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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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Desktop On-Call Desktop On-Call

What is Desktop On-Call?

Desktop On-Call allows you to control your desktop PC remotely from any PC at
any location in the world. With Desktop On-Call Version 3, you get a single license,
and you just have to do a single installation on your PC. One installation means only
one PC needs to be controlled. In addition, you can control your PC from any Web
browser, no matter where you are. Talk about flexibility!

You need nothing but a Web browser to control your PC remotely. If you can
borrow somebody's Web browser while you on a trip, you can control your desktop
PC remotely, accessing files and other important applications. If you have a problem
with an application program on your desktop PC, you can fix it from a remote PC.
Desktop On-Call is also useful in a small office/home office environment.

Version  5.0  System  ab OS/2 3.0 
Dateigröße  4.15 MB     
Sprache  Englisch  Erstelldatum  01.08.2015 20:43:20 
Versionsdatum  07.11.2001 01:00:00  Wartung  Eingestellt 
Installertyp  Sonstiges Setup  Pakettyp  EXE 
Lizenz  Kommerzielle Lizenz     
    MD5 Prüfsumme  5f748ce4f39e3b7ce759149b8704f5ba 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  89edd23ad8be31cee55fee94a2f1c9d87dea933f 
Dateiname: dtocv5e2.EXE
Dateigröße: 4.15 MB
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The client uses the npapi browerser plugin. NPAPI plugins don't work on Chrome version 42 and higher

New Features

PDA support

Desktop On-Call Version 5.0 supports the following PDA ( Personal Digital Assistant) device as the
guest device:

Pocket PC

A PDA which uses Microsoft Windows CE 3.0, which called Pocket PC, can control Desktop
On-Call Host PC.

A PDA which uses Palm OS 3.5 or higher version can control Desktop On-Call Host PC.
Sharp Zaurus

Install "PersonalJava" to the Zaurus MI-E1. Desktop On-Call Zaurus clinet can control
Desktop On-Call Host PC.

Desktop On-Call previous version has a limitation on PDA. Becuase it is too small memory size to
run Desktop On-Call on PDAs. Desktop On-Call Version 5.0 supports Low Resource mode. This
mode support small devices. Desktop On-Call Verson 5 hosts PC can detect the guest as a small
device. At this case, Desktop On-Call only sends the viewing area on the small device, not full
screen area.

Camera support

Desktop On-Call V5 support surveilance feature. Desktop On-Call V5 has new module called
"Capture Engine". Capture engine gets the camera image from Direct X and save the appropriate
image format. User can view the saved image from a Web borwser and cellular phone.

Viewing camera images from Cellular phone

Desktop On-Call Version 5.0 support 3 types of cellular phone to view the camera and host PC

NTT DoCoMo i-mode cellular phone
au EZWeb cellular phone
J-PHONE J-Sky cellular phone

Security enhancement

Desktop On-Call supports 128bit SSL encryption while connection.

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