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dvddao dvddao

DVDDAO is a simple command line tool to burn various CD/DVD/HDDVD/BluRay disks.

DVDDAO supports writing to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL,

DVDDAO supposed to support writing to HD DVD-R, HD DVD-RW, HD DVD-RAM disks,
but its untested.

Currently DVDDAO does not support multisession.

DVDDAO writes to CD/DVD/HDDVD/BluRay the image file containing the desired
filesystem, not the arbitrary files. To create such image one can use i.e.
mkisofs utility.

Also DVDDAO can copy image from CD/DVD/HDDVD/BluRay to hdd, verify your media,
do the read quality check, copy from one CD/DVD/HDDVD/BluRay RW device to
another CD/DVD/HDDVD/BluRay RW device on-the-fly and finaly copy files
accross ordinal partitions with splitting and joining ;)

Version  2.0.6  System  OS/2 
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    Änderungsdatum  21.06.2015 13:01:53 
Versionsdatum  10.10.2010 02:00:00     
Installertyp  Manuell  Pakettyp  ZIP 
Autor  nickk  MD5 Prüfsumme  50f432ab0df63b6ff28d2b5b86f0d955 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  844aca60f3c8f95727e7f579070fa33dd59f9410 
Dateiname: dvdda...0_6.zip
Dateigröße: 214.32 KB
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9. Changelog

Initial release

Fixed the bug with zero size file specified in source file list.
Added -S/--size switch.
Added reading source data from stdin.
Added -n/--nopause option.

Added printing of disk manufacturer id
Added reading source data from DVD (see scsi:bus,id,lun)
Added writing to file instead of DVD (see -d file:x:pathfname)
Added --split-output option

Added bailing out if media size not enough to fit the requested data
Added --force key
Added file mask support for data source specifiers

Added -e/--eject option
Added media locking during dvddao operation
Added --nomedialock key

Fixed some minor bugs
Changed dvddao output a bit

Added -r/--retry key
Fixed hang on read errors during DVD grabbing
Added some support for DVD+R DualLayer media (not fully tested, not available here yet ;))
Added --nogetperf lock to solve SCSI bus locking when ARS-2000FW IDE->SCSI adapter with LG GSA-4040B is used

--force key now ignores read errors on DVD media
Added --ts key to specify maximum transfer size in 2048b blocks to/from DVD media in single command
Added printing of MD5 hash of written data after write process is complete
Added --verify key to verify written data using MD5 hash
Changed progress messages and switch title. Now it contains current operation
Added printing spent time messages after blanking, formating and finalizing
Improved support of DVD+R DualLayer on some misbehaved devices
Added explicit padding of last ECC block when DVD+R media burning

Fixed speed setting on some misbehaved devices
Added --source-speed key
Increased default buffer count. Now dvddao consumes 16MB memory for buffers by default instead of 4MB

Added reporting of total corrupred blocks during read of bad dvd media
Added reducing transfer size to --ets blocks (default 1) of 2048b on read errors
Added :start-stop modifier to source values to limit reading range from given sources
Internal version

Fixed some typos in readme
Fixed typo in --lock parameter parser

Changed dvddao return code to 0 when disk successfully written even if buffer underruns occured

Added --stopformat key to stop backgroup dvd+rw format on some misbehaved devices
Added printing of inquiry data with -v 2 or higher
Added -L/--log parameter
Set minimal allowed buffer count to 2, minimal allowed buffer size to 2048 bytes
If --force key given, DVDDAO will start writing even if there were read errors during buffer initial fill
Internal version

Added printing of SCSI error descriptions at last...
Added burn.cmd 'frontend' ;) perl script

Fixed some things in readme and dvddao help screen
Changed DVD+R closing strategy to improve reading on old devices
Added --closefunction key (for testing/troubleshooting purposes)
Added printing of "Src:" header for each message from source dvd device
(device which is used to copy dvd image from, i.e. with 'dvddao -d file:image.iso scsi:0,1,0' command)

Included another 'frontend' script writedvd.cmd written by Yuri Efimov
DVDDAO will now run on systems without 64bit file API. In this case you should
use --split-output key for dvddao and mkisofs to handle dvds over 2gb in size.
Added --stdout key to print all output also to stdout even if -L key is given.
Use this key along with -L if you want to make dvddao output both to logfile
and stdout.

