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NewView OS/2 NewView OS/2

NewView ist ein Programm zum Lesen von OS/2- (oder eComStation-) Hilfedateien.

NewView ersetzt das originale, mit OS/2 ausgelieferte Programm von IBM.

Es bietet Verbesserungen vieler Aspekte von View, besitzt eine moderne, einfach zu bedienende Oberfläche, mehr Optionen und neue Funktionen, die View ganz einfach nicht besessen hat. 

Version  2.19.5  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  1.1 MB     
Sprache  Siehe Beschreibung  Änderungsdatum  15.03.2019 00:02:15 
Versionsdatum  12.03.2019 01:00:00  Wartung  Zum Zeitpunkt aktiv 
Installertyp  Manuell  Pakettyp  ZIP 
    Paketersteller  Siehe Beschreibung 
    MD5 Prüfsumme  09d00b0d0b3df7a04824f885e400e859 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  45b386359b2eba5d554d3b42c29be2a98fcbd976 
Dateiname: newvi...9_5.zip
Dateigröße: 1.1 MB
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NewView release changes

- Fix: Wrapping, navigating and selecting of DBCS and Thai text should now (more or less) work.
- Fix: Text copied to the clipboard should no longer have garbage appended.

- Swedish translation added (Thanks to Bj”rn S”derstr”m)
- Fix: NewView is now able to open really large help files (e.g. jdk14corba.inf with 11921536bytes).
- Fix: In some situations the highlighting of the search results marks to many places in a topic.

- Support for 'Internet-Application-Integration' added.
NewView is now able to start different applications for news, mail and ftp.
- Fix: More link fixes.
- Fix: Links in the about dialog are working as expected.
- Fix: Searching all drives works again.

- never released to the public

- Fix: Broken link handling; NewView was unable to start a program or open the web browser.
- Fix: Detection of links pointing to a url was not working.

- the display of a bubble help at some places of the left panel is removed
- the default of the option 'Show left panel for - Online help for applications' is changed to true.
- new toolbar icon added for toggling the left panel
- all toolbar icons replaced by new ones (copied form lucide)
the order of the icons is changed
- some problems with various cmd line options fixed
- global search in selected help path directories searches in all; fixed
- starting 'newview -lang:en' produces some problems with translations
e.g. in the global search dialog; fixed (#16)
- some layout problems with the gloabal search dialog fixed (includes the fix for #15)
- New command line parser
The command line syntax is changed.
newview cmdref copy
newview /s cmdref copy
newview /s cmdref "net access"
newview /g cmdref help
newview /g help
- many fixes for links
- other small fixes (see trac)
- many changes for the debugging support

- There was a blank at the beginning of a paragraph
after a graphic; fixed
- In some other situations there was a blank to much at
the beginning of a paragraph; fixed
- Version numbering changed
- Menu entry 'Save as IPF' translated to german

- many refactoring changes to remove unused source and add
as many unit tests as possible
yes we have (356) unit tests! (at the moment manly for the command line)
- some backup files removed
- ACLCtl10.DLL, ACLCtl10.h, ACLCtl10.pas, ACLCtl10.zip removed form my
local build \components directory
- Test.pas removed form my local build \components directory
- fix for unused vars in sibyl\addon\gradient.pas
- fix for unused vars in sibyl\addon\ScktComp.pas
- fix for missing bitmap cool1.bmp in components

- Tools - Save as IPF

- Fixed font substitution now works.
This overcomes a limitation of the IPF format.
By default, this substitutes for the "Courier 18x12" font
used for XWorkplace, VOICE newsletter, the output of HTML2IPF,
and other common help files.

