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gGo will run on any platform that supports Java 1.3. Confirmed platforms are Linux, Solaris, OS X, OS/2 and Windows.

Version  1.0  System  OS/2-Java 
Dateigröße  2.93 MB     
Sprache  Englisch  Änderungsdatum  13.01.2018 19:36:44 
Versionsdatum  10.06.2004 02:00:00     
Installertyp  Manuell  Pakettyp  JAR 
Autor  Peter Strempel  MD5 Prüfsumme  51a6669de192f6ea8789867c71ffaacf 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  68fcb0359dfccc49f790b922af467d3d465768cf 
Dateiname: ggo-1.0.jar
Dateigröße: 2.93 MB
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Downloadseite: http://www.pandanet.co.jp/java/gGo/
gGo Changelog

2004-06-10 - Version 1.0
    * Support for vote in observed teaching games
    * Various GUI and layout changes to make gGo and glGo more similar
    * Redesign of player table
    * A couple of minor fixes to the Java-Python bridge for the latest Playermanager version.
    * Fixed a bug in UGF parser which got confused by too big image section.
    * Changed disconnection detection. However, this is somewhat unreliable and the behaviour
      differs on various operating systems.
    * Better support for native look & feel on Windows XP.
    * Started with review implementation, but it's currently disabled in this version and the
      final review support is delayed to next release (need to get this version out now
      because of vote support).
    * More reliable sound playback on Linux (this is not an issue on Windows).

2004-03-17 - Version 0.4.4
    * Bugfix: Send correct game id when doing addtime from the board Edit menu.
    * Fixed the "Do you want to resign?" dialogs which were assuming "Yes" if you just closed
      the dialog using that 'X' button in the titlebar.
    * Don't escape ":" in comments when writing SGF.
    * Fix for latest Mac OS X Java release which was drawing the board grid lines white (no idea
      why, they were black with older Apple Java versions, on Linux and on Windows).
    * Bugfix: Jago XML format parser got moves wrong by one position on the y-axis.
    * New Mac OS X disk image available. Created and tested on Panther. Should work on Apples
      Java 1.4.1 and 1.4.2.
    * Fixed the Java detection in the Windows installer when only the SDK but not the JRE is
    * Replaced webstart icon.
    * Updated playerdb.jar to latest Playermanager release.
    * Fixed a possible bug when the game wasn't added to the internal game list when starting
      a teaching game.
    * Bugfix: Parsing of yells when being in channel 1-9 did not work properly.
    * Fixed opening the gGo webpage under Mac OS X. It will now simply call "open http://..."
      which should start your default browser.
    * Changed the gGo homepage URL, which is wired in the code, from "panda-igs.joyjoy.net" to
      "www.pandanet.co.jp". Both pages are identical, but the latter is on a faster server.
      Changed the update check URL from "http://panda-igs.joyjoy.net/java/gGo/version.html" to
    * Updated third-party Plastic look and feel to latest release.
    * Updated FAQ for the new Mac OS X installer. Minor updates to the manual.

2004-01-18 - Version 0.4.3
    * Added support for loading Ishi format files (usually .go file suffix). The file is silently
      converted into SGF and then the temporary SGF file loaded. You can also get a standalone
      ishi2sgf converter which can convert a batch of Ishi files, this should be more convinient
      to use. See http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/glgo/sgftools/
    * Fixed month in date automatically created in the game data (Got December as '11' etc.)
    * Replaced the terminal and chat output textareas with a style textcontrol. Style some output.
      The used styling in gGo and glGo is with this update now identical.
    * Fixed the broken font size switch in the shouts frame from last release. It has a limitation:
      Only text added after changing the font size will show the new size, unlike the unstyled
      textareas where size changes affect all text. I suppose one can live with this.
    * Don't show the "You need to reopen the terminal" warning when switching the Playermanager
      option when the terminal is not open.
    * Bugfix: When using the Playermanager for friends/bozo list and opening the playerinfo dialog
      of a player not in the database, none of the Friend/Neutral/Bozo radiobuttons was selected.
      But it should default to Neutral if no entry is found.
    * Bugfix: The SGF result in own games for resign or timeout was set after autosaving the game
      so the autosaved game lacked the RE property.
    * Reactivated old "who" code for player list again. You can select between the "user" and
      "who" command in the preferences dialog. After a change the IGS terminal needs to be closed
      and reopened to take effect.
      Either it is my halluzination or my old hardware, but "who" seems to work faster than "user".
      Of course, when using "who" the columns "Win/Loss", "Country" and "Info" are missing from
      the table as this information is not displayed in the "who" command output.
    * Filter yells from bozos.
    * Added option to set font size for players and games table to the preferences dialog.
      Set to 0 (zero) to use the system default font size (should be 12 usually).
    * Fixed SGF file association in Windows installer. The file type is now "SGF File", not "gGo".

2003-12-21 - Version 0.4.2
    * Player list now uses "user" instead of "who" command, added "Win/Loss", "Country" and
      "Info" colummns to the player table. This was a frequent feature request.
    * Display a tooltip with the players Info line as a tooltip of the player table over the Info
      column. (It gets truncated by the server at 15 chars, so don't wonder if it's cut.)
    * Implemented support for rooms on IGS. See menu "Windows" - "Rooms".
    * Fixed SGF compatibility when loading UGF files.
    * Updated some of the look&feel libraries. There are some nice new themepacks available
      for the Skin LookAndFeel, get them at http://javootoo.l2fprod.com/plaf/skinlf/index.php
    * Added a new pretty good LookAndFeel: Liquid. Select it in the preferences dialog.
    * Integrated support for the glGo Playermanager. You can now use the same friends/bozo list
      in gGo and glGo. This requires the glGo Playermanager application installed. You can use
      either the old gGo built-in _OR_ the Playermanager database, switch it in the preferences
      dialog. Changing this requires to close and reopen the IGS terminal window to take effect.
      Default is the gGo built-in database. A program to add the entries from the gGo built-in list
      to the Playermanager database is available on the gGo webpage, this functionality is also
      included in the latest Playermanager GUI
    * Added "Database" tab to the playerinfo dialog, same as in glGo. You can write a comment and
      assign the custom flags defined in the Playermanager here. This is only available if
      "Use glGo Playermanager" was enabled in the preferences, see above.
    * Redesigned the playerinfo dialog a bit. Removed useless Game and Language fields.
    * Print player names in output of say, kibitz, chatter, shout bold. This has a drawback,
      though: The font size selection does not always instantly apply but requires to reopen
      the IGS terminal window. This seems to depend on the used system fonts, I am not sure.
      Nothing too horrible, but somewhat confusing.
      This has more potential, any message could be nicely formatted with colors, fonts, style etc.
    * Prepend move number to kibitz lines. The numbers don't appear in the saved SGF.
    * Set "X", "O", "!" buttons properly on login according to own flags.
    * Added option to autosave observed games, additional to the already existing autosave own
      games. Enable it and configure a directory in the preferences dialog. Default: Disabled
      This can be used together with the glGo Playermanager SGF database feature, see the
      documentation provided with the Playermanager for details. You can use the same target
      directories for autosave in gGo and glGo.
    * Reworked the preferences dialog a little, the IGS tab got too crowded.
    * Changed the start window and about dialog a little.
    * Changed the title of the start window from "gGo x.y.z" to "gGo".
    * Updated Windows installer to latest NSIS release 2.0b4
    * Recompiled the glGo.exe Windows starter with NSIS 2.0b4

