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OS2-XBomb(Ulrich)-2.1 OS2-XBomb(Ulrich)-2.1

Minesweeper Games (OS/2)

1998 - XBomb

Main Article: XBomb

Andrew Bishop (UK)
Dave Ulrich (USA)
1998-02-17 (original 1994)
Original version was written by Andrew Bishop (UK) in 1994 for X11 using a UNIX operating system. Dave Ulrich (USA) ported version 2.1 on 1998-02-17 to use X11 running on OS2 Warp 3. This requires Xfree86 to be installed on the OS2 system. It has the standard three levels but you can play them with squares, hexagons or triangles. Controls are left mouse button to open cells, middle to chord, right to flag. See Linux Versions for original version, and visit the main article for more information. Picture is of the original version being run on KDE.
Version  2.1  System  ab OS/2 3.0 
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