- Printing enhancements
- print entire document
- open windows
- Incomplete:
- cannot select a range of topics
- print the "related" topics
- empty windows are still printed
- Fixed cursor behaviour when moving
- Corrected word spacing in certain files (e.g. os2dbcs.inf)
- Window is restored if app help is requested while it's minimized.
- Fixed invisible startup window if a minimised help window already exists!
- Fixed Edit-Copy or Ctrl+Ins from entry fields on the left panel
- Fixed tab order on global search
- Tab navigation of links (incomplete: no way to follow link)
- Use WarpSans Combined (if supported) on DBCS systems

- Fixed doubled table of contents
- Fixed search locations list duplicating each time shown

- New feature: more options for what directories to search
(Selected help paths, or any folder or folders)
- Finnish translation from Tapani Raikkonen
- Clickable contact details in Product Information dialog
- Hints for split-bar between panels is now translatable
- Many language updates from translators
- Corrected some translation/hint problems.
- Fixed some issues with URL recognition
- Picture decoding is faster
- Now includes newview.dll
- Italian and Dutch help files now installed
- Fixed stand-alone install, to stop complaining about newview.inf
- NewView can be killed without an error message

- Fixed problem in Helpmgr causing certain apps to crash
- Improved Dutch translation from Jacques van Leeuwen
- Updated Spanish translation from Alfredo Fern ndez D¡az

- /? works from view.exe (full replacement)
- Updated usage dialog (newview /?)
- Corrected help about /pos and about adding a note
- Support for Maul Publisher
while help window is open)
- Fix for problems when network printers configured.
- Left margin "fit" code now correctly
breaks line if margin already past
- Compatibility; also search global names for HM_PANELNAME
- "help on help" from applications works

- Fixed problems with own help file.

- Global search can search drives as well as help paths
- Toolbar button for global search
- Phrase search e.g. "warp server"
- Highlighting of search words now works correctly
for words like OS/2, WM_CLOSE
- Alt+S always moves focus to search entry field
- Multi-word searches on the command line work
e.g. view cmdref directory command
- First search match is brought into view
- Search from command line now matches
(undocumented) old view behaviour.
- New /s option to do a normal search.
- No extra space at end of italic if in fixed width
(fix display of tables containing italic)
- Display :nt tag with correct indent
- Footnote windows get a title
User Interface:
- New windows are positioned offset from topmost
help window
- Tooltips for toolbar buttons
- Remember full file paths for most recent list,
when specified using relative directories
- F11/F12: previous/next in contents
- F7/F8: back/forward
- Tab or Shift+Tab moves between left and right panels
- Many other keyboard navigation fixes
(Sibyl tab handling rewritten)
- Help improved; includes context help for some things.
- Minimum window sizes
- Default colors for systems using less than 16 bit
color, reduced to plain/standard colors (e.g VGA boot)
- Tools - Debug menu removed
- Other tweaks to disable menu items, etc.
- Swedish translation, thanks to Simon Gronlund
- Updated Spanish translation, thanks to David Mediavilla
- Space on Product Information dialog for translators
- Install no longer complains about duplicate files
if . is in path.
- PMSeek (16bit) help works (corrected exported function case)
- Now using OpenWatcom - service problem fixed, thanks
again to Michal Necasek
- Use Web Explorer for browser, if no other registered!
- Better validation against corrupt help files
- NewView help is now a .hlp file, not .inf, and goes
in the system help dir. Old newview.inf is deleted.
- Fixed very rare crash showing dialogs
- Fixed some bookmark editor problems
- Fixed problems setting fonts
- Fixed default file filter using standard OS/2 dialogs
- Fixed printing
- Own help file can now be language-specific, as for interface.
- Also look in %OSDIR%\lang and %ULSPATH% for language files.


Language files are now called newview_.lng so
that they can be in the same directory as other programs
using .lng files (e.g. AE).
This means that you cannot use them on FAT systems (the
filenames are too long for FAT).