Added printing of full track list of inserted DVD media
Added --nohash key
Added retrying of SCSI command if LUN is busy
Added some constants for DVD-R DL, DVD+RW DL, Blu-Ray disks (which does not
mean they will be successfully written - i have no such hardware for tests).
Added --aspidriver key
Moved to aspinkk.sys driver (included in this package)
Added 'bdrewithspare' and 'bdrewospare' format types for BD-RE
Fixed free/written capacity detection on written DVD-RAM media

Added support of OS2CDROM interface. To work through OS2CDROM use -d <drive letter>.
Added --noopc key to overcome OS2CDROM stupidity
Fixed error with dvd+rw formatting introduced in 1.1.3
Added --formatdescr key (not for general use)
Fixed dvd-ram formatting
Included DVD-RAM.txt by Ingo Steiner (big thanks!) with detailed description
of DVD-RAM formatting issues.

Added printing of written data size in sectors (of 2048 byte) after write is complete.
Treat DVD-ROM media as DVD-R when printing disk manufacturer info
Added new blank modes
Added printing of DVDDAO's version on normal program run with verbose level 1
Added null:/n: device specifier to write data to /dev/null device. Usefull to
test reading from DVD, compute MD5 on it.
Added negative values for -v/--verbose key to allow to cut off error reporting.

Changed verbose level of MD5 printing to 1 from 2.
Changed media loading and drive locking sequence. It will load media before locking driver letter if --lock specified.
Added configuration file (see chapter 4 of readme for details).
Added --config option to specify config file location.
Added --source-device to specify the default source device (useful in config file)

Fixed stdin source recognition bug introduced in 1.3.0

Fixed readme table of content ;)
Fixed dvd formatting bug introduced in 1.3.0

Fixed more bugs introduced in 1.3.0 (i.e. error 87 after blanking/formatting)
Bunch of bugs left to speed up further releases ;)
Added --noconfig option. Effective being set in command line only.
Added beeping on verification failures,
Added --nobeep key to switch of beeping on verification failures.

Added --reload key to reload media before verifying (some devices read just
recorded disc wrong before media reload).
Added --noverify key. Usefull to switch off verifying sometimes when --verify
key is used config file as default behaviour.
Added making video dvd image region free when reading dvd
Added --keepregion key to preserve original region setting for video dvd image
when reading dvd.

Fixed --ets key, was ignored previously.
Fixed -v key processing in config file. Was ignored previously.
Added --hashchunk key to compute hash for each chunk of data of given size.
Added --writesleep key
Added beeping on read/write failures,
Added reading/writing single track CD mode 1 form 1 (2048 byte sector) in SAO
mode by numerous user requests ;). Dont expect full cdrdao functionality
here, it just for those who like to burn dvd and simple data cd by one tool ;)

Fixed trap when --formatdescr help specified without --format <type>.
Changed progress string to be more compact. Sorry to frontend writers
for possible inconvenience ;)
Added read buffer fill percentage to progress string.
Added new writing strategy to avoid buffer underruns when read and write
devices on the same ide channel. See --buffer-check option.
Fixed wrong media size reporting on some DVD-R with multiple tracks.
Changed --ets parameter - it now accepts any count of 2048 blocks to skip
on read errors.

Added filename templates when --split-output key is given (see -d file:
description in section 3). This can be usefull i.e. for splitting one big VOB
file to 1Gb chunks for dvd-video:
dvddao -d f:VTS_04_#.VOB --split-output 1G bigbig.vob
Added --l0size key to set manually size in sectors of first layer in DL disks.

Added --exactspeed key to try to set writing speed to the exact value given
in --speed key. Otherwise it will be set to the closest supported speed
to the value of --speed key.
Ported to linux.

Added testing DVD media for quality, see --test, --tester and --testflags keys.

Added support for --dummy on DVD+R for some plextor devices.
Added --noreload key to not reload disc before testing and verifying.
Fixed speed selection error

Fixed CD-R media size recognition on some devices.
Added --noeject key.
Fixed l0 size setting error processing.

Added printing DVD book type, number of layers, disk size, first layer size.
Added --packetsize flag

Added progress indicators for blanking and formatting media.
Note: this will work not on every device. Some devices do not honor
corresponding flag in scsi commands.
Fixed minor linux port issues.
Added --formatsub key to specify format sub-type for BD-RE specific format.
Fixed some media recognition issues for BD-RE disks.
Fixed setting l0 size error on some devices.
Added support of HD media.
Fixed a couple of readme typos.
Changed 'test ready' retry count from 20 to 30.

Fixed written dvd+r recognition issue for Memorex DVD+-RAM 525G writer.

Fixed liteon media tester.
Fixed speed setting issue on NEC based drives.

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