2003-10-28 - Version 0.4.1
    * Added new country field to the player info dialog to catch up with the latest IGS server
      change of "stats" command output.
    * Bugfix: Properly stack GNU Go board windows.
    * Bugfix: Don't get confused by "#" characters in UGF comments.
    * Feature request: Added "Sound for match requests" checkbox to the IGS tab in the preferences
      dialog, so chat and match sound can now be configured independantly.
    * Bugfix in SGF parser (noticed the bug while writing the glGo SGF parser :*) )
    * Don't crash when the configuration file contains invalid content. This seemed to happen if
      Java crashed hard and left the config file with binary garbage.
      If this happens, the old invalid .ggorc file is renamed to .ggorc.invalid and a new default
      configuration created. The config is still lost, but at least gGo starts and the user won't
      wonder why gGo does not start up. A proper message is printed to stderr, unfortunately Windows
      does not display this. But that is not my problem, ask Microsoft.
    * New installer for Linux, same as for the glGo Linux version. This is a nice and reliable tool
      and much better than my previous selfmade script. It also has an uninstaller. New installation
      directory is /opt/gGo, a symlink /usr/local/bin/ggo pointing to /opt/gGo/bin/ggo is created
      so the "ggo" command should be in your shell path.
    * The new variation mode feature for teaching games in the 0.4 release caused much confusion,
      mainly because noone seems to bother reading the documentation and rather complains "it does
      not work" instead. If a teaching game like "MyMaster-MyMaster" is detected, gGo will enable
      variations and disable navigation. However, a tournament game like "meijin-meijin" is
      technically the same, and the client cannot properly detect that except tournament broadcasts
      usually have a title. So if there is a title, variation mode is not enabled. If there is no
      title set yet, this detection will fail.

2003-07-13 - Version 0.4
    * Added support for IGSCP. IGSCP can be completely disabled by manually setting
      the configuration "igscpEnabled=false" in the .ggorc file.
      IGSCP debugging mode is by default disabled, it can be enabled with the line
      "igscpDebug=true" in .ggorc. This is only interesting for developers, users should
      keep this off.
      For details please see http://panda-igs.joyjoy.net/java/gGo/igscp/
    * Updated Plastic Look and Feel to latest version 1.1.1 non-commercial edition.
      (see http://www.jgoodies.com)
    * Initialize DT field with current date in SGF headers of new or IGS games.
    * Initialize PC field in SGF headers of IGS games.
    * Fixed a couple of bugs and problems with the autonumber marks.
    * Switched to Java 1.4.2 compiler
    * Original IGS result message in own games (like "ggodev: 11.5 to qgodev:  7.0") was
      not saved in the SGF as comment.
    * Catch IGS system broadcasts and display them in the shout window.
    * Keep and save variations in observed teaching games (common request by people who
      recieve lessons on IGS). I disabled navigation in those games, else things get too
      complex. If you want to disable the variations and enable navigation again (for example
      for tournament broadcasts which are teaching games but have no variations), hit "Disable
      teach mode" in the "Edit" menu and the board will revert back to the old behaviour. But
      this is a one-way toggle.
      A new manual chapter (Yes, a manual chapter!) explains this in detail.
    * New installer for Windows, using NullSoft NSIS (http://www.nullsoft.com/free/nsis/).
      If you are upgrading from gGo 0.3.9, you should deinstall gGo first.
    * Rewrote the gGo.exe Windows launcher, using a NSIS script instead a selfmade C program.
      ggostarter.log is now written into the gGo installation directory, not anymore in C:
    * New installer for Linux, using a selfextracting tar.gz archive.
    * Bugfix: Game was not marked as modified when using "Swap variations" in the SGF editor.
    * Added a new menuitem "Make main branch" in the Edit menu of the SGF editor. The
      current variation will be marked as the main branch. This appears useful for saved IGS
      teach games (however, they still look better in CGoban2 with its tree view).
    * When the player popup menu opens in the player table, it will remember the name, so if
      the list refreshes while the popup is still open, the action will be performed on the
      old name, not the random player under the popup after the list refreshed.
    * Bugfix: When opening the Players or Games tables with the F1/2 shortcuts, and the tables
      have not been filled yet, the user had to click Refresh manually.
    * Added an option to integrate the textarea in the sidebar of the board. Enable it in the
      preferences dialog. This only takes effects on new opened board windows.

