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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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valotgames-1.24 valotgames-1.24

---> Games by Daniel F. Valot


Shisen-Sho, Mah Jongg, SameGame, Lines for OS/2

The original software uses the ARDI-Installer for each program.
So you have to perform four seperate installations.

For convenience the installed files were repacked and the
icons were merged into one folder on the desktop.

No other changes were made.

This wpi-package is made for personal use only. It is not made
by Daniel F. Valot. If you get any trouble with this package you
are adviced to download the orignal files from the site above.

Version  1.24  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  13.96 MB     
Sprache  Mehrsprachig  Erstelldatum  12.05.2014 20:41:10 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  Freeware  Paketersteller  P. Reitz 
Autor  Daniel F. Valot  MD5 Prüfsumme  42693f7f201dc92c6b4e3896d6237039 
Webseite  Webseite external  SHA1 Prüfsumme  de020666b3ffdd8a6452c38f1e20faaf37f1c4a3 
Dateiname: valot....24.wpi
Dateigröße: 13.96 MB
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