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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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AiR-Boot, a highly customizable boot-manager 100% in MBR: does not need any real space on harddisc!

  • colored Boot-Menu;
  • completly integrated, Award-styled, menu-driven SETUP, including real help to every option;
  • very easy Installation/Repair via disc or CD-ROM;
  • localized versions;
  • configurable Password protection;
  • intelligent partition handling: will not reset or act abnormal if partitions are moved, changed, etc.;
  • hiding partitions support;
  • floppy-boot;
  • finds (Stealth-)MBR and Bootrecord-Virii (and is able to remove most of them);
  • OS/2 LVM-aware;
  • OS/2/eCS logical booting;
  • SETABOOT for OS/2/eCS included (including support for XWorkplace);
  • includes Linux Boot-Commandline and automagically, but configurable root-partition.

Since 1.07 version, AiR-Boot is the official eComStation bootmanager, instead of the old IBM Bootmanager, and it is included into eComStation 2.1 operating system. 

Version  1.1.4  System  Siehe Notiz 
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    MD5 Prüfsumme  2c29e990efaa09864eb4cf926991b557 
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Dateiname: airbo...bin.zip
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This is the version as included on the ArcaOS v5.0.2 release media. Changes with regard to v1.1.2-RELEASE: * - Updated the manual to reflect v1.1.4 * - Initial awareness of GPT partitioned disks * - Initial awareness of LUKS formatted disks * - Removed Cooper Bars to create space for future enhancements * - Minor fixes
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