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Audio/Video eXtended Conversion and Authoring Tool

Version  1.2.9  System  ab OS/2 4.0 
Dateigröße  1.94 MB     
Sprache  Englisch  Änderungsdatum  02.08.2015 01:40:21 
Versionsdatum  03.06.2012 02:00:00  Wartung  Offen 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  GNU/LGPL external     
Autor  Remi Dodin  MD5 Prüfsumme  b4a97698f38e50dd1aa24086cb61ffc1 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  3771ead1e28f5815e2c4eeb25c3ad5956169e264 
Dateiname: avxca...2_9.wpi
Dateigröße: 1.94 MB
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* Note * Paul's ffmpeg works great but hasn't MP4 speed improvement, no included preset files and nor libvpx
Use Dave's build to get all these add-ons * (read following note)
I'm in contact with Dave (ffmpeg r26099/r26397 ported build) about a possible problem (if you have some trouble, try running one time AVxCAT --async 1)
If the trouble persist, go back to Paul's build which is very stable until a new fix is made available on R26099.

1.2.9 - Removed extrat comment lines et optimized some process.

1.2.8 - Changed minor error detected since ext libpath was added

1.2.7 - Added code to enable pgm_pathdlls as external additional libpath for avxcat

1.2.6 - Added an information message when selecting KMP player which may need additional parms when it doesn't play audio
- Corrected a bug not alowing more than 4 "words" (2 parms) into user parms field
- Added some more verification in case of invalid entries found at conversion time
- Loading rxu.dll despite test returns already loaded (if some RXU functions aren't loaded, conversion may fail)

1.2.5 - If priority.exe isn't installed, thread priority can be enabled using rexx "SysSetPriority"
- Added "*.rmvb" supported files
- Corrected some minor bugs

1.2.4 - Added option to disable write metadatas
- Added VBR for MP3 (not all player support VBR)

1.2.3 - Creating cdda2wav track name out of title (cddb) could result into invalid characters. Now, these characters are replaced
- Removed id3v2 requirement when id3tag is not enabled
- some minor corrections

1.2.2b - Corrected an error introduced at v1.2.0 when converting midi files using timidity (it could be bypassed adding -OwAS into timidity.cat file)

1.2.2 - Cdda2wav uses "--max" option by default
- Both "--deemphasize and -paranoia" cdda2wav options can be enabled using special AVxCAT parameters (see doc file)
- Adding MP3GAIN in AVxCAT path enables MP3 normalisation with new "Auto" setting into Volume level (last high value)
(For all other audio codec output files, "Auto" will set FFMPEG volume level to 256 which is "0" under AVxCAT = no change)
- Updated AVxCAT log file to indicate if Timidity or VoiX was used
- Updated AVxCAT log file to indicate mp3gain applied correction is enabled and called (used parms displaied)
- "AAC" extension changed to use "M4A" extension (ipod standard)
- Added "GIF" format under Video type
- Enabled Extract images from video file (BMP or JPG or PNG). Default 1 image (or Frate) per seconds with a default number of 10 images.
This value can be modified using uparms "-vparms x" or setting start time and duration time
- Small AVxCAT doc update

1.2.1 - not released

1.2.0 - Added VOIX full support - any file to any file with voix filtering - (voix.exe is under AVxCAT to have its functions enabled - see licence information under voix folder)
To have it work, a special VOIX build provided by Andy Willis was added which has included stdin and stdout and other added corrections to correctly work with ffmpeg (Thanks to Andy for this great work)
- All timidity parms can be overwritten with use of timidity.cat file (this one was updated about -Ow temporary restriction)
- Changed message issued in case of DVD rip and temp path has not enought space. New message has required size corrected and gives suggestion to bypass the problem
- Corrected a missing "wipe" option if needed when converting "DVD" film
- Changed command line syntax and position into generated temp file used by AVxCAT (this resolves rare possible error for truncated lines due to max length exceeded)
- Corrected a possible crash when opening "advanced" option for Flac files
- Corrected MP2 audio conversion to use correct MP2 extension name
- Changed "Avi OS/2 player compatible" profile to "Avi/mpeg1 OS/2 player 480x360" using maximum successfully tested working size instead of "default"
- Most audio advanced function are displaied accordinf to a previous setting (except mapping)
- Video advanced function has the video size set to the input video default or now, set to a previous user set value
- Corrected a wrong audio mapping when extracting audio file from a video file (all left to default)
- Corrected [new profile] left disable when AVxCAT is closed with video "User profil value" selected
- Video profile "FLV flash *slideshow*" has the corresponding "Type" option enable to allow change video coded to avi or whatelse supported
(this limits number of operation for slideshow or animation in different codec - Note: all pictures should have same size = video size)

