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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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Las Vegas Craps Las Vegas Craps

Las Vegas Craps is an authentic rendition of a Las Vegas style craps game. While the primary purpose of this game is entertainment, it also provides helpful assistance and recommended strategies.

Craps is the most exciting of all casino games. It offers the player the opportunity to win, or lose, large sums of money very quickly. There are over twenty different bets available in the game of craps. The craps table is divided into three distinct sections. The two end sections are where the majority of the bets are made. The middle area, contains bets known as proposition, or center, bets.

Version  2.0  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  50.41 KB     
Sprache  Englisch  Erstelldatum  14.05.2015 21:06:19 
Versionsdatum  14.12.1992 01:00:00     
Installertyp  Manuell  Pakettyp  ZIP 
Autor  Troy Ankersen  MD5 Prüfsumme  b67ee30e7d5b53fc0138eb6bcfdb4512 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  8a558a2c8d69f314f15a6e2710292366e629a874 
Dateiname: craps3.zip
Dateigröße: 50.41 KB
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