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PM Download Center PM Download Center

PM Download Center Features

PM Download Center has dozens of features. The main features are:

PM Shell interface.
Almost no CPU overhead.
Automaticaly start to download URL objects dropped on Scan directory (which can be defined to be your Desktop directory)
Use the "Create URL Object" from Communicator to easily start your downloads.
Select the time between checks from 10s to 300s.
"Multithread". You can open several downloads at the same time.
Acts directly on WGet error message, to correctly take the proper action, marking the URL as frozen if it doesn't exist or just stopping it, if the connection is down.
You can change the number of download sessions "on the fly". You can select from 1 to 32 downloads at the same time.
Enable/Disable all downloads with a click.
Correctly manages unexpected shutdown/power off/connection down or program abortions, so you can be sure your file WILL be fine.
Easy to configure.
Great 40x40 icons (32x32 version also present).
Change all parameters (including WGet, directories, etc) on the fly.
Delete URLs easily.
Freeze a URL for future download.
Stop a download, if you want to.
Change download order at any time.
Select between WGet being launched normaly or hidden.
Internet Connection Verify.
Select between the program start shown or minimized (or hidden).
Select between "wide window" or "small window" WGet mode.
Filters to determine when download or not download an URL.
Correctly supports long file names, even with spaces.
Two directories to scan: the default .SCAN directory plus any other you wish.
Used URLs are optionally backuped in a repository folder.
URL Properties editable on the fly.
Optional Logging facility, with or without debug information.
Desktop directory auto-detection.
No "phamtom" objects left on scan folders.
Cool configuration page.
Automatic URL paste from Clipboard.

Version  0.6.0  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  511.06 KB     
Sprache  Englisch     
Versionsdatum  06.02.2001 01:00:00     
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  Freeware     
Autor  Daniel Caetano  MD5 Prüfsumme  8bbba4074a53d34c4e94ba8153853bf9 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  0d9eea1fd3b4f2d1fa0b6dc6639686732166c69e 
Dateiname: pmdc060.wpi
Dateigröße: 511.06 KB
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This is the codes used on this history file:

- Removed
+ Added
! Changed
* Improved
? Information
# Fixed

February 7, 2001 - version 0.6.0, public beta release

* Changed a little the install scripts. Now the object shadows have their own id. No more shadows being re-created if you moved them somewhere else.
! Startup logo changed... Now it displays 1999-2001 instead of 1999-2000. (^=
! Now PMDC is compiled using IBM Visual Age C++ 4.0 FP1 for OS/2
* Now the "Hide" button was replaced by the "Minimize" due to the fact it's possible make "Minimize" button act as "Hide", but not make "Hide" act as "Minimize".
# Corrected a glitch on "WM_PAINT" to correctly "hide" the dialog imbeded on main frame window when minimized (in the previous way, when the window was minimized, a piece of the dialog was shown on desktop, instead of the program icon.
+ Added a "Main Window Frame Message Parser" for WM_SYSCOMMAND messages. Now the window will behave just as a normal Window (the system commands like ALT+F7 to move, ALT+F9 to minimize and so on. This also corrects the behaviour when "double-clicking" the program icon to show the program window when minimized/hidden.
# Corrected a bug in url deletion (inserted on 0.5.9) that was causing some URLs rest on URL list and not being downloaded until the program was quit and restarted.
# I think I had now solved the problem of files not being found on some systems (URLs on desktop, p.e.)
+ Added download log. Now a log file is created to store downloaded urls and time/date the download was finished.
* Improved (a little) the Internet Connection check. Now it'll be possible to detect interfaces named with 0 and 1 (normal check) and 0, 1, 2 and 3 (on alternative method). This may fix several cases and broke others.. but it's just a quick fix until I change totally the Internet Connection Check.
! Now PMDC is packaged with WarpIn 0.9.8.
* Now PM Download Center Handbook is in INF format.
# Now the "Alternative Method" checkbox is correctly grayed when Connection Verify is disabled... This thing has been waiting for a lot of time!
# Corrected the odd behaviour when minimizing the window (the position was saved as 0,0).
! Cosmetic change... The URL Filter frame was changed on Configuration Notebook. I think not it's somewhat more intuitive.

January 24, 2001 - version 0.5.9, public beta release

* Start logo now is displayed using the time selected on System notebook.
+ The readme is now used (temporary) as HELP file, on help button.
* Improved the way URLs are managed. Now the selected URL will continue selected.
# Corrected a bug. It was possible add an existing URL using "Add URL" button.
# Corrected a weird bug that broke the Properties/Add URL window if a download of more priority was finished between the time you start to edit and finish the edit pressing the OK button.
* Improved the URL List update routine. Now it is not clear and refilled anymore. Now the existing lines are changed, the missing are created and the excessive ones are deleted. This makes the overall look a lot better. Just today I noticed how "slow" the list update is when there are many URLs (more than 150) in the URL list. Unfortunately, there is almost no optimization left for this part.