1.1.2 - Corrected an invalid IDtags display when opening edit tags after conveting files
- ffrunca no more needed
- Added move selected entry (one line) up or down in the process list
- Changed log message when end user cancels process
- Reduced "Stop" needed time when initiated by the end user
- Corrected incorrect value in ID3 and CWMM when converting multiple MIDI files (only case)
- On some kind of CD's due to filenames, incorrect icon could be displaied into avxcat filemanager
- Hiden containers when updating to reduce WPS or some video driver stress in smp mode
- Corrected a "drop" folder in processlist problem
- Added PMMail support
- Use of ini DEFAULTMAILPARMS for mail client

1.1.1 - Corrected an invalid process when converting midi files without timidity path configured
- Change default timidity parameters which can be overwriten using the timidity.cat file
- Updated timidity.cat file with some comments
- increased target path entry field from 34 character length to 128.

1.1.0 - Added Timidity support to converted MIDI files into any audio/video supported ffmpeg codec
(default parameters used -Ow -idv. To add more parameters, add them into timidity.cat under avxcat path. Any line starting with * is assumed to be a comment)
- Replaced mp3info (no more required but already usable if it was specified and available into avxcat.ini under id3v1_path key) by timidity path under parameters
- Added message if loading existing "list" has wrong files entries in it
- Latest path loaded list is now saved for next "list" fileprompt
- Added "voix" option under audio advanced window. DO NOT USE IT NOW, I'll tel you howto enable it as soon voix has enabled stdout and tests are done
- Corrected/Updated processing folders in process list. Now, only elligible Audio and video files under the directory are taken while others or null size files are ignored
list of A/V ext names: ".mpg .wmv .avi .vob .flv .asf .ts .m2ts .mkv .ogv .ogm .mp4 .swf .mov .m4a .3gp .3g2 .mj2 .webm .ogg .mp3 .wma .flac .wav .aac .ac3 .mid .mp2 .mp1 .cda .rmi .rcp .r36 .g18 .g36 .mfi .xrd"
This list can be overwrited manualy adding a key "Files_indir" into avxcat.ini file. The added string must a list of file extension starting with a dot (e.g. .mp4 .mp3) and separated by a blank.
(e.g. adding VIDEO_TS results in selecting all *.VOB files only. For a one output DVD file, Add the corresponding film IFO file in the process list only)
- Update AVxCAT main web link to AVxCAT page instead of previous FFMPEGCA web page
- corrected a few other minor issue

1.0.0 - First build of AVxCAT ( Audio Video eXtended Conversion and Authoring Tool )

1.0.2 - FFMPEGCA v1.0.2 name changed to "AVxCAT v1.0.0"
- New updated WPI package which creates now an AVxCAT folder on the desktop
including the program and a doc folder. Last install step allow you to get required and/or
optionnal products used by AVxCAT
- AVxCAT uses a unique pipe name at start time based on "seconds"
(allow multiple instance be started and processing files)
- Added "Add files" and "Add directories" into RMB too
- Added --jsync start parameter to allow default -map syncro change using video join option
- Changed initial start preset path detection
- Added --apre --spre Uparms detection and process.
- Added limited FFplay.exe support
- Updated docs
- Corrected join size popupmsg and changed its color to a lighter yellow
- Corrected a bug on AAC selection when using Dave's FFMPEG
- Added support for AMR (only mono, 8000Hz and below 13kbps valid) for futur ffmpeg !
- Corrected some automatic option agains FFMPEG version
- Corrected a possible wrong ffmpeg version identification
- Corrected a possible ffmpeg immediate stop when extra log is always enabled
- Now, changing from an older ffmpeg version to a newer one or revers order, updates corresponding new codec entries without recycle.
- Other minor corrections