2003-06-05 - Version 0.3.9
    * Bugfix: Don't send addtime when you closed the customize dialog with Cancel.
    * Slightly changed the localhost:9999 server communication for compatibility with
      my SGFConvert tool (allows SGFConvert to open SGF files in a running gGo without
      starting a new VM).
    * Skip gameID in 'say' in single games. This might be only a temporary workaround,
      let's see.
    * When requested games end with a score, the last move got messed up. This was due
      to a server side change, however a change that makes sense. Adjusted gGo to this
      modification now.
    * Added proper transforming of request game results (which differ from normal game
      result format) to proper SGF values.
    * Implemented workaround for currently broken server-side teaching game scoring.
    * Remove the trailing '*' from player names when assembling the default filename.
    * Added an option "Numerate moves" in the View menu, which will automatically add
      number marks to new moves. This was a frequently requested feature. These
      generated marks will not be saved to the SGF.
    * Added a button "Default" to the New Game dialog, which will store the current
      size, komi and handicap configuration.
    * Restored the previous state of the player popup again on user request.
    * Bugfix: Properly remove requested games from the games table when they ended.
    * Fixed 'trail' parsing, server syntax slightly changed.
    * Skip email headers from SGF files. Start of a game is assumed being "(;GM[" or
;GM[". If neither matches, parsing starts at the beginning of the file like
    * Added Delete button to the toolbar of the SGF editor.
    * Added a customizable autoplay delay. Also the last selected autoplay value will
      now be remembered.
    * Kill shout, kibitz and chatter of bozos in your ignore list (additionally to
      the current block of tell and match). Some people chat too much.
    * Added keyboard shortcuts for the buttons in the players and games tables.
    * Added F1-F5 keyboard shortcuts for quick-access of the various IGS windows. The
      menuitems in the terminals "Windows" menu now don't toggle anymore but simply
      bring the window to the front.
    * Switched to Java 1.4.1_03 compiler
    * Updated the InstallAnywhere installer to version 5.5

2003-05-04 - Version 0.3.8
    * After IGS has fixed the broken handicap and undo in multiple games the new syntax
      is now used in gGo.
    * Fixed broken Score button in the SGF editor.
    * When adding text or number marks in a node that already had such marks before, the
      existing marks are taken into account for the next letter or number.
    * The mark type buttongroup now properly resets on New game.
    * Fixed adjourn requests in multiple games. This is a little tricky, as IGS does not
      tell the client the game ID when adjourning a game, so gGo has to guess which game
      was adjourned if playing more than one. Best guess is: Adjourn the board which
      recieved or sent the last adjourn request. However, it can fail in rare cases.
    * When reloading the playerinfo dialog, update the currently played game, too. If
      the player started a new game, the observe button would have tried to observe the
      old game which was played when opening the dialog. However, if you never reload
      the dialog and try to observe from an outdated playerinfo dialog, it should fail.
    * Properly sort the idle time column in player table.
    * Changed the behaviour of sorting the tables: Left click now sorts alternating
      ascending and descending, right click descending. This fits more to common GUI
      behaviour and is probably what users expect.
    * Fixed adjourn in singlegame-true mode: Don't display the adjourn request dialog when
      the opponent lost connection.
    * Print some "Click on dead stones to remove them and hit Done" message when the game
      enters score mode (original IGS line plus an additional for the client). Some people
      wondered what to do to end the game. Amazing, isn't it? Also forward the "Cannot
      remove a liberty" error message to the kibitz field (only in single games, no game
      id sent with this string from IGS).
    * Removed three entries (SGF, Results and Probability) from the player popup menu to
      clean it up a little.

2003-04-25 - Version 0.3.7
    * 0.3.6 did not work on Java 1.3 on OS X. I start to hate Java 1.3 on OS X.

2003-04-25 - Version 0.3.6
    * Skip the last linebreak in kibitz, comment, shout, channel etc. windows to save
      some space in smaller textfields.
    * Print "Foobar is beeping you" and "Foobar is now on" in terminal
    * Block input when the board is locked while loading a big SGF like Kogo.
    * Improved the false eye detection algorithm.
    * Synchronized edit-boards for observed games will not ask for saving the game
      anymore. This was annoying. Changes will be lost without confirmation, however
      I don't want to save those scratch boards in 99% of the time.
    * Bugfix: When the connection was lost while a match dialog was open, the dialog
      did not close anymore.
    * Bugfix: When importing ASCII diagrams and saving the game, the resulting SGF
      file was invalid.
    * Bugfix: When loading a new game while in Score mode, the Pass button did not reset.
      Also there was no new tooltip for the "Done" state.
    * Fixed broken SGF loading on Mac OS X Java 1.3.
    * Another fix to the "currently playing" message to close the match dialog, they did
      not close automatically when a request was incoming.
    * Fixed a stupid parser bug: Addtime 1 minute did not work (anything except 1 did).
    * Don't scroll textfields when the scrollbar is currently in use, this was especially
      annoying when trying to read previous kibitz in big tournaments.
    * Always include game ID when sending commands for own games to support multiple
      games for "toggle singlegame false".
    * Added parser support for those messages that are changed in multiple games.
      Note: Undo and handicap does *not* work in multiple games, but this is an IGS bug!
    * Bugfix: Number of prisoners in observed games was not displayed correct once you
      started to move through earlier moves.
    * Added Drag and Drop support for loading SGF files. It is now possible to drag SGF
      files from Windows Explorer over the board to load them. Dropping is blocked if the
      board has been modified. This probably won't work on Linux.
    * Get rid of the newline spam. Server output has changed, for whatever reason.

2003-04-05 - Version 0.3.5
    * Added new Plastic look and feel. See http://www.jgoodies.com/
    * When resuming a GNU Go game, the loaded boardsize has to be adjusted if the sgf
      boardsize differs from the setup dialog.
    * Charset detection in the SGF parser did not work properly. Fixed now, but this only
      works with Java 1.4. Java 1.3 will always use the default charset (ISO-8859-1).
    * Don't reload a formerly observed adjourned game if the window was closed meanwhile
      (was supposed to be this way but didn't work).
    * Save maintime, byotime and byostones of the GTP setup dialog. Changed the default
      maintime from 10 to 60 minutes (time limit against the AI makes no sense anyways).
    * Snapshot position of the Match request dialog when closing it.
    * Close Match request dialog on "Foobar is currently involved in a match against
      someone else." message.
    * Added a third type for the way of variation display: Small transparent stones
    * Added an option to select if siblings or children are displayed, before only siblings
      was implemented.
    * Enabled the Edit game button again in own IGS games when the game was finished.
    * Fixed two flaws in the GTP implementation. Worked for GNU Go, but would not work
      for all GTP engines (if there were any others).
    * Bugfix: Own games were occasionally autosaved several times. It is now taken
      care a game is only saved once. However, if a game is adjourned (saved), reloaded
      and finished, then it will be saved again, which seems ok as the game has been
    * Bugfix: With the recent changes to the GTP code a pass was performed twice.
    * Changed the "Warning sound" text in the IGS preferences tab to "Warning threshold",
      as we are configuring the delay for blink and/or sound.
    * Cleaned up the code for the gray-out of some fields in the preferences dialog.
    * Remember the path to the themepack in the preferences dialog selection.
    * Filter out trailing "*" of players in replayed games in the games table.
    * When changing "Show cursor" and "Show coordinates" in the View menu of a board,
      don't adjust these global settings, so the View menu is completely independan
      from the defaults set in the preferences dialog. This was quite confusing.
    * When closing the match dialog with the window titlebar, don't send "decline".
    * Added a "No time" timesystem to the GTP setup dialog. A time of 0/0 disables time
      control, too, but this is not too obvious to the user.
    * Guests are now filtered when the "Available" button is enabled in the playertable.
      Additionally added a new option in the IGS preferences tab: Always filter guest
      accounts, which will get rid of the guests display completely.
    * Fixed handling of escape characters in SGF comments.
    * Implmented reading, writing and displaying of SGF time info. However, currently only
      absolute time is shown, I need to investigate how other clients and servers store
      byoyomi or canadian time info. From the IGS files it is impossible to restore the
      number of byoyomi stones (not always 25, and the IGS SGF files don't have this info).
    * Implemented access to the player popup menu when right-clicking on the red challenger
      label in the match request dialog.
    * Added workaround to read the "CoPyright" tag from IGS distributed SGF files properly.
    * In own IGS games when playing black, the "Observers" button works as "Handicap" button
      at the first move. People simply did not find the Handicap setup menu (Why is that so
    * Changed to Java 1.4.1_02 compiler.

