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1 EmperoarTV DVB2.072013-08-25EmperoarTV DVB bringt digitales Fernsehen auf die OS/2 und eComStation Platform
2 WSIEVER - Webpage update checker 2.42007-11-30WSIEVER - Webpage update checker ver 2.4 for OS/2
32GB Fix - DOS/WIN-OS21.01998-11-172GBFIX is a workaround for a problem that occurs in DOS and WIN-OS/2 sessions under OS/2 (and possibly other OSes that provide virtual DOS sessions) when you have disks or partitions that exceed 2 GB (2048 MB) in size.
4ACPI Package3.23.092018-05-13Arca Noae - ACPI Package for OS/2 and eCS
5Acrobat Reader 5 (InnoTek)5.1 Preview2004-03-02The InnoTek OS/2 Platform Enablement Kit for Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 ("OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader") is a software package designed to address the needs of enterprises still running the IBM OS/2 platform while requiring access to the latest PDF electronic document technology from Adobe Systems.
6Adobe Postscript Driver3.121997-12-10Adobe Postscript Driver für Win-OS/2
7aefs0.2.12001-09-23AEFS - ein verschlüsselndes Dateisystem für OS/2 und eComStation
8AiR-BOOT1.1.42017-11-09AiR-Boot is a x86 boot-loader that resides completely in track 0 of the harddrive.
9Aldus PageMaker PM3.011990-09-28Aldus PageMaker 3.01 for OS/2
10Apache OpenOffice4.1.2.02015-12-17Apache OpenOffice für eCS (OS/2) GA
11Arca Noae Package Manager (ANPM)1.0.32018-05-29Arca Noae Package Manager for OS/2 and eCS
12Astrolog22.0 Preview2012-12-24Astrolog for OS/2 is a free-to-use astrology calculation, charting, and analysis software based on the famous Astrolog program by Walter D. Pullen.
13Atomiks2014-07-08Atomiks for OS/2 & eComStation is a faithful remake of, and a tribute to, Atomix, a classic puzzle game
14AVxCAT1.2.92012-06-03Audio/Video eXtended Conversion and Authoring Tool
15BackAgain/2000 Remote Agent4.1-22272003-04-05The BackAgain/2000 Remote Agent is an optional component that enables Back Again/2000 Server for OS/2, or Back Again II Server version 4.0 for Microsoft Windows the ability to backup and restore remote OS/2 based fileservers and/or OS/2 workstation clients in a network environment.
16BackAgain/2000 Server4.1-22272003-04-05Backagain/2000 Server-Edition 4.1 für OS/2
17BioGraph1.32003-08-15BioGraph ist das ultimative Biorhythmus-Programm für OS/2 Warp.
18BlobCity for OS/21998-03-081998-03-08SimBlob started out as a strategy game for OS/2 with simulation of the environment and economy affecting your quest to conquer neighboring towns.
19BORG Calendar1.8.0.12014-05-15BORG is a combination calendar and task tracking system. Written in JAVA
20BoulderDash/20.62005-03-25BoulderDash/2 is a remake of the C64 gaming classic for OS/2 and eComStation.
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