1.0.1 - Moved ffmpegca docs under propgram_pathdoc directory
- Added direct link to Doc folder from under ffmpegca help
** Added "Slidshow" word into doc file which is same as french "Diaporama" word **

1.0.0 - Added posibility to specify audio player for audio files instead of Video player
- Added an auto detection if player is PM or CMD type to use correct start parameter (needed with some audio player e.g. !z)
- Added a "save / load list" option under RMB (This may allow to load PM123 playlist into FFMPEGCA process list...)
- Corrected a color issue when updating product path under parameters using fileprompt option
- Corrected Video join mapping error when source media doesn't have video on stream 0.0
- Added a message when crop/pad is used while it must no be for video join option
- Now compatible with Dave's ffmpeg
- Added libvpx (vp8) to use with latest Dave's ffmpeg fix.
- default "--async 3" can be changed using onetime ffmpegca parameter "--async x" with x above 0 (ini file will be updated)
- Log files are now going under log path
- Last MP4 ffpreset used path location is now saved for futur use
- Corrected some wrong path setting when under OS/2 without all "SET" enable like under eCS (e.g. HOME)
- If UNIXROOT is enabled, default search location for ffmpeg.exe at install time will be under %UNIXROOT%usrin
- If source fullpath filename = target fullpath filename, target fullpath filename gets its name appended with current _YYYYMMDD_
- some other minor issue

0.9.9 - Added VLC support as external player (Chaptering option supported like KMP)
(VLC doesn't correctly set 16:9 video size as external parameter. This can be bypassed - See FFMPEGCA doc file)
- Added "Play (Open)" option into processess list RMB menupopup. Audio/video files as well as VIDEO_TS folder are played while a folder entry is opened
- Updated parameter window to accept VLC player
- Corrected "Play file" option into filemanager RMB
- Corrected, improved DVD play ("Enter" or RMB play on added DVD VIDEO_TS folder into process list)
- Corrected a crop/pad issue
- Corrected a wrong icon selection for folder name starting with a dot
- Optimized some Video play code
- Added Video JOIN function (usable with AVI or MPEG output codec file). See FFMPEGCA for other restrictions
- Updated FFMPEGCA.pdf file
- Corrected a few other minor bugs

0.9.8 - ffmpegca.ini created under ..OS2 path can be moved under ffmpegca directory for Suitability
- If a HOME path was set into config.sys, it is used to create a default initial target converted files path home".ffmpegca"
- target path name could now have "." characters in its name
- If target path isn't specified, [Go] button isn't now enable
- Added "2 pass" support (not supported input files: videos using mp4 codec and audio files)
- Added 2 pass "All" files (except not supported files) - Usefull to only set 2 pas one time instead on each file (checkbox with red coutour)
- Added message to inform about ffmpeg pass number in effect for 2 pass process.
- Added AUDIO join function (each audio file can be full audio or with applied cut option)
- Added enable/disable 2s GAP for joined audio files (2s provided audio file required or function is disabled)
- Added video "S"harpness" at left side of [2 pass] adjustement (A positive value = more sharpness else more blur)
(this option affectes all video files from the list)
- 2 metadatas were miss-placed into FFMPEGCA log
- Added "Extra log" tracing returned information from ffmpeg (usefull in case of ffmpeg error). Log is reset at close time
- Selected "Extra log" entries can be saved into a temporary file
- Converting an audio file to video no more needs to go through [Advanced] option while defaults are now assumed
- Corrected a possible default ffmpegca audio bmp overlay
- Only current processing file appears now selected into process list
- Added default profiles for "MKV" and "TS"
- Corrected User Video profile creation/update
- If input file has subtitles stream, " -sn" is now added to prevent ffmpeg mapping error
- Corrected a bug writing ID3 tags into MP3 files out of CD-audio
- With 'md' sub directories enabled, ripping CD-audio with cddb on and a valid Album title is found, files are converted into target directory ""Album title
- Changed some ID3v2 tag update code
- optimized some default video values
- Corrected invalid audio mapping on video file with audio stream when Audio [x]Off is set.
- Added special message into logs when ffmpeg crashes (PROCDUMP)
- Corrected intermittent full progress bar left on RC=12
- Fullpath under parameters has now a green background for required tools (grey for optional) and red if the tool isn't found
- Added a few lower volume level up to be able to generate a silent audio file.
(note: after update, select audio and choice "user defined value". Adjust volume to 0 or higher value and close FFMPEGCA)
- Added a red "exit" button under internal filemanager and changed add button to green
- updated ffmpegca.pdf file

