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*** WARNING: This software is provived without any warranties. ***
*** It has not been proven to be free of defects. ***
*** Any use is at the user's own risk! ***


Version  10.197  System  ab OS/2 4.0 
Dateigröße  36.99 KB     
    Erstelldatum  11.05.2014 10:47:40 
Versionsdatum  14.03.2014 00:00:00     
Installertyp  Manuell  Pakettyp  ZIP 
Autor  Lars Erdmann  MD5 Prüfsumme  f85a1f27a6092beb23caf2afbe82cb38 
    SHA1 Prüfsumme  951f2578d347e93ad30f82bcf0f1d2399b8f04be 
Dateiname: usbhid197.zip
Dateigröße: 36.99 KB
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Version History
10.197: USBHID.SYS:
properly serialize all client drivers (USBKBD.SYS, USBMOUSE.SYS) in order to prevent
problems with multi-function USB devices (USB devices that serve both: mouse and keyboard)
added "/S" switch to display keyboard and mouse product name info under OS/2 Hardware-Manager (preferrably use tree view)
USBKBD.SYS: see above
USBMOUSE.SYS: see above

Parameters supported by these drivers:
USBHID.SYS,USBKBD.SYS,USBMOUSE.SYS: /V: give some information on bootup (also supported by 10.162 drivers)
USBHID.SYS: /S: will display product name strings for mice and keyboards in OS/2 Hardware-Manager

Additional note: "Hardware-Manager" is located under "System Configuration". It displays info about devices. It's preferrable
to use it in tree view so that you can see what devices belong to what Hardware adapters / drivers
/S has caused problems on some systems. If your mouse/keyboard operation has problems with this switch,
just do not use it.
If you experience problems with either mouse or keyboard, try to revert the load order of USBMOUSE.SYS
and USBKBD.SYS in config.sys and see if that makes a difference
DO NOT mix versions of these 3 drivers !!! You have to replace these 3 drivers as a SET in order for them
to operate correctly !!!

Make sure you back up your existing drivers ! These drivers come without any warranty whatsoever. If they don't work
for you, revert back to your backed up drivers.

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