January 22, 2001 - version 0.5.8, public beta release

# Changed a little Directory Detection. No more problems should be present now.
# Corrected a little problem on Properties dialog. No more GPFs on using Cancel button.
+ Auto-URL paste from clipboard added.
# Corrected the image cut on opening and about dialog windows.
! Now PM Download Center is compiled with Visual Age for C++ 4.0
* Changed WGet version. Now it displays percentage download, time elapsed, estimated time remaining and so on.
+ Added nice background to PMDC folder

January 05, 2001 - version 0.5.7, public beta release

? This is the new public beta release. I changed my plans to relese it only on version 0.6.0 because it will take at least two weeks, since I'll have almost no time to program on the following days. Also, this version is stable enough so you can use it without fear.
# Corrected the definition of "Action" Entry Box. Previously it was not possible scroll the text (now it is).
# Corrected the "insertion" of protocol in name. The previous mode was very defective. Now I think it's bullet-proof. (^=
* Now the URL is frozen when editing its properties. The previous behaviour (not freeze while edit properties) was the cause for many possible bugs and problems.
! Cosmetic change: Now Download Number is called Download Sessions.
* Maximum download sessions increased to 32.
* Minimum scan time reduced to 10s.
! Changes on some texts to make dialogs more "CUA Compliant".

January 04, 2001 - version 0.5.6, internal beta release

# Corrected a diretive on Resource Compiler. It was "forgotting" of adding the bitmaps to the program (error on About dialog and on opening logo).
# Solved the problem with the notebook dialog... now it'll not harm no one.
+ Added a change on URLS.LST (transparent to the user) to allow the implementation (in the future) of extensions to URL settings.
# Corrected a little glitch on messages... the info about download enabled/disabled when check/uncheck the "Enable" CheckBox was wrong.
# Corrected a problem when adding manually URLs without http:// or ftp://. WGet doesn't like downloading them. Now, if nothing is specified, PMDC adds a http:// in front of the URL.
! Swapped the position of the "Add URL" and "Properties" in main window.

January 03, 2001 - version 0.5.5, internal beta release

# Getting.exe was compiled dinamicaly linked, causing to Getting crash due to the lack of IBM CPP's DLLs. I had changed it to static linking and now doesn't need the DLL any more.
+ Added Debug mode for Getting.Exe (0.2.0) and PMDC.EXE.
# Changed the way the timer is initialized. I hope it's fixed now.
+ Added icon to execute PMDC in Debug Mode.
+ Added icon to GETTING log.
+ Added some changes on readme to reflect the new "features"
+ Added a new section on readme: Making a Bug Report

January 02, 2001 - version 0.5.4, internal beta release

* Changed compiler from Borland C++ 2.0 to IBM Visual Age for C++ version 3.0.
? This change will let me incorporate, in the future, several MPTS tasks (such as Internet Connection verify) whitout depending on external programs. Also, in the future, I plan recreate WGet in a new form for Presentation Manager (something like FTPBRAN.EXE of FTPBrowser, but alowing it's use for FTP and HTTP sites).
! Now all "Search" are called SCAN, and "Virtual Desktop" now is called "Scan Directory".
+ Scan Directory selection dialog now has two new buttons: Destkop (which points it directly to system's desktop) and Default (which points it directly to the default .SCAN directory).
+ Download Directory selection dialog now has a new button: Default (which points it directly to the default .DOWNLOAD directory.)
* Several internal changes. Now PMDC is more "OS/2 Friendly". Also added some minor enhancements and corrected some bugs inserted on the last version (added with LOG function).
* Yahoo! Finally... the deletion of Objects is a reality. Now there are no more "phantom" objects on scan directory. Instead of DosForceDelete, I'm using WinDestroyObject... DosForceDelete is only used in the case of failure of WinDestroyObject.
* CONTEST.EXE changed to version 0.0.2... built with VAC++ 3.0
* Changed again to Visual Age for C++ v3.65 (shit! This version has not the Application Workframe!)
* Updated PMDC to compile with VAC++ 3.65.
* Updated CONTEST.EXE to compile with VAC++ 3.65. Version 0.0.3.
* Updated GETTING.EXE to compile with VAC++ 3.65. Version 0.1.9.
* Now windows controls have the right behaviour (on Add URL, per example, now the Entry Field starts with the focus)
* Initial adaptation to Config Window becomes a Warp 4 Notebook Window. (in fact, it already is a Notebook, I just didn't drawn new pages...)