0.9.7d- Corrected an invalid option for AVI OS/2 compatible video
- Changed ffmpegca.pdf file
- Corrected Create/update user profile for Video
- Corrected error at first start when id3v2 isn't available
0.9.7 - CWMM title is taken from metadata or mp3 ID3V2 tags if present
- Forced CWMM write on mp3 too like it does it for OGG, WAV, FLAC to resolve a wrong displaied ID3V2 tags under "Track name"
- ID3 tags can now be 1,2 or both under FFMPEGCA parameters
- Id-tags window can be called for MP3,OGG, WAV, FLAC
- Id-tags window has now suggested ID3V2 tags if any are found
- Id-tags window [Write tags] updates now CWMM-EAs (Track name) for OGG, WAV, FLAC and MP3 as well as ID3 tags
- [Prepare Metadata] code rewritten due to some found errors after enable news options
- Corrected a few routines to always take long name when writting CWMM-EAs
- Corrected some typo code error making wrong displaied "Genre" in some cases
- Added CWMM written text into log file for comparaison
- Log file always show real datas taken to update ID3 tags using ID3V2 or CWMM using rexxutil function
- If REXXUNI.dll is installed, System codepag and 1252 code page button are enabled under Id-tags
(with "change invalid chars to cp850" disabled, this allow you to change IDtags to an eCS readable format
or you can [Prepare Metadata] with cp1252 compatible format *usefull to be read under other systems and have
better ID3 and metadata cp respect - Unicode wasn't selected due windows doesn't accept UTF-8 from latest specification)
Call and use of REXXUNI facilities are only available through Id-tags window with result saved into [prepare metadata]
- Now, if metadatas exists, there are checked for existing changes for CWMM or ID3 tags before writting them
- Changed code how metadatas are passed to FFMPEG due to length error. Now, metadata length restriction is removed which prevent
FFMPEG pipe errors
- Now, both ID3V1 and ID3V2 genre field are syncronized
- Any found ' into a [prepared metadata] string are replace by a x2c('60') "revers quote" to prevent rexx errors for unmatched quotes
- Updated Direct CD burn to correctly use new updated code
- May be other bugs are left ! (inform me if you find some)

0.9.6 Test build (official build not released)
- Added E-t (End time) when creating and playing video chapter
- Corrected an ID3tag issue not correctly added into metadatas
- Now WPS classes for OGG, WAV and FLAC are updated to show IDtags when openening track "properties"
- Replaced FFMPEGCA for video analysis.pdf file

0.9.5 - Changed a few parameters to make it ready with FFMPEG R25157 and up
- With FFMPEG R25157, metadatas are added into ogg and flac audio files too
- Added correct ID3 tag when converting audio CD to mp3 with cddb