- Fix for crash in OS/2 Service (fixpack tool)
and other 16-bit applications
- Fix to close help when applications closed
- If a Windows .hlp file is opened, optionally
start Windows Help viewer
- Turn left panel on and off
- Double click on sizebar, or View menu
- Defaults are set in Options
- Fix for double-quotes when online help file
specified by a program.
- A memory corruption fix
- Fixed some small errors loading translations
- Speed improvements at startup
- Search matching adjusted
- Progress bar on global search is correctly positioned
when dialog resized
- Updated Czech translation from Michal Pohorelsky

- Fix crash at shutdown
- Remember dropped fonts.
On topic area, Drop+Shift sets fixed font.
- Remember application font and size to fit
- Options form more compact.
- Fix problems loading from read-only media
- Don't crash if default fonts not present
- Fix memory corruption bug

NOTE: Full manual install now REQUIRES many more steps. See readme.txt!
- Now compatible with OpenChat
Thanks to Harald Pollack for Module Rename code
- Install now sets up "ibmview", a working copy
of the old view, when doing a full install
- Open dropped files
(on contents, index, topic etc)
- Optionally open files without closing current files
- Esperanto translation from Jonathan Moylan
- Fixed problem with filenames containing underscores (_)
- Extra space at end of italic text
- Fixed decoding of linked images (e.g. rxtt.inf)
- Fixed garbage in topics for automatic links (e.g. neusreng.inf)
- Fixed color #7 e.g. Voice Newsletter headings

- Launch program links
Links to "netscape" and "explore" are translated
into URLs and use the default browser.
- Automatically make URL links from
http:// https:// ftp:// mailto: news:
www.a.b ftp.a.b and x@y.z
- External links work
- Fixed several PM resource leaks causing NewView/PM
to slow down after displaying many topics
- Adjusted margins again

- Checks for existing help windows with the same files
open and uses them instead of opening new windows.
- Fixed topic display problem (DBExpert.hlp)
- Corrected spacing in character graphics,
when a custom font is used (pmprintf.hlp).
- Add blank line before/after cgraphics to match view
- Dutch thanks to Kris Steenhaut
- Japanese and Korean translations
Thanks to Tomoarai
- Updated Russian translation
- Standalone install can optionally associate
NewView with *.inf, *.hlp
- Text files now installed
Full install, OS/2: x:\os2\book\NewView
Full install, eCS 1.1+: x:\ecs\doc\NewView
- Standalone install uses %PROGRAMS%, if set,
for base folder
- Installer checks for potential conflicts with
programs and help file

Note: please delete your existing Language (.lng) files,
unless you have customised them yourself, before installing.
This is because the base files have been renamed, and the
new files will be ignored in favour of the old ones.

- Fixed online help in lots of apps, broken in
V2.5.0 by SmartSuite fix!
- Fixed display of some context help
eg. PMView file dialogs
- Searching by panel name works again
eg. Sibyl keyword lookup
- Fixed occasional crashes when launching online help
- Close help when app exits without explicit help close
eg. Sibyl
- Display first contents topic when online help
- Fixed crash on "Using Help"
- Simplified Product Information dialog,
launch default browser on URL click
- Removed 70kB from NewView.exe
- Fixed inconsistent loading of languages...
- Ignore extra bits in LANG (eg. _EURO)
- Renamed language files to base language only
eg. de_de.lng -> de.lng
since most of them are not region-specific.
- Added French translation
(Thanks Guillaume Gay)
- Spanish, German and Russian translations updated
(Thanks David Mediavilla, Alfredo Fernández Díaz,
Christian Hennecke, Yuri Prokushev)
- Added preliminary Czech translation
From Michal Pohorelsky

- Fixed SmartSuite online help
(Thanks Mark Vollmer)
- Update German & Spanish translations
(Thanks Christian Hennecke, Chris Hellwig)
- Added Russian translation
(Thanks Yuri Prokushev)
- Allow translation of NoteForm and other misc.
- Fix text on crash dialog buttons!
- Cope better if crash log cannot be written
- Use LOGFILES variable if set (eCS compatibility)
- Fix crash if INI file cannot be written
or doesn't exist (old bug resurfaced)
- Note buttons now standard. Buttons larger.
- Fix crash clicking on "no search results" text
- Fix crash if no file specified for "Open Special"
- Fixed English Edit - Find prompt
- Fixed note problems with empty topics
- Fixed saving "text-only" toolbar mode
- Fixed topic properties display
- Installer can install to the source folder

- Added German and Spanish (partial) language files
- Added a few missing items to language support
- Expanded some controls to fit longer strings
- Renamed a few badly named controls (sorry translators!)
- Updating an existing language file now gives more info
- Width of left panel is now saved