2003-02-27 - Version 0.3.4
    * Found and fixed the bug that produced superflous AW/AB tags in SGF files which
      confused GNU Go used for the score estimation.
    * Another update to the scrolling of large observer lists in the kibitz textfield.
    * Bugfix: When numerating the moves in the SGF editor and the game includes a pass,
      gGo quit (this was a very old debug line). Invalid coordinate error handling has
      been completely rewritten.
    * Bugfix: A pass move was displayed twice when starting to observe a game with
      the last move being a pass or when an undo on a pass occured.
    * Implemented ASCII diagram import and export. This feature can be accessed from
      the SGF editor, menu File - Import/Export.
      The font used in the text area is Monospaced 12. This makes no a square board on
      all systems. But I cannot use physical fonts because of platform independancy.
      The importer is basically working, but needs some more finetuning.
    * Implemented Autosave for own IGS games. This can be enabled in the IGS tab of the
      preferences dialog (by default enabled). The files will be saved into the given
    * Replaced the simple textfield to select the GNU Go path in the Advanced preferences
      tab with a file selector.
    * Removed "Guess score" and "Edit" from own IGS games menus on user request.
    * Changed "GnuGo" strings to "GNU Go". Not too important, but latter is the official
    * Fixed an extremely stupid bug. New gGo installations of 0.3.2 or later got an
      Y offset of -29 pixels for all Windows (forgot to remove a debugging line). As
      fix you can manually edit the .ggorc configfile and change the value of
      globalOffsetY to 0. Do that when gGo is not running.
      When upgrading to version 0.3.4pre5 or later the error is automatically fixed.
    * Bugfix: Turn on the observe checkbox in the games table when a game is observed
      because of trail.
    * Bugfix: When playing against GNU Go sometimes the first move (computer black) was
      played before the board was properly initialized, which could cause gGo to freeze.

03-02-02 - Version 0.3.3
    * Replaced the rank selection textfields in the playertable with a combobox. The
      total players label now only shows "1234" instead of "1234 players", this took
      too much space.
    * Bugfix: When selecting "stats" on a replay account (like foobar*) from the
      popupmenu, the "*" has to be filtered out.
    * Rewrote parts of the code to open a new own game, this had some problems.
    * Backup .ggo.log to .ggo.log.old, so now the last logfile is kept for one more
      application startup.
    * To solve the problem that gGo hangs when starting up on a Linux system with
      running esd or artsd, sound can be globally disabled. This overwrites the
      switches for specific sounds. A new checkbox "Sound enabled" in the Advanced
      preferences dialog tab and a commandline argument "-nosound" provide the
      control. Sound can be enabled anytime again during runtime.
    * Bugfix: When playing GNU Go, using a time setting of 0/0 was supposed to
      disable the clock. But you ran instantly out of time. Fixed now, use
      0 seconds for both main and byoyomi time to disable time limit.
    * When initializing a GNU Go game with an invalid board size GNU Go would not
      accept, the game now is aborted and the user informed.
    * Bugfix: When sending out a match, the last saved time setup was used for the
      game, not the actual one being sent, which are not necassarily identical.
      Stupid mistake. However no critical problem, as IGS fixed the clocks after
      the first move.
    * Bugfix: When reading the old (not SGF4) L[] text property in SGF files, the
      order of the letters was wrong.
    * When playing GnuGo and playing a human move, the move is not displayed until
      the GTP engine has validated it. It was possible to get the game out of synch
      when playing illegal moves like instant Ko capture.
    * Bugfix: The account encoding setting was not properly restored. Oops.
    * Kibitz textfield won't scroll insanely anymore when displaying observers. Still,
      doing that in a 800 observers titlematch is not the best idea.

03-01-09 - Version 0.3.2
    * Fixed SGF parser to be able to read older GoWrite1 SGF files.
    * Replaced many modal dialogs with non-modal ones, to avoid gGo locking up.
    * Added a "Save" button to various IGS windows, to save the content of the output
      textareas to a file.
    * Show "Game over" instead "B/W to play" when a game is finished (not in the editor).
    * Send "quit" to GTP engine when the process terminates, to avoid some Win98 trouble.
    * Tabbed mode bugfix: gGo occasionally crashed when opening tabs when not connected.
    * Save board size when sending out a match request in the dialog.
    * Bugfix: "Setting you open for matches." after "load" was not parsed.
    * Added an option to select between ghost and small stones for variation display.
    * Replaced all icons taken from KDE with Java Swing Repository icons.
    * Shift left-click on a stone in observed IGS games will select the move when this
      stone was played (as it already did in the editor).
    * Added two settings to the config file: globalOffsetX, globalOffsetY. The values
      have to be integers and can be positive or negative. Most gGo windows will be
      located with this offset. This is for some Linux windowmanager compatibility, like
      fvwm. There is no GUI interface for this. Windows users will be confused, and
      fvwm users can edit a config file manually.
    * Bugfix: When a server configuration was removed, a wrong array access could happen
      on the next gGo startup, causing the IGS terminal window or a game window not
      opening as the client did not have the proper login name. The "Cancel" button in
      the server configuration dialog got removed, as changed settings were saved before
      closing the dialog and then not properly adjusted when hitting Cancel. Nasty bug.
    * Bugfix: When a server configuration did not contain a login name and instead the name
      was typed on the commandline prompt, gGo got confused when opening own games as it
      did not find the proper colour to play without knowing about the login name.
    * Added exporting the board as image. Only available on Java 1.4 (menu disabled on
      1.3). The image format is defined by the filename extension the user is giving.
      JPG und PNG should work on most systems, others depends on the OS. The export
      process is slow and takes some time on large boards, so don't assume instantly gGo
    * Bugfix: The GnuGo scorer has to run in an own thread to prevent gGo locking up
      while GnuGo is running.
    * Bugfix: Fixed sorting the Komi row in the games table. Failed to sort a float before.