0.9.4k V0.9.4 special build with fixes
- Corrected OGG wrong bitrate despite -ab was set by adding -aq (this result in variable bitrate. Fixed bitrate only is an estimation)
- Added a message due vorbis only support 2ch mode yet

0.9.4 - Added partiton free/used size into internal filemanager
- Added free (target) drive space into target message field
- Added cdda2wav (from CDDVDRTOOLS package) support to convert CD-Audio into any other supported format
Track can be added into an existing process list (e.g. a mixed of Ogg + CDAudio from S: + CDAudio from T:)
- Added cdda2wav cddb enable/disable (cddb server and port configurable), Audio can be prefixed by track number or not
(cdda2wav.exe is from cddvdrtools-os2-1.9.zip package "http://ecomstation.ru/download/software/cddvdrtools-os2-1.9.zip")
- Added categories under chapter creation for nice presentation.
To create a chaptered video with external video reference, use model.flv and add chapter to it. Then select additional
chapter from previously saved categories.
- Added model.flv for special video clip creation or to create category html/play file
- improved stability
- Join option is delaied to next build...

0.9.3 - Added « AVI-XVID » format type. This option is mutch faster as x264 MP4 which is very slow (Create a user profile if needed starting from an existing AVI example)
- Added temporary disk available space when ripping full DVD film
- Temporay path used for DVD conversion can be forced using "--vobtemp" which opens a popup window for temporay path name.
Enter "DEFVOB" to reset to default. Usefull if temp path is on a RAMFS disk.
- Added Full DVD film conversion enabled on IFO selection (unprotected dvd only)
1.Select the film corresponding IFO file (generaly, the one having the most *.vob files. e.g. VTS_01_0.IFO => VTS_01_*.VOB)
2.The IFO appears into the selection list with the VOB's size and time with an extrat media type of VOB to inform that values are from the corresponding VOB files
3.Use of advance button will take first corresponding VOB file to allow stream selection
4.If temporary disk path has not enough space to proceed, process aborts
5.If DVD title exist, it is taken to create the output fulename or a default name is used
6.Full process run in one click using 2 steps.
a/ Create a unique VOB file
b/ convert the temporary VOB file into the final video file. 5.1 audio stream is supported into this mode. The conversion is done in a piped ffmpeg process.
- Added a special message for protected DVD
- Added estimated time for first step (copy) for DVD film conversion
- Added audio stream into advanced video option to no more need to switch into audio mode for audio strea mselection
- Corrected stream selection under video advanced option (no stream was previously selected).
More than on audio stream can be selected and added into final video file. Sub-title stream is disabled due to rare ffmpeg working condition.
- Reviewed avanced video option, FFMPEGCA and filemaanger rendering/size
- Image is no more refreshed after « hh » or « mm » or « ss » lost of focus to reduce un-necessary image refresh and CPU processing.
To refresh image, use now the same raw blue button
- Corrected a few typo errors
- Changed []+srt into []+sub and this option produces now 3 different format type of sub-title file under source path
(SRT, SSA and SUB) usable with different kind of reader. Creating sub-title files has some restrictions like no more than 2 lines could be added for each sub-title part.
- Added use fo ".stt" to suppress subtitle for a specific chapter or ".stt text" to use specific subtitle for the chapter timestamp
- Use a "blank" or defaulted chapter name + ".stt text.." into comments field creates subtitle entries only (no chapter for the reader nor html output)
- Added FFMPEGCA version into logs
- Added selection full program path selection through WPS filemanager for ffmpegca and player configuration window
- Some other code optimization and corrected errors...