December 28, 2000 - version 0.5.3, public beta release

! Now PMDC is packed with WarpIn 0.9.6.
! Now EMX included is EMX 0.9d fix 3.
# Nasty bug corrected. Now Frozen downloads stay as frozen when PMDC is offline.
+ Added a button for Add URLs manually.
* Improved (again) the Internet Connection Verify in the Standard Method and Alternative Method.
* Improved management of URL list. I hope now it will "survive" the OS/2 traps... (^=
+ Added logging feature.
+ Added automatizated Connection Verify Logger for debugging.
+ Added Action field at main window.
+ Added check to disable boot logo.
+ Added check to disable PMDC.LOG
+ Added check to disable the "backup" of used URL objects.
! Changed the README to reflect the changes in the program.
! Changed the name of the button "Search" to "Scan". I think this name fits better.

November 19, 2000 - version 0.5.2, public beta release

+ Added a "startup logo" with information about the program.
+ Added a section to the readme (Installation) explaining how to make WarpIn up and running.
+ Added a section to explain Internet Connection Check option.
* Now Internet Connection Check should work with SL0 and LAN0 also.
+ Added a secondary type of Internet Check based on ifconfig.

November 15, 2000 - version 0.5.1, first public beta release

? After a long winter, finally I've managed to solve several personal problems that appeared on my life. I hope now I can continue the development without great "gaps" of time.
* The management of URL list was changed. Now it'll no be erased so frequently.
+ Added confirmation dialog on Delete All URLs.
* Different management of Disable/Enable downloads. Now this setting is also saved.
! New about box.
+ Added URL properties edition.
! Some changes on dialogs layout.

July 24, 2000 - version 0.5.0, internal beta release

* Bullet-Proofed the directory entry... Now it works better also. It's inteligent to change "root" entry by ".", which for sure is a lot better, once it waste little space on WGet command line (which is, we all know, limited in size).
+ Secondary Scan desktop. The "Virtual Desktop" will be always verified. The "Desktop" button was renamed for "Search" directory and may be defined wherever you want. If you points it to the virtual desktop (".Desktop") it will disable the "Search" dir and will look for new URLs only on Virtual Desktop.
+ Added a verification on the beggining to check if the program is running from the right directory. If not, abort.
+ Added a verification to see if WGet is present. If not, abort.
* Windows redesigned to improve usability and view.
+ Added About box and Quit button.
* Now URLs are not deleted anymore. They are moved to URLs folder.
+ Added an "inteligent" centering routine that prevents the window of appear off-screen. Usefull when reducing resolution (from 1600x1400 to 640x480, p.e.) when is very easy to one window stay "off-screen".

July 24, 2000 - version 0.4.1, very-limited-internal beta release

# A little bug corrected on the filter "Add" button. When pressing it without an extension to add causes a SYS3175 error.

July 23, 2000 - version 0.4.0, internal beta release

+ Download filters implemented. Now you may select which files you want (or not) download, throught the use of file extensions. Very usefull if you want to leave URL that links to pages (extensions html, shtml, htm, and no extension) on your desktop. These were hard to implement, but very usefull.
! When disabled, PMDC will not even scan for URLs.
# Corrected PATH calls so directories with spaces can work... it may look easy to do, but it was harder due to the way GETTING.EXE was (is) working. But I used a workaround... but used several pointers (argh!). No one asked this. No one reported problems on using directories with spaces, but sooner or later the problem would arise.

July 22, 2000 - version 0.3.2.x, very-limited-internal beta release

# Centering routine finally corrected.

July 22, 2000 - version 0.3.2, internal beta release

* Improved internet connection verify... now it works with multilanguage MPTN.
# Centering routine changed (again! - Hope now it's right!)
# Corrected a little problem on "Don't show WGet Windows" text.

July 22, 2000 - version 0.3.1, internal beta release

* mproved internet connection verify.

July 22, 2000 - version 0.3.0, internal beta release

+ Added "config import". Now your configuration file is not lost when uptating to a new version.
+ Added Configuration Window, where will be places the options that are not frequently changed.
+ Added Start Minimized option.
* Now the name of file being downloaded appear correctly on the title bar.
+ Added "Little WGet Windows" support.
# Changed one more time the dialog centering routine. I hope it's now correct.

July 21, 2000 - version 0.2.0, internal beta release

+ Added an acurate (MPTS Based) Internet Connection Verify.
* Reprogramed the "dialog" centering on FrameWindows (hope it is correct now).
+ Added the "Save Window Position" feature.

July 20, 2000 - version 0.1.0, internal beta release

+ Finally a PM program!
+ Controls in real time
+ Lots of things! Just look at it... (^=

A long time ago... - AutoGet/2 version 0.99.70, public beta release

? Distribution even after my HardDisk failure.

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