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Timetrac Timetrac

TIMETRAC is a 32-bit, multi-threaded OS/2 Presentation Manager (PM) application
written in C which allows you to track the time you spend on your many different
activities during the day. At the end of the day or the week, you now have very
accurate data to input into whatever time reporting system in your site.

Version  1.9  System  OS/2 
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Sprache  Englisch  Erstelldatum  18.05.2015 21:54:39 
Versionsdatum  19.04.1995 02:00:00     
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Lizenz  GNU/GPL external     
Autor  Ric Zapanta  MD5 Prüfsumme  5e400552c9222205b8d30d502ebc2846 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  2b64e9d17bee896e538493c9ecfa564142c6ccfb 
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TIMETRAC Version 1.97
PM Activity Time Tracker

CHANGE HISTORY: See also Future Enhancements below.

V1.97 23Jan95 Bug fixes:
Deleting last report and last activity causes TIMETRAC to
hang (problem with sort routine)
Don't allow to transfer > activity time, avoid negative times
Deletion of multiple reports in Reports List
Update title when deleting activity being tracked
Fix Change Data problem with WARP, retrieve new day
Total check box in Report List always checked
Save settings option

V1.96 31Aug94 New features:
Display parent in Alarm Message dialog window.
Do not close Report List unless Close is pressed.

V1.95 28Aug94 Bug fixes:
Hot key does not work for collapsed sub-activity.
New features:
Add hotkey number in main window for easy reference.
3D bottom status area.

V1.94a 1Aug94 Bug fixes:
Parent and sub-activity with the same code not
working properly.

V1.94 16May94 Bug fixes:
Continuing alarm problems
Ensure -0.00 is not displayed after transfer time
Do not change Alarm Interval setting when Set Alarm
Interval window value is changed
New features:
Print report (no formatting and only to LPT1)
Combo box controls only show valid activities

V1.93 05May94 Bug fixes:
Alarm goes off only once if Continue click in alarm
Trap when Settings window closed
New features:
Allow to Delete reports

V1.92 29Apr94 Bug fixes:
Fix for OS/2 2.0 (increase stack size in DEF file)
Problem with default alarm activity
Prevent times > 999.99, show error message
New features:
Option for original sub-activity window

V1.91 25Apr94 Bug fixes:
Fix problem when default startup activity is a
Alarm only shows once
Fix Change data problem for sub-activities
Edit activity, duplicate hotkey incorrectly checked
New features:
Double-click will now collapse an expanded activity
Option to show activities with 0 times in report
Option to automatically collapse parent activity
(used to be called Return to Main list)
Currently selected activity remains selected and
do not scroll to top when activity started

V1.9 16Apr94 New features:
Expand/Collapse (+/-) activity list
Add date in status line
Allow unique activity code/parent code combination
Improve report listing (place sub-activity indented
under the parent activity)
Sort report list in descending date order
Option for No focus change (keep focus on TIMETRAC)
Alarm time settable by activity
Customizable alarm expiry time

V1.83 16Feb94 Bug fixes:
Problem when deleting last sub-activity
Trap when alarm expires and track current activity
which is a sub-activity
New features:
Allow to create report for other date in Change data

V1.82 05Feb94 Bug fixes:
Problem with total in Change Data function
Add activity description to Transfer dialog
New features:
Option to track current activity when alarm expires
Option to return to main list when starting
Add 1 to count option in Transfer

V1.81 30Jan94 Bug fixes:
Problem when changing (editing) the activity code
which has sub-activities already defined
Trap when double-clicking on main window when empty
Include dummy TIMETRAC.LST for new users

V1.8 27Jan94 Bug fixes:
Problem with hidden codes and quick key
Saved reports pruned incorrectly at new year
New features:
Sub-activity support (one level only)
Restore minimized window when given focus
Add count in Transfer dialog
New option to add hidden activities to total time
Accelerator key (Ctrl-U) for User Exit menu option

V1.73 28Sep93 Bug fixes:
Minor bug fix during startup
New features:
Option to blank out all comments on new day
Restore window (if minimized) when activity started

V1.72 22Aug93 Bug fixes:
Description not shown in report for newly added
Change fonts, right mouse button selection incorrect
Change accelerator for Fonts... from Alt-F to Ctrl-F
Fix secondary sort, add back to Sort menu
Delete flag lost when going into Settings
Fix several problems when there are no activities
New features:
Select focus title when starting activity code

V1.71 17Aug93 Bug fixes:
Increase heap/stack size to fix problem with Fonts andn
Settings windows
Remove secondary sort (not working correctly yet)

V1.7 13Aug93 Bug fixes:
Problem with Use Hidden when last item is set as hidden
Window position closing TIMETRAC when minimized
New features:
Add activity desciption to bottom status line and
Transfer dialog box
Support for comments (TIMETRAC.CM), see Note
New Confirmation setting "Reset for new day"
Sort by % and count, secondary sort support
Quick key (Ctrl-#) to start tracking activity
Use spin buttons for setting times
Invoke user-defined program when activity started
Allow user to customize fonts
Larger Report dialog window
NOTES: 1) Run MIGRCOM first before using this version.
2) You may need to change your font if TIMETRAC
incorrectly sets it to a proportional font. Go
to Options, Fonts...

