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OpenJDK 6 OpenJDK 6

Java for eCS an eComstation

Java is a very popular sophisticated programming environment. Applications written in the Java language are run inside a virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine, JVM) which provides a nearly identical behavior on all platforms that have a JVM implementation available. This "write once, run anywhere" approach means that developers can support a multitude of platforms while only having to maintain one code base. For users, availability of a current Java for OS/2 and eComStation means access to a huge number of existing applications.

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Modul Download Description
kLIBC 0.6.5 Runtime Library

Name Version
libc-0_6_5-csd5 0.6.5 Download

Dowload kLIBC Runtime rom Netlabs 

kLIBC runtime libraries needed for all Odin installations (required).
GCC 4 Runtime Libraries

Download gcc Runtime from Netlabs 

GCC 4 runtime libraries are needed for all Odin installations.
Odin Runtime Libraries

Downlod Odin32 Runtime from Netlabs 

Odin32 runtime libraries version 0.8.9 is needed for all OpenJDK packages.
xsystray widget

Download xsystray from Netlabs

Extended system tray widget for XCenter/eCenter version 0.1.1 is needed to support system tray functionality in Java applications.

If you use the ​YUM/RPM package manager, you may install all the prerequisities (except xsystray) using the following command:

yum install libc libgcc446 libodin
Version  1.6b27 GA5  System  ab OS/2 4.0 
Dateigröße  26.37 MB     
    Erstelldatum  22.05.2015 00:06:29 
Versionsdatum  17.02.2013 01:00:00  Wartung  Offen 
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
Lizenz  GNU/GPL external  Paketersteller  Siehe Beschreibung 
    MD5 Prüfsumme  6f0fa58f1b99129e8b75bcb9b33f6fb0 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  d89d45c6257e1bbe5bc2a2a961725afef3ec85fa 
Dateiname: openj...ga5.wpi
Dateigröße: 26.37 MB
Download Download melden


1.6.0 Build 27 GA5 (2013-02-17)

- Make sure RICHED32.DLL is used for java.awt.TextArea. This makes this class
actually work. Affects many AWT applications.

- Fix missing menu bars in AWT applications.

- Fix broken file open dialogs in AWT applications that couldn't be dismissed
and would not let navigate through directories.

- Implement saving JPEG images through com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGImageEncoder.
This fixes some old Java applications using this deprecated class.

1.6.0 Build 27 GA4 (2012-12-31)

- Updated OpenJDK sources to b27 (released October 26, 2012). The list of
changes in b26 and b27 is available here:
and a number of other fixes. The full list of changes is located here:


- Use stdout instead of stderr for printing usage info from java[w] launchers.

1.6.0 Build 25 GA3 (2012-07-21)

- Updated OpenJDK sources to b25 (release May, 07, 2012). The main changes in
b25 are the latest round of security updates (in jdk and corba repositories)
and a number of other fixes. The full list of changes is located here:


- Fix a hang in the TCP/IP Configuration application when saving the changes.

- Fix warnings about stack guard pages that could eventually lead crash the
Java application.

- Add related changes to make the IcedTea-Web (Java) browser plugin work.

- Fix a possible secondary crash when generating the Java crash report.

- Change the version numbering scheme to 1.6.0_BB-bNN-name where BB is the
upstream Build number, NN is the OS/2 sequential build number and name is
a symbolic name of the release. This release's version is 1.6.0_25-b01-GA3.

- Make sure the BEGINLIBPATH setting is not necessary for JAVA.EXE and
JAVAW.EXE binaries (and for creating a JVM by loading JVM.DLL directly).
It is only necessary for JAVAC.EXE and other SDK tools.

1.6.0 Build 24 GA2 (2012-03-19)

- Updated OpenJDK sources to b24 (release November 2011). The main changes in
b24 are the latest round of security updates (e.g. the security changes in
jdk repo) and a few other fixes. For more information see the detailed list
of all the changes in OpenJDK 6 B24 here:


- Make the JNI interface calling convention compatible with IBM Java. This
allows old OS/2 JNI DLLs to be loaded by OpenJDK and makes standard
programs like LVMGUI and TCP/IP Configuration work properly under it.