02-12-09 - Version 0.3.1
    * Bugfix: Kibitz/chatter did not appear in own teaching games.
    * Added a checkbox menuitem "Play Sound" to the view menu and the observed games
      toolbar, so one can now toggle sound on/off for individual boards.
    * Bugfix: If "stats [player-does-not-exist]" was typed, the next stats dialog
      did not open, instead it was printed to the terminal.
    * When the server toggles open/looking on/off (as in sending out match requests), the
      terminal toolbar buttons are adjusted.
    * Bugfix: When upper or lower rank in the player table was empty or invalid, the player
      list did not update anymore. Defaults to 9p-NR now if invalid or empty values given.
    * Added a sound and messagebox for "notify", when a player comes online.
    * Added Autologin (optional). If the IGS terminal window opens, the latest used
      account is automatically connected. This option can be configured in the host dialog.
    * When the comment splitpane is in horizontal mode, the kibitz-say-chatter selector
      changes to a Button with a combobox, to save some space.
    * When scoring a game (not for IGS games, only SGF editor) a right-click on a group
      marks the group as being alive in seki (I simply forgot to port this feature from
      my original C++ code. Shame on me!)
    * Completely rewrote IGS->Board thread synchronisation. This should fix up some random
      crashes when opening a board.
    * Bugfix: When rematching an opponent, the game opened with the time settings of the
      first match. However, this is only cosmetical as after the first move the clocks
      got fixed up.
    * When changing the account in the configure-host dialog and being online, a messagebox
      appears asking if you want to reconnect. People got confused because they had to do
      this manually. However, the client will not connect you automatically if you say No.
    * False eyes in score mode are now detected and not counted as territory anymore. However,
      this only applies when scoring in the SGF editor, not for IGS games, as IGS does score
      false eyes as territory, and then gGo would display a different score. (Thanks, Jarkko)
    * When closing an own IGS game, instead of being asked "Do you really want to close?" you
      are asked if you want to adjourn, as if the window was closed, you could only restore
      the game with "load" after a reconnection, which was a bit silly.
    * Bugfix: Ghost cursor was not redrawn properly when the cursor moved from a free spot
      to a stone back to the same free spot.
    * Bugfix: When setting handicap in an IGS game, the sidebar was not properly updated.
    * Bugfix: When creating a new game in the editor with handicap, the dialog komi value
      was ignored.
    * Added a "Dame" label to the scorer sidebar, displaying the number of dame points.
    * Implemented support for match disputes. Match dialogs now stay open until the request
      was either accepted or declined, to reuse the same dialog for disputes.
    * Added a menuitem and Ctrl-A shortcut for autoplay in the editor.
    * Added a confirm dialog for resign in GnuGo games.

02-11-27 - Version 0.3
    * Added tabbed mode patch for the IGS client windows, contributed by
      Juho Vähä-Herttua. Many thanks!
      Tabs can be enabled in the IGS section of the preferences dialog. However,
      you need to reopen the terminal window for the change, it won't change an
      already opened window (too messy). Default is the old multiple window style.
    * Added romanian translation (incomplete yet). Thanks to Cornel Burzo!
    * Added a menu "Windows" to the terminal, does the same like the toolbar
      buttons "Players", "Games", etc. for convinience. In tabbed mode, one might
      want to switch off the toolbar (which is now saved, was not before).
    * The popup on the stored games in the playerinfo dialog now
      has disabled load/resign menuitems if this is not our own dialog - loading
      and resigning other peoples games is a bit strange :)
    * In own teaching games, the say-command-chatter combobox is replaced with
    * Added patch sent by Jeff Brown <jeff@jarspy.org>;, replacing the GnuGo level
      textfield with a slider.
    * Bugfix: In an own game, show the cursor ghost if opponent made a move, but you
      did not move your mouse yet.
    * Changed clock font to Serif Bold 12, similar as in the recent qGo release.
    * Added a popup menu to clocks in own IGS games to access addtime functionality.
    * Added a submenu to the Edit menu in own IGS games to access addtime. This is the
      same as the popup, but from what I saw in CGoban2, most people just don't find
      the popup.
    * Bugfix: Clocks displayed time >= 1 hour as for example 70:00 instead of 01:10:00
      Same for the timestamps in observed games.
    * The "Increase time" message is now displayed in the kibitz textfield and the
      clock is instantly updated, not just after the next move as before.
    * Bugfix: Parsing results of own games had an occasional error, skipping the
      result message and not marking the board as finished.
    * Bugfix: If you disconnect and reconnect, you automatically rejoin a channel if
      you were in any. Previously the channel window was locked up. However, if a new
      account is used on login, you don't rejoin but the channel window resets.
    * Disabled the gGo-own file format for now. It is in the current state very useless.
      I might enable it again if I found a proper use for it (game collections?)
    * Changed the window position and size save format. Unfortunately this is not
      compatible with previous config files.

