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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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BlobCity for OS/2 BlobCity for OS/2

Playing the Game

At present, the game is playable, although it’s not complete. (The main problem is lack of documentation and the inability to save and load games, IMO.) The play in BlobCity is “Blobs vs. Nature” (single player) instead of “Blobs vs. Blobs” (human player vs. computer players), which had been planned for the second SimBlob game. Like SimCity, there is no predetermined goal; instead you set your own goals. You are building a town and seek to conquer the elements. Try to build your towns to withstand floods, yet be near sources of water. Try to build your towns to withstand fires, yet be near forests. Try to achieve 600,000 population without auto-build mode. (My highest population in the old economic system is 653,712; my highest in the new economic system is 1.13million.) Try to have more food than people in your town.

Version  1998-03-08  System  OS/2 
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Versionsdatum  08.03.1998 01:00:00     
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