0.9.2b- Added used FFMPEG version into logs
- Corrected an invalid returned value in case pipe couldn't be opened

0.9.2 - Last FFMPEGCA mode is now restored at next run (video / audio)
- Internal filemanager saves now last browsed directory to open it again at next request. Tree isn't expanded due to internal limitation
- Added 2 special parameters for futur use when called from other tools

0.9.1 - Added fast page jump into xml generator and reader
- quotes " are now supported into xml generator
- minor bug corrected

0.9.0 - It closes extra KMP (if one was running outside of FFMPEGCA it will be closed when KMP is started from the chapter/notes window
or when started from advanced option)
- Timestamp is shown on the start button of chapter reader
- The KMP or Mplayer command help window can be definitively disabled (see doc to re-enable it)
- hide main window when opening chapter/notes window (checkbox addded on chapter/notes window name (Hm for Hide Main)
- Expanded closing unwanted KMP or Mplayer to the [play] button under advanced options
- Adjust some button position into the command help window when Mplayer is used
- Addes XML generator to create user chapter/comments for video (If an xml file exist for the selected video file, it is loaded for update when click on [xml])
(enter key must be pressed at each end of line to prevent long truncated lines except for hyperlink for which enter is pressed at final end of line)
- Added chapter/notes to be saved as HTML page under xml generator including or not thumbnail of each chapter
- Added option to save chapter/notes under xml generator as SRT file and used as video subtitle (subtitle duration enabled then)
- FFMPEGCA is now able to ignore one added special parameter to allow correct drap/drop for audio file processing
- Added a message at first start if no configuration was done to configure FMPEGCA first before any utlisation
- Files/directories can be added using "enter" from integrated filemanager
- Now, you can change program path under FFMPEGCA parameters by clicks starting from the [S] button
- Added FFMPEGCA home page into help section usefull to check for updates
- Added Audio and Video mode button into Main window for quick mode switch
- Corrected bugs like setting audio OFF checkbox disabled video instead of audio. More bugs corrected

0.8.4 - Support of extrenal (FFMPEGCA xml format rules) video chapter with comments xml file usable with kmp from Main windows (added fur fun!)
(file auto-detected)
- removed unwanted parameter preventing kmp playing audio files ( e.g mp3 )
- Added possibility to enabled pre-062 kmp compatibility (experimental)
(build not released)

0.8.3 - New duration calculation is done if the bitrate into fmmppeg returned duration line seems to be exagerated resulting into an invalide duration time (Video and audio bitrates are then taken to adjust duration)
- Added a final message into "conversion information" message about end of process with final video size taken from Lsize ffmpeg returned line
- Adjust "CONVERT" and mear text to a different font size for better rendering a smaller screen size display
- Added extra FFMPEG parameters to start player with different session mode (--mxplayerb (max background) ; --minplayerb (min backgound) ; --mxplayer max foreground) ; default= min foreground )
(this option disables autostart conversion on drop audio files on FFMPEG icon)
(build not released)

0.8.2 - Corrected an invalid internal saved thread id which could result into not well stopped internal process
- Corrected a crash opening video advanced function - this happened when video stream has additional hex identifier
- Corrected a bug making KMP not start under advanced function when input video file has no start value into pts or its start time is > 0
- Reduced input pipe process time
- Added a path validation under player settings (Enable player checkbox enabled if path is valid)
Removing player name if it was added (player name is not used and added by FFMPEGCA to prevent trying any other kind of player out of support)
- added --ffdebug start parameter to generate olde FCAxxxxx.CMD for ffmpeg easy debug running the batch file out of FFMPEGCA (+ remove of "exit" line)
updated debug created *.cmd with added comments into the batch program about how to run and get ffmpeg logs
- Corrected WMV setting for higher quality mode
- Corrected a wrong audio setting when starting in video mode with no added files
- Corrected a stop in case of "frame sync error" or "warning: first frame is no keyframe". Now, FFMPEGCA will stop process if total error count of both messages appears above 1000 times.
- Added fps value into progress message.
- If current process '%' could not be determine, a *calculating* message is displaied instead of strange values
- Corrected an invalid remaining time which could occure in some cases following ffmpeg returned message litle change.
- Corrected a variable not always well intialized when using player from video advanced option
- Added the possibility to run the player from internal filemanager (to preview elligible files for selection)
- From time to time, DURATION isn't well trapped from pipe resulting into a 100% progress bar. Now, DURATION is forced from a previous file info if last one=0
(into h build, removed "enable DRREXX to appear if error")