02-10-27 - Version 0.2
    * Implemented support for teaching games.
    * Added a new menuitem "Change komi" in own game windows. Also, when the
      opponent requests a komi change, a confirmation dialog is displayed.
    * Added a new menuitem "Change handicap".
    * Added handicap support for boardsizes 9x9 and 13x13.
    * Bugfix: Finished observed games were not removed from the observe hash.
    * Friends/Ignore list are now alphabetically sorted.
    * Bugfix: Jumping several moves with the slider occasionally displayed stones
      in the wrong color, if the stone on the board was exchanged within the
      jumped moves.
    * Bugfix: Save sgf exited with a NullPointerException if a stone got removed
      in move 0.
    * Implemented customizable textmarks. Shift-leftclick lets the user input a
      text for the mark.
    * Bugfix: When loading a game or initializing a new game, the edit tools did not
      reset to stone mark.
    * Added some extensive logging for IGS moves, hunting for the move-doesn't-occur
      bug. Found and fixed a possible reason for this. (Logging is disabled in the
      official release, only used in the previews.)
    * Implemented tables in the PlayerInfo dialog for Stored and SGF games. The user
      can right-click on a game line to get a popup menu for "look", "load" etc.
    * When opening a game with "look", the Date and disconnection notes are displayed
      in the board window.
    * In score mode of own games, display stone removing and typed-done message in
      the board window say textfield.
    * Double-clicking (left button) on observed IGS boards adds the coordinate to the
      kibitz inputfield (user request).
    * Bugfix: If both players have the same defs, automatch board did not open. Argh!
    * Bugfix: When reloading an own game, don't repaint all previous moves.
    * Improved reloading own games on own disconnection. Game window will be resued,
      and the "Adjourn" button toggles to "Load" (this only worked when the opponent
      disconnected before).
    * Bugfix: When resuming to observe a game after disconnect/reconnect, game title
      was not set properly.
    * Bugfix: Game title was not set properly in trailed games.
    * Added refresh, notify and message buttons to the playerinfo dialog.
    * Added two new dialogs to read and compose messages.
    * Added three menuitems to the IGS terminal window: Start teaching game, read messages and
      User stats. You can type all of those in the terminal as well, same result.
    * Bugfix: When loading an adjourned game without moves, the board was not opened.
    * Bugfix: When opening a new game while hen already observing, occasionally the new
      game was not initialized properly. However, this still can happen with "automatch",
      this is a problem in the IGS protocol. No problem with "match".
    * Replaced the Home icon.
    * Bugfix: In the playerinfo dialog the Shouts checkbox sent "toggle shouts". Must
      be "toggle shout".

02-11-10 - Version 0.1.5
    * Changed to Java 1.4.1 compiler.
    * Implemented Parser for Jago XML game files - read-only
    * Implemented Parser for UGF files - read-only
    * Added a gGo-own game format. This is basically a serialized game tree. It loads
      and saves very fast. It is currently pretty useless, but I have some furthers ideas
      for later improvements, like game collections.
    * Removed the ggo.sgf package and replaced with ggo.parser.
    * When scoring own IGS games, score, territory and captures are displayed in the sidebar.
      The counting does not recognize false eyes yet and scores them as a point. This has to
      be fixed.
    * Added quick-access to the player table: Double-click left on a player sends stats,
      double-click middle OR double-click left + shift sends match.
    * Playertable now sorts the names alphabetically, when the primary search is by rank.
    * Observed games open significantly faster now, not displaying all moves. However, the
      old behaviour can be turned on in the IGS tab of the preferences dialog.
    * In own games, after the first move a full board update is forced. Windows seems to
      have problems with that.
    * Bugfix: Loading adjourned games did not draw the stones. Updated forced now.
    * Replaced the Shouts and Quiet checkbox menuitems in the Control menu with a menuitem
      My Stats, which shows an extented playerinfo dialog including toggles and defaults.
    * When an own game has finished, send 'tell' instead 'say' when the player types in
      the say commandline.
    * Added a gGo-internal command: showgame <playername> - Displays current game of this
      player. Terminal commandline usage only. This is a workaround for some IGS bug not
      displaying games while scoring in "stats" and "user".
    * Bugfix: Autoupdater players and games database must be cleared after disconnect.
    * Added a '#' prompt to the IGS terminal.

02-09-22 - Version 0.1.4
    * Added french translation. Thanks to Elvire Scheibling.
    * Made modified Java-thin the Unix default look and feel.
    * Bugfix: Results and stored games were not shown in the playerinfo dialog anymore.
      Stored label was changed to be initially empty when the dialog opens.
    * Added friend/neutral/ignore control to playerinfo dialog.
    * Added trail button to playerinfo dialog.
    * When calling stats and a playerinfo dialog of a certain player is already open, reuse
      this dialog.
    * Client now beeps on being beeped
    * Bugfix: Autoupdater is not reinstantiated on a new connection. The data which adjourned
      games should be reloaded was lost in that process when reconnected.
    * After a disconnect/reconnect formerly observed games with still open board windows are
    * User gets notified with a messagebox when a disconnected opponent is online again.
    * "Adjourn" button changes to "Reload" when an own game was adjourned.
    * Bugfix: The last name from the friends/ignore list was not removed.
    * Bugfix: Block sending move coordinates when clicking on a board with a finished game.
    * Bugfix: When kibitzes are added while the user browses through earlier moves in an observed
      game, the kibitzes were not saved in the last move, but in the move the user currently was.
    * Added a timestamp feature to observed games. If enabled, it will print the move number and
      time into the kibitz field. Might be usefor for tournament games.
    * Added a "gGo on the Web" menuitem in the Help menu, opening the gGo webpage in an external
    * Changed the Match Dialog to a subclass of JFrame, so it gets an icon in the Windows taskbar.
    * Incoming match requests play a sound, this is controlled by the chat-sound toggle.
    * Added a dialog to import SGF files from the clipboard.
    * Bugfix: When more than one match requests are incoming, gGo messed up the time settings.
    * Bugfix: Some accounts have an IP adress instead of email, the stats parser failed on this.
    * Bugfix: When observing and starting a new game, distribute the old observed moves to the proper
      board. When playing, block starting a new observation (IGS will block that anyways).
    * Fixed missing and wrong translations in the preferences dialog.

02-09-15 - Version 0.1.3
    * Added spanish translation. Thanks to Jorge Canovas Zaragoza.
    * Implemented support for "trail" command.
    * Implemented support for automatic reloading of adjourned observed games. If possible,
      the existing board is reused. If it was already closed, a new board is opened. This only
      happens if a game was observed while the adjourn occured.
    * Implemented support for automatic reloading of own played games. If the board window of the
      before adjourned game is still open, the reloaded game will continue in this window.
    * Added the player popup to the White/Black name labels of IGS boards. Right click on the
      label opens the popup. This offers convinient access to stats or other info.
    * Changed the text for the friends/ignore dialog. "Bozo" was not understood by
      every non-native english speaker.
    * Bugfix: Refresh did not parse the game status properly in special cases.
    * Bugfix: When observing IGS game, occasionally moves were skipped. (Hopefully fixed, this
      one is tricky!)
    * When the player list is set available only, and a new game starts, the players are
      removed from the list.
    * Board draws and resizes faster (significant on my old PII box).
    * Don't play a stone sound when hitting Refresh in IGS games.
    * When the player info dialog is called, it opens instantly and updates the results of "stored"
      and "results" later. Closes feature request 609557.

