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Lucide Lucide

Lucide ist ein Plugin-basierter Dokumenten-Betrachter mit Unterstützung für verschiedene Dateiformate.

Es bietet eine Plugin-Architektur basierend auf SOM, die es 3rd-Party-Programmierern erlaubt relative einfach ermöglich weitere Plugins hinzuzufügen.

:: Plugins::

Unterstützte Dateitypen Unterstützte Funktionen
------------------------ --------------------------------------------------
PDF Skalierung, Drehung, Navigation, Text
Auswahl, Suchen, Asynchron-Rendering,

DJVU Skalierung, PostScript-Druck

JPG Skalierung
------------------------ --------------------------------------------------

Zusätzliche Informationen auf VOICE

Version  1.3.5  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  2.15 MB     
Sprache  Mehrsprachig  Erstelldatum  24.09.2015 21:18:31 
Versionsdatum  01.06.2012 02:00:00  Wartung  Eingestellt 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  CDDL / LGPL external     
    MD5 Prüfsumme  763f0d3de5b52eceff38e98eae2eec8d 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  ffcd8cf2be1c5e19ccf7e974c6fabd99515d83b8 
Dateiname: lucid..._ga.wpi
Dateigröße: 2.15 MB
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Lucide erfordert Folgendes:-Libc 0.6.5: - ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gcc/libc-0.6.5-csd5.zip (zip-Format) oder ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gcc/libc-0_6_5-csd5.wpi (WarpIn-Format) - Gcc446.dll: - ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gcc/gcc4core-1_2_1.wpi (WarpIn-Format)

- updated poppler to 0.20.3
- fixed a wpi problem (ticket #244)
- updated cs language file (ticket #243)
- changed libc req to 0.6.5

- WPI: added a check, so also rpm installations work w/o installing the req wpi
- updated poppler to 0.18.1
- fixed an annoying flicker
- fixed launching Lucide in background (ticket #163)
- fixed ALT-letter combination (ticket #211)

- added backwards search (ticket #190)
- fixed goto page handling (ticket #198)
- some other small fixes
- WPI: made http links clickable
- updated poppler to 0.16.3
- updated freetype to 2.4.4
- updated jpeg to 8b
- WPI: installing the right readme, if translated
- saved some settings from print dialog (ticket #225)
- added a font hack to show japanese fonts (ticket #226)

- WPI: Fixed mismatch between the package names and actual plugins they contain.
- WPI: Fixed the version number.
- WPI: Skip the WPS object creation dialog to avoid a possible WPS association
inconsistency (closed ticket 128).
- WPI: Added dependency on "LIBC 0.6 Runtime" and "GCC4 Runtime" WPI packages.
- Changed the versioning scheme from X.YZ to X.Y.Z.

- Renamed "Full screen" mode to "Presentation" mode (activated by F5 now) and
renamed "Maximized view" mode to "Full screen" mode (same F11 shortcut),
for clarity and similarity with other applications (closed ticket #176).
- Renamed "" pipe command to "".
- Fixed copy to clipboard in presentation mode (closed ticket #169). All
normal accelerators now work in presentation mode too, including Ctrl-O,
Ctrl-+, Ctrl-- and so on.
- Both the full screen and presentation modes can now be closed by Alt-F4.
- The full screen or presentation mode is properly saved when exiting Lucide
and restored at startup.
- If Lucide is closed minimized, it will be automatically restored at startup.
- Pressing the "+/=" key moves to the next page (previously, it was necessary
to hold Shift to make it work in many keyboard layouts).
- Made copy to clipboard work in input fields in presentation mode.
- Made copy to clipboard work in the document information dialog with Ctrl+C/
Ctrl+Ins (closed ticket #142). Ctrl+A/Ctrl+/ may be used to select all
lines for copying. This dialog can be now activated with Ctrl+I.
- Made copy to clipboard work in the font information dialog.
- Unified keyboard navigation in all modes (closed ticket #177):
* Home/End/PgUp/PgDn scroll to the first/last/previous/next page.
* Ctrl+Home/End/PgUp/PgDn go to the top of the first/last/previous/next
* Left/Right/Up/Down scroll the page to the corresponding direction.
* Ctrl+Left/Right/Up/Down scroll to the corresponding edge of the page.
- Auto-scroll the index window to make sure the current page is always
- Made Enter submit the edited text in multi-line entry fields. Ctrl+Enter
may be used to start a new line.
- Fixed scrolling the document with RMB and enabled it in presentation mode
(closed ticket #124).
- Fixed file navigation with Shift+PgUp/PgDown/Home/End broken in version
1.30 (closed ticket #175). Note that the files are visited in alphabetical
order now (using locale-aware comparison) which matches the common behavior.
- Fixed loading JPEG files broken in version 1.30.

- PDF plugin: added support for filling forms in PDF documents (closed ticket
- PDF plugin: Poppler (pdf rendering) library updated to version 0.12.3.
- PDF plugin: freetype library updated to version 2.3.11.
- DJVU plugin: djvulibre updated to version 3.5.22
- Fixed two memory leaks.

- PDF plugin: Poppler (pdf rendering) library updated to version 0.10.4.
- PDF plugin: freetype library updated to version 2.3.8.