0.8.1 - KMPlayer size uses now correct saved player setting
- Corrected Video processing (now more than one video into the list is well processed)
- Audio can now again be extracted from video files (invalid mapping set after enabling video function under 0.8.0)
- Corrected an invalid stop processing at impedictable occurence
- Changed some video options
- Added Video "Default" format to disable add of -aspect parameter
- Added more x264 internal preset called using user parameters (see doc)
(Default, lossless-fast, lossless-medium, hq... )
- Video crop/pad is now auto-adjusted if "set for all" is enabled (of course, be sure that same rules could be applied on all files from the list)
(this restriction is now removed)
- Default image used to create video from audio can be selected through RMB on picture displaied under [Advanced] option. Supported images are now those from FFMPEG
- Video thumbnail can be created from displaied image under [Advanced ) option using RMB
- Diaporama can be created into different video format (mpg,flv (default) ... except MP4 using x264 which has a described FFMPEG bug - invalid duration)
To create a diaporama, create as many pictures as neede with final size (e.g 320x240) and use incremental naming convention (e.g. IMG0001.BMP).
Each picture will have the same show display time you can select changing Frate (e.g 3s is the result of 1/3 = 0.333)
Select an input AUDIO file (required), switch to "view" "video" and select using RMB on the default picture one of the created incremental pictures.
To change default diaporama setting, switch to user mode and change output type only
Always use:
* size = Default
* Maps = Default
* Bitrate = sameq
To create a diaporama without sound, create a silent MP3 file with the needed diaporama time
- diaporama validated on single file processing
- FFMPEG is no more called from a batch CMD file but from an exe using created input parameters saved into a TMP file. Use of ffrunca.exe
- other bugs introduced under V0.8.0 (video and audio) corrected...
- ...

0.8.0 - Enable Alpha build for VIDEO conversion including all needed additon and updates - Please read WARNING for video extraction
* Convert video to video
* Convert audio to video (for this option, add an audio file and click on "view" + "video" and proceed. Default taken image: FFMPGCAV.bmp (windows bitmap only sized 320x240) and can be user replaced)
- Updated log entry according video request
- corrected an invalid audio default profile
- Added stream type into file list container (in case of extension didn't correspond to the codec used)
- Corrected some text comments description
- Added some warning/information messages
- Correct FFMPEG color which didn't well work since sizing was enable. Now, ou can drag/drop color and as soon, FFMPEG gets focus, color is updated
- Added PDF doc file

0.7.1 - Added possibility to write a (c) copyright tad into [prepare metadata] after validate of 2 conditions (added into TCOP)
- Now, FFMPEGCA uses ID3V2 from Andy which well writes ID3V2 --track. Use of --id3v1-only or --id3v2-only works too
- Change several part of the code to use new working options of ID3V2 tool
- Due to some missed ID tags, written metadatas from ffmpeg into the mp3 (which are ID3V2 then) are updated without losing them
- Changed log entries to reflect new changes
- removed " --edt and --ddt " added under build 0.7.0 external flag which are no more needed
- Moved "time" under "Edit tag" into a separate group including previous "copyright field" (intentionally left copyright here)
- mp3info is now optional
(the only advantage is to update id3V1 genre entry when both id3v1 and id3v2 exist. ID3V2 doesn't update this field in this case)
- added support of FFMPEG-R23406 which needs an additional parameter converting tracks to ogg tracks. Using or not using this parameter
on previous build has no effect.
- corrected a progress bar issue after ffmpegca set rc2

0.7.0 - Added external parameter to fully disable "unwanted id3 tags"
> FFMPEGCA --ed3 (Enable Delete ID3 tags) or --dd3 (Disable Delete ID3 tags)