02-09-05 - Version 0.1.2
    * Added new icons from tweet for the startup frame and the taskbar icons.
    * Added a menu item "Show updates" in the IGS terminal window, to display the autoupdate
      messages. Request by tweet, I guess noone else really needs this.
    * Resuming games with GnuGo is now possible.
    * Bugfix: List of stored games in the player dialog was occasionally not showing all games.
    * Player dialog sends "stored -xxx" and "results -xxx" now.
    * Bugfix: SGF files from IGS displayed a wrong number of captured stones in scoring
    * Added "Edit game" button to the sidebar of IGS/GTP games. Added "Sychronize" button to the
      sidebar of a mirror frame. A edit mirror board is reused if another one was already opened.
    * Added an option "Display info" in the IGS tab of the preferences dialog. If disabled, the
      info messageboxes for IGS observed games don't show up anymore. Occasionally they are annoying.
    * Bugfix: When the themepack file was not found, fall back to system default instead crashing.
    * "look" command now displays the captures.
    * Bugfix: Linefeeds in the IGS terminal window got munched.
    * Implemented a friends and bozos list. Bozo results in blocking tell and match requests.
      A filter to display friends only can be applied to the player table.
    * Bozos appear red in the player table, friends blue.
    * Added Type column to the games table.
    * Game/players table column widths are now fixed.

02-08-18 - Version 0.1.1
    * Implemented Internationalization support. German translation is available.
    * Bugfix: Undo in own games did not work properly.
    * Bugfix: On Java 1.3 sometimes the editor did not open from an observed game.
    * Bugfix: NullPointerException in score mode of own IGS games.
    * When entering score mode of own IGS games, territory marks are drawn. Instead of
      waiting until the first dead stone was removed.
    * Bugfix: Exit timer needs to be stopped when a new connection is established.
    * Those game setup tells from cgoban are now filtered out. Maybe implemented later, but
      for now the opening chat window is just annoying. Only displayed in the terminal.
    * Redirected stderr output to a file, default ~/.ggo.log. You can customize this with
      commandline parameters, run "ggo -help" for details. If gGo crashes for you, please
      mail me this file. Careful, if you restart gGo the old logfile is overwritten.
    * When typing "game 123" or so in the terminal, the game window is not opened. Annoying.

02-08-07 - Version 0.1
    * Renamed project to gGo and switched to beta.
    * Implemented a dialog for player info.
    * Fixed white-stone-overlap bug.
    * Replaced "ayt" with alternating "who" and "games" commands in the 10 minute timer, to keep
      the player and games database up to date.
    * Added a 5 pixel margin to the comment/kibitz textarea.
    * Implemented tiling for boards and match dialogs.
    * Implemented location save and restore for the IGS client frames.
    * Fixed a bug when in observed games suddenly a wrong variation appeared.
    * Added an option to display the sidebar on the right or left.
    * Bugfix: When requesting a board refresh, block the request if the game is neither played or observed.
    * IGS main window now shows the title depending on the login name.
    * Bugfix: In an incoming match, gGo adjusted white-black, but should not do that in this case.
    * Replaced old qGo application icons with a new gGo icon. Thanks to tweet for drawing them.
    * Bugfix: When typed in the terminal, automatch games sometimes did not open.
    * Added observe/match/automatch buttons to the chatter toolbar.
    * Disconnect button now sends "exit" and then waits for the connection to close, instead of a brute
      force connection termination.

* End of qGo for Java development. Switch to gGo. *

02-07-28 - Version 0.0.9
    * Implemented "look" command.
    * Implemented "automatch" command.
    * Implemented multiple account management, replaced the server configuration dialog.
    * Fixed focus problem with match dialog
    * Fixed removing marks, that partly overlapped with a neighbour stone by 1 pixel.
    * Fixed pass bug in observed games.
    * No stone click sound when passing, both sounds played for a pass.
    * Implemented new cgoban2 sound engine kindly made available by William Shubert.
    * Tooltips of previous/first move buttons were wrong. Fixed some menu tooltips.
    * Added a bypass of shouts/yells to a kibitz textfield by user request.
    * Added configuration for time warning sound: Time period when warning is display, and type of sound.
    * Added coordinate display label to sidebar.
    * Adjourn messages are no longer displayed twice with the toggle-quiet-off updates.
    * toggle-quiet-off game updates now add/remove game IDs in the player database.
    * Fixed autoupdate messages for loading adjourned games.
    * Added a focus-mainwindow button to the chatter and observing frame.
    * Fixed the sound settings in the chatter, added sound checkbox menuitem. Chatter toolbar toggle is
      now saved.
    * Changed the output for tells in the multi-frame chat system. "Setting your '.'" message is hidden.
    * Split off the player popup class and implemented it into the games table, too.
    * Added customizable settings for antislip delay.
    * Fixed clocks. The transition from absolute time to byoyomi time did not work properly. It's still
      messed when adjourned games are loaded.
    * Implemented autoaway message.
    * When the server connection was terminated, a messagebox is displayed.
    * Fixed menu-overlays-board bug on game observer window.
    * Added - prefix/suffix to stored/sgf/results command from the player popup.

02-07-18 - Version 0.0.8
    * Implemented parsing of the "toggle quiet off" autoupdate messages from IGS. The data is stored in an
      internal table and used whenever needed: match dialog now suggests white-black by ranks, shouts and
      chats show ranks.
    * Improved painting by using only Graphics2D methods and enabling antialias. Thanks to Bill for the hints.
    * Implemented JavaHelp to view the manual.
    * Added two more white stones by tweet, showing with the stones back side upwards.
    * Fixed yell: Typed in the terminal commandline it did not display in the channel frame.
    * When opening a board, the boardsize is limited to available screen resolution and a square
      board is forced.
    * Added "Command" to the Chatter/Kibitz comboboxes in IGS board frames.
    * Fixed a bug when the saved serif font size where not properly restored in the IGS windows.
    * After changing the font size, all IGS frames are updated. Added settings for sans serif and monospaced fonts.
    * Added show statusbar configuration option.
    * When editing a game, the temporary filename is not remembered anymore. People thought this was a bug.
    * Added a menuitem show toolbar in the IGS mainwindow.
    * Fixed a couple of resource loading problems for Webstart.
    * In observed or played games, the statusbar displays captures instead of navigation data.
    * When an undo is done in an observed game, and the current position is earlier in the game,
      then the undo will be done silently without forcing the game to the last move.
    * Added singleclick/doubleclick setting for own games.
    * Antislip only occurs in played games, not in the editor anymore.
    * IGS terminal window size gets adjusted according to font size for 80 characters.
    * Fixed a bug in thread control of the board window.
    * Changed the starter for the Windows installer.
    * Fixed IGS ranks after their changes. 12d were calculated as 2p.
    * Added an Observers button to observe and playing windows.

