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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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VirtualBox VirtualBox

Readme for VirtualBox for OS/2 and eComStation v 1.56_OSE

FIRST: Goto http://virtualbox.org and read all documentation, so you have a clue...

NEXT: Now that you think you have a clue, read the manual!  (Install it if you did not already do so - it's one of the
packages in the WarpIn archive.)

This is a first quick and dirty - and absolutely unofficial release of VirtualBox for OS/2 and eComStation.

Official versions will be available from Virtualbox.org

This version is a development snapshot - as in "todays" state.
This is NOT GA quality code - this is (pre-)beta code !!!

This software might hang your system, and trash your HD's !!!

Now, you have been warned !!

If you have any problems, please download the source, and fix the problem yourself - and send the fix to Virtualbox people :-)

Stuff needed to run Vbox:

libc063.dll -> ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/libc/libc-0_6_3-csd3.exe

Snap, Panorama or Gengradd (SNAP mode or Dive mode)

Version  1.5.6-b9  System  OS/2 
Dateigröße  14.96 MB     
Sprache  Mehrsprachig  Änderungsdatum  26.09.2015 23:51:09 
Versionsdatum  07.04.2008 02:00:00     
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  Open Source external  Paketersteller  Siehe Beschreibung 
    MD5 Prüfsumme  d3b089bfeb268fe317bda91d657fcd33 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  4bf9e2e40bd7cc1549965b3416895a1aa300d24b 
Dateiname: virtu...d_9.wpi
Dateigröße: 14.96 MB
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Known issues:

- Vbox/2 can't access physical devices (cdrom floppy HD comport), only images
Note: Tonigy can mount any CD and DVD as ISO image on the fly.
Get it for free from http://www.tonigy.com

- OS/2 MCP2 should be supported as guest OS, but is doesn't work
when using this host version.

- You can currently only run 1 Vbox/2 at a time.

- Shared clipboard is not implemented yet.

Whatsnew for Vbox/2 v1.56_OSE for eComStation and OS/2

This file shows what has been changed in the releases of Vbox/2.

Build 9 31. mar 2008
- Host interface networking added to GUI/Qt interface.
We now have full networking support in GUI !
Added support for piix4 in VboxBFE ( to be compatible with Qt )
( All of this thanx to Hermi ! )
- Vbox updated to current 1.56 version.

WPI version 0.1 01. apr 2008
- Installation can now be done using a WarpIn archive
Current limitation: no automatic installation of TAP network driver
- Included extras (selective install):
- TAP driver files
- User manual
- High quality icons to be used with VBoxBFE
- SDL and testcases for developers/testers

Build 8 14. feb 2008
- Fixed SMP issues. QT GUI should work more reliable now.

Build 7 10. feb 2008
- Included new Host InterFace (TAP) driver for OS/2 host.
This gives Vbox/2 full networking support. It currently only works
with VboxBFE.
- Fixed NAT networking. NAT networking is now working in all frontends.
- Included a conversion utility, which can convert VPC/2 images to Vbox/2
- Included new SDL driver, which supports VMAN (faster than Dive)
- Fixed Shared folders. Works in QT and SDL now.
- innotek opened a forum for OS/2 host version of Virtualbox:

Build 6 20. jan 2008
- fixed long DLL name for virtualboxsettings. Now the QT interface works,
without using Win32k.sys driver.
(However, shared folders doesn't seem to work)

Build 5 5. jan 2008
- Keyboard fixes for SDL and VboxBFE interface. Now all extended keys work.
- Included new SDL driver, which supports SNAP, Panorama and GenGradd.

Build 4 New Year 2007/2008
- GUI version now have included support for Shared folders.
(It currently requires win32k.sys driver to load the DLL's)

Build 3 28. oct 2008
- First version where GUI (QT) interface works (for some).
- Host Interface networking included in VboxBFE intreface. This means
we now have full networking support in Vbox/2. Unfortunately, the
needed TAP driver for OS/2 is not ready yet.

Build 2 summer 2008

- Some limited networking support added. Only NAT works.
(UDP packets work, but TCP packets does not work)

Build 1 early 2008

- First build of Vbox/2
- For now, no networking support and full GUI (QT) not available.


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