- Multi-language support
See the Readme. Anyone can create translations!
- Turned off logging in new HelpMgr.dll
- Fix for .ce centering e.g. switch footnotes in
- Can find own help file using help paths

- Remove limits/crash on filenames totalling more
than 255 characters
(command line, online help, file dialog)
- Added DragText handling (requires DragText update)
- Corrected WinAssociateHelpInstance when
help instance is NULLHANDLE
- Allow multiple windows associated with help instance
Fixes VisPro Rexx apps, maybe others
- Silently ignore if ini file unwritable.
- Fix WPS crash on global Help Index
- Dummy DDF (dynamic data format) functions for
apps that expect them.
- Optimise new helpmgr.dll
- Fixed memory leaks and reduced base memory use
- Faster topic display.
- Wrap only after at least one full word (like view)
- Reduce flickering when starting online help
- Remember full path for most-recently-used files
so it works for all files
- Make keyboard in search and contents tabs,
work same as index (press enter to view topic)
- Fixed display corruption in contents window

[V2.3.18 withdrawn]

- Minor updates to HelpMgr.dll,
reduce logging on some systems
- Fixed bug loading help files (referenced files table)
- Fixed memory leaks in searching
- Fixed shutdown of PMView and other VisualAge
Open Class Library programs (Thanks PeterN).
- Check for corrupt desktop at install.
- Options for no or images-only toolbar

[V2.2.27 was a mistake!]

- Installer
- Help Manager completed (helpmgr.dll)
- First time window is centered.
- Added a /pos command line parameter
Specifies window position and size (see help)
- Center all dialogs
- Added URL in about box
- Show topic resource IDs in topic properties
- Default button and ESC in print dialog
- Fix crash after deleting bookmark
- Fix crash with certain menu fonts
- Fixed crash clicking in index!
- Fix crash after Save As (and other?) dialog!
- New icon courtesy Alessandro

Faster, better layout, more options, and many bug fixes.

- Restructured to keep file open and only load things
as needed.
- Ignore duplicate directories in help paths
- Other optimisations.
- Use conventional Ctrl+FKey shortcuts for topic
windows; allow Alt+FKey shortcuts to work properly
(manipulating main app window).
- Allow windows containing child windows to be
manipulated from keyboard
e.g. PMREF function topics, left pane.
- Page up/down works when cursor showing!
- Horizontal scroll when needed to show cursor
- :lines. tag does not wrap
- Improved wrapping behaviour e.g. in lists
- Smarter margin sizing
- No longer bold links to keep layout correct
- Improved fixed font selection.
- Make all menus use system menu font
- Fixed: text background fixed at white.
- Added buttons to restore default fonts and colors
- Hourglass cursor while decoding topic
- Customisable colors for notes and search highlights
- Notes now green (default)
- Removed icons from buttons since they do not work
with different colour schemes and are not compatible
with enhancers like Styler/2
- Cosmetic & spelling fixes
- Restore correct color after links, highlights
- Search highlights are now text background for
better visibility
- Search highlights can be enabled or disabled from
the View menu
File dialog:
- Added filename completion to the file dialog.
- SHow file titles in the file dialog.
- Show network drive paths in file dialog
- Getting ready for online help mode.
- Don't open new copies of windows if the topic is
already being displayed (regardless of ViewPort)
- Fix occasional crash when mousing between NV and
other apps
- File - New Window (Ctrl-N; Add Note is now Ctrl-M)
- NewView help appears in top right of screen, doesn't
save position/size
- Fix crash when shutting down with NewView's own
help file open
- If no file specified at startup, by default loads
the NewView help file (switch off in Options)
- Removed unimplemented History item.
- Fix crash double clicking in empty topic window
- Fix restoring of vertical scroll while e.g. going back
- Fix huge memory usage on images > 256 colors
e.g. WarpNote.inf
- Ensure Notes are reloaded in a usable state
(ie. clickable, viewable). However, they still are
not perfect.
- Fix some problems with child windows (RXTT30.INF):
Parent is never changed after window created. Don't crash.

