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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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OS/2 Essentials OS/2 Essentials

 The GA version of Adobe Acrobat Reader!
 Fixpack #1 for OS/2 Warp 4(in several languages)
 Fixpack 26 for OS/2 Warp 3
 Corel Office for JAVA BETA
 Ghostscript Postscript reader (with viewer)
 JAVA 1.02 update
 XFree86 OS/2 v3.3
 Several programs ported to XFree86 OS/2(including Civilization for XFree86!)
 Animated Pointers
 Dragtext 2.0
 Fontfolder 3.0A
 NPSWPS 1.82
 XFile 1.1
 Xit 2.4
 Injoy dialer 1.1
 MR/2 ICE Mailer 1.29
 PMMail 1.92
 NFTP FTP client
 Web Page Grabber
 FTPD Daemon
 HTML syntax highlighting for EPM
 HTML Editor
 HTML Studio
 David Barnes's Bitmap collectione find!

 Additional "cool" desktop bitmaps
 Mixer for Sound Blaster cards
 Bill Gates AVI ("OS/2 is the platform for the 90's")
 OS/2 Bootup Logo Creation Utility
 MPEG Audio Player for OS/2
 PMView 1.0
 QuickMotion 1.1 demo (Quicktime player)
 TrueSpectra demo
 Boot OS/2
 CaffeineMark 2.5 JAVA Benchmark
 Config.SYS info tool
 GammaTech Utilities 3.0 DEMO
 Graham Utilities 2.0 DEMO
 Startup Folder Utilities
 HPFS access from DOS
 LXLite (EXE compression)
 Memsize Utility
 Phoenix/2 Undelete utility
 RAR for OS/2
 Unzip 5.3 for OS/2
 WPTool 1.9 INI Maintainence
 YAOS v1.81 (Yet Another OS/2 Shell)
 ZIP 2.1 for OS/2
 Demos of Galactic Civilizations, Object Desktop, Trials of Battle
 Fixkits for all Stardock products
 And anything else cool we could find!

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