfer display Drag and drop color and font configurability

Version  1.71  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  4 KB     
Sprache  Englisch  Erstelldatum  17.05.2015 14:17:48 
Installertyp  Sonstiges Setup  Pakettyp  ZIP 
Autor  Jason Rushton  MD5 Prüfsumme  063c9eed283ea978a97e671bbac94530 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  d0a8bbed0cedd6cdc4ad05875bfca772774a6411 
Dateiname: ftp_b...ecs.zip
Dateigröße: 4 KB
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