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Software für OS/2 und eCS
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tonigy tonigy

Main features:

  • IFS for OS/2
  • represents audio tracks as WAV or RAW files
  • represents video tracks as MPG files
  • represents data tracks as ISO files
  • allows to access CD-I files
  • allows to access boot image of an ISO track
  • easy control and setup by PM GUI panel
  • English/German/Russian interface
  • supports extended attributes (reading/writing)
  • supports adaptive Anti-Jittering for reading audio sectors
  • "Highest Priority" option for slow CD-ROM drives and PCs
  • logging warning and error messages
  • supports control through named pipe
Version  1.7  System  OS/2 
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    Erstelldatum  12.05.2014 20:41:10 
Versionsdatum  19.09.2002 02:00:00     
Installertyp  WarpIN  Pakettyp  WPI 
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    MD5 Prüfsumme  ab7afe767fc07dabad083ef9fead1b5d 
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Dateiname: tonigy17.wpi
Dateigröße: 120.34 KB
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History of Tonigy Version 1.7 (2001 Sep 19)

NEW: Abitily to eject CD (see the pop-up menu)

CHG: Appended drive letters to pop-up menu's items (Attach, Detach) Version 1.6 (2001 Mar 27)

NEW: The TRACKS.WAV directory with audio tracks

CHG: Directories will not be shown if they are empty

NEW: Russian interface and messages Version 1.5 (2001 Nov 27)

NEW: The WarpIN package is available

NEW: The URL object was added into the Tonigy Folder

FIX: Wrong return code from FS_FILEATTRIBUTE

FIX: Sometimes wrong info about jitter presence in CDINFO.TXT

FIX: Wrong size of boot image if emulated media is not floppy disk

FIX: INSTALL.CMD add invalid IFS= statement if full path contains space(s) Version 1.4 (2001 Aug 27)

NEW: The BOOT.IMG directory with the boot image of the first ISO track

CHG: The method of track type determination was improved

FIX: Wrong size of ISO images

FIX: Possible lockup of system due to wrong determination of track type Version 1.3 (2001 Jun 25)

NEW: Mapping data/iso tracks into ISO files

NEW: The FILES.CDI directory with files of a CD-I disk

CHG: The interface of the main window was changed

CHG: The Setup Drive and General Options windows was merged

CHG: Minor changes Version 1.2 (2001 May 1)

NEW: Mapping video tracks into MPG files

CHG: Advanced information about tracks

CHG: Minor changes Version 1.1 (2001 Mar 3)

NEW: Information about sectors blocks is added to CDINFO.TXT

NEW: The BLOCKS.RAW directory

NEW: The pop-up menu in the main window

NEW: The "General Option" dialog

NEW: The "Highest Priority" option

NEW: German interface and documentation

NEW: The ability to select the first letter of CD-ROM drives

NEW: Logging warning and error messages into a virtual file on a Tonigy disk

NEW: Online help (English and German)

NEW: The named pipe to control Tonigy

CHG: The background color of the main window was changed to pale gray

CHG: The new method of Jitter detection

CHG: The README file was renamed to README.TXT

CHG: The RAW directory was renamed to TRACKS.RAW

CHG: The Tonigy web site URL and the support E-Mail was changed

CHG: Minor changes Version 1.0 (2001 Feb 16)

INF: First release

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