- Fix crashes using file dialog

- Searching for multipart/symbols now works
e.g. __os2__ or CAKE_AND_BISCUITS
Note: These searches can be slow due to the need
to verify exact sequences in the help file.
- Improved the sorting of search results
- Support custom fonts in the file
Note: smallest size is deliberately limited to 8 point
- Direct RGB color editing ;)
- Support text foreground/background colors
- Added a popup menu item to search for the selected text.
- Adding logging of call stack on exceptions. Hurrah!
- Open Special operates like command line
(includes environment var expansion, path searching)
- Improved mouse/keyboard handling:
- Ctrl+Cursor skips words
- Left mouse + shift keeps selection
- Double click words to select
- Left mouse drag + right click copies
- Alt+Cursor always scrolls
- Home/End goes to line start/end
Bug fixes:
- Contents/index decoding fixes
- Cursor positioning around margins
- Selection problem around line ends
- Find in topic faster and less buggy
- Printing to network printers without port
- Less restriction on total length of filenames
when opening multiple files (still some probs)
- Better handling of disk errors in file dialog
- Missing space characters in some files
- Crash when deleting notes
- Notes now keep leading and trailing whitespace
Note: a single pararaph note still does not keep it's
final carriage return, apparently due to an OS/2 bug
- Doesn't crash if default fonts missing (WarpSans/Helv)
- Fixes to font selection dialog
- Allow run-in images to be aligned (centred etc).
- Put spaces after images if spacing is set (guess).
- Message boxes improved a bit
- Problem decoding margins set to 0
(resulted in very wide text!)
- Flickering when displaying topic with notes

- Printing
Only current topic is printed
- Handle margins in-line; this improves list layout
- Show titles instead of filenames for the
Most Recently Used files
- Fixed problem with consecutive linked images
- Set window size before display to avoid flicker.
- Fixed some minor issues in help file.
- Allow recursion in the opening of automatic windows, which
fixes some help files (eg. BA2)

- Remember last file open directory
- Contents tree is faster when it has lots of items open
- Support bitmaparrays (only read first bitmap)
e.g. toolbar images in Borland C help
- Support drag and drop colors for
the tabbed section
- Added support for links by resource ID.
These are typically used across files
within a set of files (e.g PMREF)
- Added option to turn toolbar images off.
- File dialog:
- save size/position/split
- nice little drive type icons ;)
- User interface standardisation
- Help File updates, tidying
- Some small optimisations & appearance improvements
- Added more information to crash logging
- Added stress tester
- Added topic properties display (debugging aid)
Bug fixes:
- Fix a bug in fixed-width font layout (e.g. tables)
- Fixed crash on helpfiles with >32k dictionary entries
- Corrected the inverted top/bottom
positioning of certain windows.
- Corrected window centering
- Lots of bug fixes around multiple window handling
- crashes on display
- inability to make notes/copy
- child (split) window positioning (no border)
- better reuse of same windows
- bring windows to front when viewed
- Stop making Profile files

Gak, I broke lots of things in the last few
releases. Appy polly loggies :)
- Navigation (back/forward):
- Fixed all windows invisible!
- Add last 9 back points in Navigate menu
- Connect Navigate - Forward
- Searching in index, have to press enter
to view the topic. This Saves useless entries
in history while you're typing
- Save notes & bookmarks immediately on changes
(just in case NV crashes :P)
- File open:
- Works!
- keys better; more shortcuts, tabbing works, (Sibyl bugs)
- .. etc working again
- File - Save As works
- Font selection dialog rewritten to be good instead of crap
- Fixed bug shutting down leaving zombie process

- True Multi Document Interface so topic
windows can be sized and closed.
- Fixed bug with alignment around images
- Fix for text line chunks longer than 200 chars
Shows up mostly on hi-res screens
- Reconnected color wheel and value bar in options. Whoops.
- Added NewView.INF helpfile, connected to menu
"Help" - "How to Use NewView"
- Added Expand All item to view menu
Also option to Expand All on file open.
- Minor user interface fixes/enhancements
- Added gpl.txt to distribution

- Bookmarks.
- Saved to a text file called .bmk
in the same directory as the help file.
- Layout the crash dialog text a little better!
- Minor improvements in text and contents controls
- Fixed problem with initial display of topics

- Now GPL'd
- Bug fixes in scrolling, margins, cursor
- Added popup menu for topics.
- Saves position within topic for each window
- Fixed bugs in notes handling
- Fixed up a couple of crashes in global search.
- Fixed problem with index listbox
- Various minor cosmetic fixes.
- Changed to put INI file in application dir.