V1.62 06Jul93 Compile using IBM OS/2 Toolkit V2.1
Strip blanks from window title
Don't show refresh message for same day

V1.61 25Jun93 Bug fixes:
Save data at midnight - exit TIMETRAC before first
New features:
Change data window enhancements:
- Save pushbutton in Change data window
- Reset to 0 when no report retrieved
Grey out Stop menu item when not available
Dynamic Add - Add window displayed when double-clicking
empty space in list or status line

V1.6 10Jun93 New features:
Sort report list
Default startup activity as a option setting
Change accelerator keys (use Ctrl for consistency)
Transfer correct time without refreshing
Allow to edit existing report data
Special window option setting (no title bar, menu
bar and heading)
Improve Create data (now called Change data) window
to be more usable, do not need to double click on

V1.53 18May93 Bug fixes:
Reset time and count when report save automatically
for a new day (if Reset at Startup)
Fix keyboard support for Alarm Message dialog
New features:
New option to create data for another day

V1.52 11May93 Bug fixes:
Count not reset to 0 for initial reset option
New features:
Option to lock up WPS (DeskTop) when starting an
activity code (option found in Add and Edit)

V1.51 10May93 Bug fixes:
Fix multi-threaded exit which causes activities
codes to be lost when closing TIMETRAC
Fix keyboard focus problem when Enter pressed
from the Task List
Change Save report to Save data to avoid confusion

V1.5 06May93 Bug fixes:
Fix when closing TIMETRAC when minimize, next
time TIMETRAC starts, will be minimized
Add Exclude and Add Hidden to report causes
incorrect total to be placed in report
Use MLE instead of listbox in report
Deleted activities shown in settings list and
are incorrectly added to report
New features:
Save report to file
Show description in report (optional setting)
Counter for number of times activity code started,
also added to report
Default sort support, No Sort menu option
Transfer time from one activity to another
/P= (location of profile) and /D= (location of
data file) parameter options
Option (setting) to minimize TIMETRAC when an activity
code is started
NOTE: Please run MIGRREP to migrate your TIMETRAC report
file (TIMETRAC.TT) from V1.4 to V1.5. Backup all your
TIMETRAC files before running this version since there
are significant changes to this version.
** PMWARS users, please see TIMETRAC AVAIL.

V1.41 22Apr93 Bug fixes:
Make Continue the default pushbutton in Alarm Reminder
Display activity in title bar when /S option used
New features:
Support PgUp and PgDown in report window (use a listbox)
Option to not save to file during auto refreshes

V1.4 21Apr93 New features:
Report dialog boxes now modeless
Use notebook control for all settings, also modeless
New alarm options:
- default application to track
- allow user to change default alarm interval
- option to edit code when alarm expires
New report options:
- option to total several selected reports
- option to include or remove excluded/hidden
codes from report
Save reports automatically with new day
Start TIMETRAC using /S= option to start tracking
an activity code automatically upon startup
Put focus back on original window after user
double clicks to start tracking activity
Fix remembering window size/position when TIMETRAC
is closed when minimized
NOTE: Please run TMIGRINI to migrate your TIMETRAC profile
(TIMETRAC.INI) from V1.3 to V1.4. Backup all your
TIMETRAC files before running this version since there
are significant changes.

V1.3 30Mar93 New features:
Restore TIMETRAC if minimized when user answers Yes
to alarm reminder message (to stop tracking current
Save report during the day without shutting down
TIMETRAC, see File pull-down option
New time formats: HH:MM:SS and HH.MM.SS in Settings

V1.22 26Mar93 Bug fix for V1.2 when total time is 0 causes a divide by
0 when calculating %s.

V1.21 25Mar93 Bug fixes:
Fix error when adding an activity code (possible timing
problem when sharing the file resource)
Fix keyboard Enter when no item selected
Make keyboard support for dialog windows more consistent
New features:
Return focus to original window when user answers No
to Alarm reminder
Place check mark on last sort selected
Add Total and units text to report to make clearer,
don't show activity codes with 0

V1.2 24Mar93 Many new features:
Add % to activity list
Show hide character (#) and exclude+hide char
(%) in activity list
Keyboard support (like Window List), press Enter to
start tracking selected activity code
Right mouse click automatically selects code if
on valid position
Change accelerator keys to be unique
Add % to report, make it only single column, add
total time and units used. Required migration
of control files (MIGRREP.EXE)
NOTE: Please run MIGRREP to migrate your TIMETRAC data
files before running V1.2 You can then erase the
MIGRREP.EXE as it is not needed to run TIMETRAC.

V1.1 21Mar93 Many new features:
Display activity code being tracked in title bar
Sort facility (ascending/descending sort by activity
code, activity description and time)
Hide/Show option (similar to Ex/Include)
Alarm. User customizable remind facility.
User exit. User customizable exit to allow access to
to another program directly from TIMETRAC.
NOTE: Please check to ensure your Settings are still
correct from V1.0.

V1.0 13Mar93 First release to OS2TOOLS.


- Known bugs
o When pop-up menu displayed, TIMETRAC hangs when minimize or
maximized buttons pressed
o Focus not correct when TIMETRAC minimized
o Pressing Alt-F4 in Settings window closes TIMETRAC
- Track window with focus separately
- Overtime (OT) support
- Option to round up to nearest hour/minute in report
- Need to improve the Report dialog window, MLE scrolling not
working, maybe also use a scrollable window
- Alarm
o If there's no response within some specified timeout, the alarm
reminder dialog box should disappear and reappear again when
any user activity (ie. keyboard or mouse action) resumes
- Print (or save to a file) contents of main TIMETRAC window
- Sort
o Allow user to sequence activity list
- Record activity start times so it can be displayed in report
- Hook into PMDIARY?
- Use container instead of list box, make more object-oriented
- Remove maximum limit of number of activity codes (100)

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