- Fix hangs at crashes when the Java process is killed by Ctrl-C or by a kill

- Fix crashes following the "Attempt to protect stack guard pages failed"
warning message (Odin bug).

- Fix spontaneous NoClassDefFoundError exceptions thrown by some applicatinos
at startup (Odin/b22 bug).

1.6.0 Build 22 GA (2011-06-27)

- Fixed crashing of Java applications on SMP systems.

- Don't allow to use two different JVM types at a time (as it is not possible
due to OS/2 LX DLL format limitations) and give an error message instead.

- A number of minor fixes in JVM and Odin libraries.

1.6.0 Build 22 WSE (2011-05-12)

- Fixed: Opening the print dialog would crash the Java application.

- Fixed: Printed text was flipped along the base line on output.

- Fixed: The dtdbuilder tool would write the binary DTD to stdout causing
" " to " " expansion on OS/2 and thus breaking the resulting file which
in turn would completely break support of HTML text in Swing components
[vendor bug, regresion Build 22 (RC2)].

1.6.0 Build 22 RC2 (2011-03-28)

- Updated OpenJDK sources to b22 (release February 2011). The main changes in
b22 are the latest round of security updates; in addition, there are a few
copyright and licensing fixes. A detailed list of all the changes in b22 is
available here:


- Fixed and improved system tray support. Requires the Extended system tray
widget for XCenter/eCenter (see README.OS2 for a download link).

- Fixed: Sound did not work in LIBPATHSTRICT=T mode (Odin bug).

- Fixed: SIGABRT that would unexcpectedly terminate some Java applications,
e.g. IzPack based installers (GCC compiler bug).

- Fixed: Crash during Drag'n'Drop operations in some Java applications, e.g.
JAlbum (Odin bug).

- Fixed DLL loading code in the JVM that would print a useless message when
one of the required DLLs is not found.

- A bunch of smaller fixes in Odin libraries that should improve OpenJDK

1.6.0 Build 19 RC (2011-02-21)

- Ported and enabled the JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture) component
which provides a framework for debugging Java applications.

- Added sound (audio and MIDI) support to Java applications using DART.

- Added a free implementation of the com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package (taken
from the IcedTea project) used by some old Java applications like Jeti/2.

- Renamed all Java DLLs by adding a 'j' prefix to the names to avoid possible
conflicts with system DLLs.

- Fixed: Accessing the network from Java applications would crash on some
machines (Odin bug).

- Fixed: Spontaneous 100% CPU load in many Java applications (e.g. GenealogyJ
Jeti/2) when throwing NullPointerException as a result of accessing null
objects of some application classes (Odin bug).

- Fixed: java.util.prefs.Preferences: Use the Open32 registry on OS/2 instead
of throwing an exception.

- Fixed: JVM used PATH instead of LIBPATH to comprise java.library.path
resulting in inability to find JNI DLLs in some applications.

- Fixed: Crash in java.io.WinNTFileSystem.getSpace() (Odin bug).

- Fixed: Exception java.awt.image.ImagingOpException in many applications due
to wrong exports from in jmlibimg.dll.

1.6.0 Build 19 Beta 2 (2011-01-12)

- Added a predefined font configuration file to use the Liberation font family
as Java system fonts (see README.OS2 for details).

- Added the jawt.lib library to the SDK package.

- Added some missing GUI and audio classes to rt.jar.

- Fixed: Java could not find a .jar file in the current directory when
starting it with 'java -jar filename.jar'.

- Fixed: Non-ASCII characters in the title bar of any Java window would be
drawn using wrong glyphs.

- Fixed: Java could incorrectly detect the default object heap size on some
systems for some specific VIRTUALADDRESS values and abort at startup with a
"Could not reserve enough space for object heap" error message.

- Fixed: java.io.File.mkdirs() wouild always fail which would in particular
abort the installation process of some applications such as jEdit, iTrain
(this bug was actually fixed in Odin).

- Fixed: An attempt to use Drag & Drop in any Java application would cause
a Java exception and program termination.

1.6.0 Build 19 Beta (2010-12-30)

- Added support for AWT and Swing classes which brings GUI capabilities.

- Lots of small fixes.

1.6.0 Build 19 Alpha (2010-10-01)

- First public release.

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