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InnoTek Font Engine InnoTek Font Engine

The InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 (powered by Freetype 2) is a port of the Freetype 2 font engine to the OS/2 Warp platform providing a tight integration with the OS/2 graphics subsystem. It is designed to be able to replace the OS/2 font rendering subsystem for selected (certified) applications.

The benefits of the Freetype library compared to the default OS/2 font engine can be summarized as follows:

  • - greatly improved font rendering quality for both TrueType and Adobe Type 1 outline fonts
  • - 8-bit (256 color) anti-aliasing for smoother font display
  • - optional subpixel rendering for LCD screens
  • - better support for displaying Unicode font data
  • - more accurate character spacing
  • - flexible configuration options such as configurable anti-aliasing, hinting and font mapping
  • - enhanced APIs going beyond the capabilities of the OS/2 graphics subsystem (such as glyph outline query support)

The font rendering quality improvements achieved by using InnoTek's font engine with Mozilla are so remarkable that every user will immediately enjoy the benefits of using the product.

 Due to the more sophisticated font engine and the high quality 8-bit anti-aliasing combined with InnoTek's full alpha-blending blitting engine, the font rendering performance of InnoTek's font engine will not match the performance of OS/2's built in monochrome engine. However, InnoTek has performed a great deal of performance optimizations and in real life scenarios, the performance difference should be very minor.

Version  2.60-beta1  System  ab OS/2 4.0 
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2. Requirements: NOTE: This build of the InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 has been built with InnoTek GCC for OS/2. It requires the InnoTek LIBCruntime 0.6 beta 4

2005-02-01: Release 2.60 Beta 1 Build 50

- migrated to InnoTek GCC 3.3

- updated to Freetype 2.1.9 level

- added 'light' rendering mode

- fixed several small memory leaks

- numerous other fixes

2004-07-08: Release 2.50 Build 45

- allow use of system registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) instead
of user registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) for WorkSpace on-Demand

- added supported for OS/2 bitmap fonts without MZ header

- font mapping fixes

- printing fixes

- fixed several small memory leaks

- numerous other fixes

2004-04-01: Release 2.40 Build 40

- added support OS/2 builtin bitmap fonts (dspres.dll)

- fonts with long face names were not recognized

- resolved sizing issues with Tms Rmn and Helv

- fixed character displacements with hinting turned off

- improved support for DBCS fonts

- fixed system deadlock situation

- fixed heap corruption problems

- improvements required by OpenOffice.org 1.1.1

- numerous other fixes

- removed timebomb

2004-02-09: Release 2.30 Preview 5 Build 38

- fix crash on font loading

- several other bugfixes

2004-02-02: Release 2.30 Preview 4 Build 35

- changed expiration date to March 31st 2004

- several bugfixes

2004-01-23: Release 2.10 Preview 3 Build 32

- fixed rending of the equal sign with TrueType fonts

- implemented exception logging for debugging purposes

- added italic simulation for typefaces without italics
(note: there is no bold simluation support yet)

- several performance improvements

- many other improvements and bugfixes

2003-12-23: Release 2.10 Preview 2 Build 29

- fixed crashes with several malformatted font files

- added support for OS/2 bitmap fonts in NE format

- fixed memory leak leading to eventual PM corruption

- fixed face size mismatches in bitmap font replacement

- fixed font size threshold handling

- fixed face type recognition

- added startup logging for problem determination

2003-12-16: Release 2.10 Preview 1 Build 27

- major architectural enhancements to support other
applications in addition to Mozilla

- added hooking, application patches are no longer

- added support for OS/2 bitmap fonts

- in some cases, italic font styles would be displayed
as regular

- numerous bug fixes and improvements

- NOTE: this is a preview version and it will not
function after February 1st 2004!

2003-07-28: Release 1

- do not overwrite backup copies of Mozilla binaries
if a previous version has been installed

- fixed distortion and crashes caused by heap corruption
in the Freetype 2 caching subsystem

- fixed problems when using Mozilla in turbo mode

- fixed several crashes

2003-06-10: Technology Preview 2

- added support for Mozilla Firebird

- added support for LCD subpixel rendering

- fixed installation errors on LXLITE or LXOPT
compressed Mozilla DLL files

- fixed installation errors with target path names
containing spaces

- fixed font recognition with very long face names

- fixed random crashes due to heap corruption

- resolved memory leaks

- added workaround for buggy Matrox drivers (letters
would not appear)

- added more configuration options

- turned on hinting by default

2003-05-23: Technology Preview 1

- initial distribution

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