02-07-13 - Version 0.0.7
    * Added anti-slip system. The cursor has to be 600 ms on the current spot, else
      a warning is given and the move not done.
    * Fixed the overlay effect of text and number marks.
    * Added a sound for the timewarning.
    * Only the own clock gives a timewarning now.
    * Added Skin look and feel. qGo can now be skinned.
    * Added another chatter system for IGS. The old is still available, too.
    * Added a combobox to select kibitz or chatter in observed games.
    * Updated stone images.
    * Added a menuitem to check for the latest qGo version by reading a text file.
      from sourceforge server.
    * Added menuitem to save the current frame size.
    * Redesigned the preferences dialog.
    * Fixed entering and leaving channels if done as telnet command.
    * Fixed bugged "unobserve" command to close all frames.
    * When an undo is sent, an observed game skips to the last move.

02-07-05 - Version 0.0.6
    * Added an "Available" button in the players list, to show only players who are
      open for a game request.
    * When scoring own games, the territory gets marked.
    * Fixed undo in observed games.
    * Added a window for channels.
    * Added metounia look and feel. Very pretty looking.
    * Added a refresh menuitem for IGS games to synchronize the last move position.
    * Sorting the games and player tables by name now ignores capital letters.
    * Last sorting is remembered during a session, so not needed to resort tables again.
    * Redesigned the sidebar.
    * The clock color now blinks when below 30 seconds in the byo-yomi period.
    * Fixed look and feel setting in Java Web Start application.
    * Client id is sent with a small delay, IGS does not buffer commands.
    * Fixed a bug when "toggle quiet false" crashed the telnet stream.
    * Resign and timeout in own games were not caught properly.
    * Match window is non-modal now. Several matches cause confusion.
    * Added byoyomi column to the games table.
    * Added a sound for Pass.
    * Fixed the bug that two variation ghosts could be drawn on the same spot.

02-06-27 - Version 0.0.5
    * Added configuration for telnet encoding to have qGo support asian letters.
    * Implemented an interface for match requests.
    * At the end of a game territory is displayed on the board.
    * Fixed a bug when the third pass in a row was not displayed.
    * Replaced the board image. Thank you very much, tweet!
    * Implemented usage of client thinking time.
    * Added some messageboxes and a confirm dialog for adjourn and resign.
    * Typing "who" or "games" in the IGS telnet console opens the players and games table frame.
    * Added window for shout broadcasts. All shout input is forwarded there.
    * Recieved tells are no longer displayed in the telnet console.
    * Player and games tables display total number now.
    * When an own game has ended, the frame closes without confirmation.
    * Fixed display errors: After a game was loaded, occasionally random stones were on the board.
    * Observed handicap games now display the handicap properly.
    * IGS game titles are now transfered to the game data dialog and displayed in the window caption.
    * Client identifies itself to IGS using the "id" command.
    * Added a menuitem "Userinfo" in the playertable, showing a messagebox with the result from "user".
    * Fixed starpoints on strange board sizes like 10x10
    * Ported the existing C++ code to convert old long SGF format. qGo can now load the FMGT files.

02-06-21 - Version 0.0.4
    * Match and load was bugged, if your opponent accepted or loaded the game, your board
      did not open. It worked only the other way.
    * Implemented handicap setup for IGS games. Only on 19x19 now. Other size won't work
      for now. On TODO list.
    * Fixed undo in IGS games.
    * Added a startup window. TODO: Some pictures here.
    * I got new stone images. Thank you very much, tweet!
    * Fixed say, the comment field is not cleared after a move. Says are now saved in the
      move they were done.
    * Fixed a bug where invalid user data (login) crashed the games/players table sorting.
    * Closing the games table unselected the Chat button instead of the Games button. Duh.
    * Loading sgf games now runs in an own thread, using SwingWorker. When loading Kogo, it
      seemed qGo had crashed, but it did not, just the progressbar locked. This does not
      occur anymore. After the game is loaded, the board gets an explicit repaint call.
    * Added -noserver commandline option, adjusted -edit commandline option.
    * The IGS debug output does not show the password anymore.
    * "Cannot find recipient." in tells is now sent to the chat window.

02-06-16 - Version 0.0.3
    * Implemented the possibilty to play own games on IGS
    * Implemented clocks used for playing IGS/GTP games and observing IGS games
    * Bugfix: While observing a game not the complete kibitz buffer is redundantly saved as
      SGF comment in every move.
    * Added Swap variations feature
    * Added stats button in the IGS chat dialog
    * Removed the 3D Look and Feel. It's ugly and costs unnecassary bandwidth.
    * Fixed some menu icons and keyboard shortcuts
    * Implemented time settings in GTP setup dialog
    * Fixed a bug when old config files caused Saving to crash
    * Fixed a bug when old config files caused a crash when listing IGS players
    * Passing now removes the last move mark
    * Fixed letter and number mark obserlay over variation ghosts

02-06-03 - Version 0.0.2
    * qGo now runs with Java 1.3. But some features will be missing, like mousewheel navigation.
    * Implemented a working boardonly applet
    * Implemented a couple of parameters for the applet to control it via the
      <param> HTML tag
    * Implemented JavaScript interface to control the applet during runtime
    * Implemented font scaling and background overlay for letter and number marks
    * Added autoplay with customizable delay
    * Fixed scrollpane of IGS kibitz input textfield
    * Added draft of HTML manual using xml DocBook
    * GTP/GnuGo now supports handicap games
    * Added option to customize gnugo commandline parameters
    * Added option to disable the localhost server and set its port number
    * Invalid SGF charsets are now ignored, using default charset
    * Added access exception handling if the config file could not be read

02-05-21 - Version 0.0.1
    * Initial release
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