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41Embellish2.021997-11-10Embos image viewer and editor for OS/2.
42emx0.9.440000-00-00The OS/2-runtimes for EMX 0.9d. Needed for many programs on Hobbes
43Entertainment Pack for OS/20000-00-00Entertainment Pack for OS/2 is a collection of 27 small games from a variety of genres.
44epdf-pscriptde30.8000000-00-00OS/2 - Druckertreiber für ePDF
45Extended system tray widget for XCenter/eCenter0.0.12011-03-28
46fat3209.132008-12-09FAT32 file system for both eComstation and OS/2 in WarpIn installation format.
48FileStar/23.05.002011-07-08FileStar/2 is a powerful OS/2 file management utility that users should find very helpful in the maintenance of all types of files.
56FM/23.22.02015-10-12FM/2 ist ein Freeware-Dateimanager für OS/2
57FM/2 Utils1.1.12007-05-12FM/2 Utilities, a utility collection for use with File Manager/2
58FontFolder3.0a1997-02-23FontFolder is a native OS/2 Font Manager that allows you to easily use large collections of Type 1 and TrueType fonts in OS/2
59Free Sodoku0.9.122006-02-13
60FreeCol0.10.72013-01-07FreeCol is a turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization, and similar to Civilization. The objective of the game is to create an independent nation.
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