- JPG plugin: added support for quality image scaling.
- If the filename does not have an extension or the extension is unknown,
Lucide will check file data to determine a suitable plugin (closed
ticket #43).
- Added menuitems and hotkeys to subsequently load supported files in
same directory (Menu: Document->Next/Previous, closed ticket #66).
- Added list of recent files (Menu: Document->Recent files).
- Implemented custom file dialog with preview (closed ticket #86).
- Added hotkeys (Ctrl+0/1/2) for predefined zoom levels.
- Added 'Ignore printer margins' option in Print dialog (closed ticket #110).
- UClip package is optional now (closed ticket #115).
- Small fixes and improvements (closed ticket #126).
- Updated NLS-file: German.

- DJVU plugin: plugin may eat great amount of memory, fixed.
- DJVU plugin: djvulibre updated to version 3.5.19.
- DJVU plugin: fix opening files with non-latin chars in filename.
- PDF plugin: freetype library updated to version 2.3.5.
- TAB key switch between navigation pane and document (closed
tickets #112, #123).
- Zoom in/Zoom out menuitems and corresponding Ctrl++/Ctrl+- hotkeys.
- Ctrl+Shift++/Ctrl+Shift+- hotkeys for rotate CW/CCW, Ctrl+P for Print
(closed ticket #108).
- Opening external files from links in document.
- Updated NLS-files: Czech, French, Dutch.

- Show message with missed modulename if Lucide.dll cannot be loaded.
- PDF plugin: freetype library updated to release 2.3.1.
- Minor fixes.
- Updated NLS-files: German, French, Swedish, Danish.

1.0 RC1:
- Ask for password, if document password-protected.
- Pipe commands, see readme for details.
- 'New window' menuitem.
- Writes into EA thumbnail of first page of document (for eSchemes Deluxe).
- Added 'print to file' option for postscript output.
- Remember last selected printer during session (closed ticket #96).
- Copy unicode text to clipboard in OpenOffice.org compatible format.
- Optimized unicode conversion, fixed crash in uconv.dll (closed ticket #97).
- Speedup for 'As Image' printing, fixed crash (closed ticket #94).
- Odd/Even printing for 'As Image' printing.
- Plugin API extension: extended error reporting.
- PDF plugin: freetype library updated to release 2.3.0 (closed ticket #76).
- DJVU plugin: handle document load errors.
- Added NLS-files: Italian, Czech, Russian.
- Updated NLS-files: Spanish, German, French.

- Added 'Zoom In/Out' button to zoom in/out with mouse click/ctrl+click.
- Replace ligatures when converting text from unicode to system
codepage (closed ticket #45).
- Poppler (pdf rendering) library updated to version 0.5.4.
- Lucide's internationalization now respects 'territory' modifier.
- Fixed crash on PDF load during fonts enumeration on font files which
FreeType doesn't understand (closed ticket #83).
- Prevent Lucide from close on broken JPEGs (closed ticket #80).
- In single-page view pressing PgUp/PgDn if already at top/bottom of page
moves to previous/next page (closed ticket #73).
- Enable printing in reverse order (closed ticket #88).
- Lucide.exe loads needed DLLs from install path (closed ticket #78).
- WarpIn installation optionally sets Lucide as default program for
PDF files (closed tickets #74, #79).
- Internal fixes.
- Added NLS-files: Spanish, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Danish.
- Updated NLS-files: Dutch, German, Swedish.

- Added basic printing features, you may print documents as image or
as postscript on postscript-capable printers.
- Fixed scrolling problem introduced in beta2 (closed tickets #53, #56, #64).
- Drawing fixes and improvements (closed ticket #69).
- Added 'Go to page' dialog, 'Save As...' menuitem works.
- Djvu plugin improvements, get rid of ddjvuapi.dll.
- Ability to compile plugins with gcc.
- Fixes for font substitution (closed ticket #70).
- NLS-files updates.

- Avoided using of fontconfig library, created replacement, testing
needed (closed tickets #30, #32, #35).
- New application icon and toolbar bitmaps.
- Implemented rotation.
- Centers pages if smaller than window, draw gray border (closed ticket #33).
- WPI creation scripts and dirs (closed ticket #9).
- Fullscreen implemented (closed ticket #6). Hotkey is Ctrl+L, like in
Acrobat. Mozilla-like fullscreen (F11) renamed to 'Maximized view'.
- Added document navigation shortcuts (up/down,pgup/pgdown,
ctrl-pgup/pgdown,home/end), (closed ticket #7).
- Plugin interface changes as per Heiko Nitzsche suggestions, compatibility
changes (closed tickets #18, #40).
- Fixed Alt-F4 processing (closed ticket #41).
- Correctly set initial values for comboboxes in settings dialog.
- Fixed crash on double clicking an empty area in the navigation pane
(closed ticket #38).
- Fixed SYS3180 crash when plugins resides not in current dir (closed
tickets #20, #29).

- Poppler (pdf rendering) library updated to version 0.5.3.
- Added settings dialog, where you can define default page layout
and zoom level (closed ticket #23).
- Added asynchronous opening of documents.
- Custom zoom level can be specified in zoom combo on toolbar.
- Fixed crash on opening file with long filename (closed
tickets #19, #21).
- Fixed crash and redraw problem when opening a new file (closed
ticket #24).

Initial public release.

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