0.6.9 - Added Kmplayer and/or Mplayer support to play files (KMP prefered)
- Added option to disable ID3V1 writing tags
- Added Main window min/max button
- Added external option to fully disable adding track time into COMM tag if comment doesn't exist
> FFMPEGCA --dct (Disable Comment Time) or --ect (Enable Comment Time)
- Corrected possible bug setting ID3 Comment field
- Corrected possible title set to use ID3V1 is ID3V2 seems not to strange!
- modified read of MP3 IDTAGS routine
- Enabled [View] - [Video]
- Futur Video function displaied but not enabled yet (see futur profiles + functions under [advanced]
note: changing first frame or last frame time using hh:mm:ss needs to lost focus to have the corresponding picture displaied (info message available)
- Corrected an error handling (found on mp3 input file) adding a RC2 with writting id tags enabled (message added into logs)
- other minor error and text corrected...

0.6.2 -> 0.6.3 not released

0.6.1 - save/restore program position
- save/restore dropped new background color
- changed title to FFMPEGCA...
- Added a short help

0.6.0 - Enabled [advanced] option for audio convertion
. select part of file to be converted (use of start cut and duration until end of cut)
Note: enable cut will enable it for all files (setting "start cut" and "duration" + "same all" unchecked disables cut process for the file at run time)
. Select a same part time of file to be convert for all files (including files under directories)
e.g create 10s samples from all files.
. Overwrite Main(Default) -map setting using one or more -map out of all existing audio stream
- Disabled Metadata settings on directories (has no sense)
- Open WPS directories from directories listed into the conversion list (use enter or click 2 times)
- Added output stream mapping result into logs
- Added a flag '*' in front of any ID tags usable for metadata.
- Disabled DRREXX window to appear in case of unpredictable error.
- Corrected some other errors (e.g. corrected stream extracted information from specific stream description)
note: Help not avalable yet...

0.5.4 - Corrected target size calculation to not caculate target size if target name didn't look like a valid path
- Changed ini file name from ce2mp3g.ini to FFMPEGCA.INI (do not forget renaming older ini file to get all parameters back

0.5.3 - Corrected and change some instruction (DURATION: not always taken as it should)

0.5.2 - Corrected a possible loop after a full conversion process followed by a new run with unmarked files due to [GO] not disable on 0 marked file
- Changed two if step to select preventing going through a same routine 2 times at end of process
- correct missing pct set under some pipe returned message condition
- added display of target folder size (no sub-directories) or if (md) on one level is anabled, size = target directory size + one level sub-directory size
- + minor adjsutment

0.5.1 - Added option to auto create sub directories under taget directory using last sub-dir from input directory (not for files)
- aligned some text filed seen to be too large and small resolution screen size

0.5.0 - First build with anabled pipe support
- rxu.dll required
- If maps: is set to default, it takes first audio stream map found. if no audio stream exist, process is bypassed with an error
- Since maps is enabled, both video and audio files as well as directories can be mixed into the process list
- several other updates + corrections done

0.4.4 - Added "Open target folder" option under "View"
- removed a wrong dialog id reference

0.4.3 - Droping a file or a dir from WPS onto the FFMPEGCA WPS icon starts the program with the given entry into the process list
- Optimized some current used code
- Added support of file with a size >4GB (requires rxtnsion.dll from Jan-Erik)
- Added autostart function from file/directory droped onto FFMPEGCA WPS icon (setting parameters)
- Added autoexit option enabled if autostart is enable

0.4.2 - Corrected invalid bitmap was called at filemanager open time
(new dll provided too)
- After click on [Add], each copied filename into process list (container) is now unselected from filemanager selection like it does when drag/drop is used

0.4.1 - Added the drag/drop (FFMPEGCA internal) function for files only (this function is not validated for folders yet)
- Changed the [Ok] button under the filemanager to [Add]
- priority option (use priority.exe from fm2utils package)
- logs are generated
(log option can be a/ erase older old with new one b/ use cumulative log)
- Corrected a minor bug about a text changing while it should not
- changed message field with better and smaller text size/color
- removed some forgotten "say" instruction

0.2.0 - First alpha build with very limited function

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