- Major revamp of search.
+/- modifiers ala altavista to include/exclude words
Results are sorted by relevance
- Simple implementation of hyperlinked bitmaps:
only handles single overall link code, but this is
enough to handle e.g cmdref examples links.
- Added checks that BOOKSHELF and HELP environment vars
are defined. Give a warning if not.
- Put INI file in application dir.
- Set margins better

- Wrapping works properly with outline fonts.
- Footnotes.
- Text centering via $fb code works.
- Reworked links a little to fix crashes
- Back to Sibyl fixpack 3: may fix problems with lockups
- Checked the contents loading more carefully.
- Implemented bitmap flags, except for stretch to fit.
- More exception handling including logging

- Loading rewritten. Twice as fast.
- Fixed big mess I made a big mess of bitmap loading.
- Can pick the toolbar bitmap now (File - Options - Style)
- Fixed file dialog some more: now changes directory when typed in.
- When images cannot be loaded, just displays a 'missing' placeholder.
- Menu hints, displayed in status bar.
- Fixed problem with words running together halfway through a topic
- Fixed alignment in lists
- Removed font log files (didn't learn much!)

- Huge improvements in search speed, especially in global (all files) search.
Should be at least ten times faster.
- Loading files is about 3x as fast
- Fix for focus change to other apps
- Added collapse all in view menu
- Dialog font to WarpSans.9
- Fixed a bug with displaying links a second time!
- Added a few more keyboard shortcuts

Note - memory usage is well up again, but will be reduced in future

- Global search is functioning, although still slow. It's a modeless dialog.
- Re-enabled save as
- Fixed - Autolinks at start of a topic, the link continues into the text
e.g. cpplng.inf
- Turned compiler optimisation off again. Was causing problems with assertions
reading bitmaps.
- Fix for setting font (more than one activation of dialog usually caused crash)
- Standardised layout of font dialog
- Loading time improvements
- Contents (outline/tree view) selection text is inverted, scrollbars fixed
- Fixed all remaining memory leaks of note (for now ;-)
- Fixed mistake in getting help file title.
- Fixed many huge bugs in searching, such as only finding the first
occurrence of each matching word!
- Search the topic titles and the index as well.
- Double clicking a note in the notes list goes to it.
- Search and index search edit boxes are not cleared on close file.

- First draft of global search. It's pretty slow. Incomplete.
- Fixed index duplicates. It's not quite perfect because if there is a topic
with the same title but pointing to a different topic it will not be caught...
- Added /profile cmd line option
- Command line topic searching. Bit different to view. View searches the
index and displays only the first topic. I decided to do a full text search
and (of course) display all the results.
This could be another option, I guess, but I think mine is more helpful.
- Fixed many, many large memory leaks in help file loading.
- While loading help file(s) show which file is being loaded in the
status bar.
- Fixed a huge bug in the navigation back and forward with
multiple windows!
- Load notes before displaying first topic.

- Fixed broken options screen
- Colors can be customised
- File dialog:
- Option to use std OS/2 dialog, so that enhancers can replace.
- Fix keyboard operation of directory list box
- Default filter to only help files.
- Fix copy
- Fixed problems with link mouse over

- Fixed huge memory consumption and crash on files
with one or more empty topics.
- Fixed extra random data at end of topics.
- Fixed crash following link in some cases.
- Fixed the display of < and >.
- Improved index reading - should not crash ;-)
- Reset progress if file fails to load
- Improved window painting while scrolling
- FIxed bitmap/wrapping problems

First public release.

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